Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 9 – An Alien is Fine Too

Damn, Ano Natsu, you practically gave me that joke on a silver platter.  Okay, first and foremost, I have to say this about the alien reveal in this show: Bull-Fucking-Shit.  There is no way in hell anyone would ever react this way to a situation like this.  She finally tells them that she’s an alien, and all they can say is “Oh, that’s pretty cool, can we see your spaceship?”.  That’s- I don’t- how the… what the fuck is wrong with these people?  It makes sense for Remon to behave that way, but not everyone else in the show.  Someone you’ve known for months is a goddamn alien, and in case you were too busy crushing on each other form your entire lives to know, that isn’t really a very common thing here on planet Earth.  I’m sorry, but history proves that humans aren’t really that accepting of a species. And you’re telling me Kaito knew that she was an alien?  What the fuck, HOW?

What in the world does he mean that he knew?  He hasn’t done anything to suggest that he did, unlike Remon.  Now, I guess that would explain the plot hole of why he was completely unfazed by Rinon, and had no problems with fighting that alien bear, but it doesn’t explain how everyone else in the show was completely okay with Rinon and didn’t think that he was weird in the slightest.  But not only that, how did he know that if she didn’t remember her curing him the first three times?  Do I really care?  No, I don’t, because Kaito is still a shitty main character, with no real redeeming our outstanding qualities – at least noting that warrants two girls fighting for him.  And Kanna – for weeks I’ve been hoping this show would explain why she was so smitten with him, and it looks like they (kind of) answered that.  Apparently she loved him at first sight because he was smiling even though his parents were dead.  Yeah, sorry, but I’d rather not have a reason at all than a stupid one like that.

Now, as well as everyone accepted Ichika’s alien-ness, why is she acting like they all hate her for it?  Everyone was being completely accepting of her identity and Kaito was being very calm and understanding about it (though it could be because he’s just an idiot), but she acts like he told her he doesn’t want an alien living with him or something like that.  Of course this situation has forced her to think about returning home, but that seems kind of irresponsible on her part.  I’ve constantly asked about Kaito’s alien cancer, which hasn’t shown up since episode two, but hasn’t she kind of fucked him over with that?  If she leaves, and that stuff ever comes back, then he’s pretty much dead.  Maybe she’s completely cured it, but if it came back before doesn’t that mean it can come back again?

Anyway, all that stupid shit aside, we had a very happy ending this week didn’t we?  Kaito and Ichika have confessed their undying one month love for each other and everyone is going to live happily ever after… right?  No, sorry to say that there is almost no way that is going to happen, at least not wading thorough a river of other relationships and melodrama to get there.  Now, there are three episodes left, so obviously we aren’t just going to watch them tell each other how much they love each other for the next three weeks – something is going to get fucked up.  We still have everyone else’s plot lines to get through, and like Remon said, “Someone’s happiness means unhappiness for another”.  So through the next three episodes, we’re going to get to see all of these love-struck kids emotions get trampled on by each other, a lot more crying, and a lot more of searching for Ichika’s “special place” (as erotic as that sounds).  I don’t think it takes any stretch of the imagination to say that Ichika is probably going to have to end up leaving after everything is over, and possibly returning in some type of epilogue-thing.  The series is finally starting to feel a little bit more like Ano Hana, which I’m always fine with.  Hopefully I can take some pleasure from watching all these morons get shot through the heart over the next weeks and seeing if they can actually make this “meh” show emotional enough to somewhat salvage it.


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  1. Plus I actually hoped that Lemon was a real Men in Black, and she’s finished trolling everyone.

    If there’s no alien concentration camp around the corner, this show just blew its wad and all that is left is the cleaning bill.

    • There’s no way this show can leave her where she is, there has to be something else to her. I refuse to believe the best and most sound-minded character on this show is just following along to make her movie.

      • @notaku i have a feeling that just becouse we was get good ending kiss which was need to be in episode 12 there will be bad or sad ending to this show. what do you think?

  2. well…. this episode was.. so awesome.. cuz we never expected things like “kisses” and love confessions. for an anime like this.. but the way the thing are going i hope i ll find myself in tears at the end…
    ah.. and do not expect an like : senpai returning to her planet and leaving kaito in despair .. this is gonna be something like : Kaito dies of cancer and left senpai ? HUH?
    3 eps… 3 weeks.. and we ll know xD

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