Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 11 – Runaway

Let’s create a hypothetical scenario, hell, I’ll even use the same thing I used last week.  Say you go on a trip to another country, and while over there, you like it so much, you decide to live there.  You don’t tell you family, you don’t tell your friends, and when they call you you just ignore them.  Under these circumstances, would you be in any way surprised if one of your family members came to look for you?  If you answered “no”, then you and Ichika aren’t really on the same wavelength.

Call me crazy, but I happen to think that what Ichika did was rather selfish and rude.  When she decided to stay, I kind of assumed that either her family didn’t care about her, or she didn’t have one altogether.  However, neither of those are the case, as her sister cared enough about her to use up her vacation days to try to find her missing family member.  So imagine her surprise when she finds her sister completely unharmed living it up with her new boyfriend on some random planet.  I, for one, would be pretty upset at her.  But it’s not only that Ichika didn’t make any attempt to contact her obviously caring family, it’s that she even has to ask why her sister is there in the first place.  As if being family isn’t enough of a reason to try to find your missing sibling, how about that you supposedly sent out a rescue signal to your home planet and the drone they sent never returned.  How could they possibly think something bad happened to you?  And even after that, she’s surprised when her sister tells her that she can’t stay there.

Kaito’s idea is also equally as ludicrous as his girlfriend’s.  Perhaps it’s just because I don’t really care about them as a couple, and think they’re both incredibly boring, but it seems that they’re taking their relationship a little too seriously.  Ichika has pretty much decided to move away from her home to be with her boyfriend of all of three days, and we all know that high school relationships always work out in the end.  But in addition to that, Kaito is willing to move away from everyone he has ever known and the only family he has left to be with his girlfriend of all of three days.  I know people will claim that love causes you to take drastic measures, but surely there has to be some type of limit on how far you’ll go to be with your high school sweetheart.  Everyone else’s idea of helping Ichika find a way to stay is also kind of irresponsible.  They don’t even really consider how much trouble Ichika could potentially be in if she doesn’t cooperate and act like it’s no big deal at all.  But the way her sister put it, it seemed like a very big deal.  Granted, they did find a way to supposedly allow her to stay, but they didn’t have much regard for her safety the first time around.

Although Kanna made her big “Happy” claim last episode, that obviously didn’t last too long.  And like I assumed it would, her being around Kaito when he and Ichika are together felt terribly awkward, especially with her acting all jealous and embarrassed.  With Tetsuro’s acceptance of Mio’s feelings for him, it seems like she’s going to be the only one left out of this big love-fest.  Even if Ichika has to go back, which she probably won’t, it’s not as if Kaito is just going to get over her and start dating Kanna instantaneously.  So we’re looking at a pretty likely situation that the only two people who end up happy in the end are Tetsuro and Mio, which is completely fine by me.

So we only have one episode left and if it was up to me, the whole thing would revolve around Remon and what she really is.  There is absolutely no way that she is just some normal girl.  She was way to knowing and accepting of that alien technology, and she even did her little “fufufu” laugh when Kaito asked why a giant fucking robot arm was in the van that she inexplicably acquired.  They better have something cool for her big finale too.  The only real reasons I can think of her acting the way she does is either because she’s an alien, or she’s some kind of big alien enthusiast…. or she’s completely insane.  Any of them work guys, just don’t leave us with no explanation as to why she’s been acting so oddly throughout the entire show.


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  1. Explanation? We don’t need no stinking explanation for the immortal Lemon! At best, the show will fumble the ball yet again with another lame “explanation” that only explains away the mystery that is the incredibly smug Lemon 😉

    This is a slightly better turn of events than your “safe” prediction of last week, you gotta admit!

    • If this show does one thing good I would hope that it would be her backstory, because she’s pretty much all this show has going for it.

      • My only request is how the hell can the dimunitive Lemon see over the steering wheel? When we see her sat in the van, her line of sight is right at the top of the steering wheel. Then the camera shifts and suddenly Lemon’s grown several inches, or she has a booster seat installed that inflates on cue.

  2. Remon is love! She was so cute small looking into the big bad car…:D

  3. Remon may very well be Agent R/L of the MIB

    As long sa Mio and Tetsurou have their happy end, all’s well with me. :3
    I can’t bring myself to appreciate Kaito and Ichika’s romance anymore

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