One Year Later

Well, sweet baby Jesus, I can’t believe that I’ve been doing this for an entire year now.  Yes, way back in the Stone Age that was March 2011, this blog was born out of the ashes of my boredom and sickness.  With it being spring break at the time, I didn’t have much else to do other than relax and be glad that I wasn’t in school.  However, the fact that I was terribly sick at the time didn’t make it that amazing of an experience (the fact that I had been going to bed at around 3:00 AM and waking up around 1:00 PM probably didn’t help either) .  Anyway, at that time I pretty much camped out in my home’s upstairs multipurpose/entertainment room and did nothing but play video games, watch movies from Netflix, and obviously watch copious amounts of anime.  Although I had watched anime on the internet for a few years before this, I had never really followed any shows while they were airing.  Only about two years I began watching new anime weekly (starting with Bakemonogatari), and began to get an idea for when they came out and about the new seasons of anime that started every three months.  I suppose my lack of actually knowing anybody who watched anime is what really spurred me on to create this blog in the first place.

On to the real stuff though.  I can’t begin to express how awesome doing this has been and how much fun I’ve had.  Through doing this I have found several other amazing fans of anime; people who are intelligent, nice, and hilarious.  I’ve always believed that the people you meet on the internet are much more truthful with their personality and beliefs (not necessarily their real life), because no one can really judge you for it.  Besides, if they do, then who gives a shit, it’s just the internet, you can say/do whatever you want (Fuck SOPA by the way).  Anime fandom is really a unique think to be involved in far more ways that I can even begin to describe, which is one of the reasons I chose to start this blog for anime other than anything else.  If you have ever commented on anything here, if you (for some bizarre reason) subscribed to this blog, or hell – if you’re looking at this right now and have never been here before in your life, I want to thank you times infinity.  I look forward to continue this on for as long as I can muster then patience to write stuff and the desire to watch anime.  See you all soon.

And this picture, because my posts feel naked if they don’t have one.


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  1. So many old geezers around here! Congratulations! 🙂

  2. Congratulations for your first year!

  3. Congrats! Here’s to another year eh? ^^ *gives Notaku a cookie*

    and yes, fuck SOPA

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