Guilty Crown Episode 22 – Final

The final episode of a series that deals with a totalitarian oppression of the people and an evil horrendous scheme to destroy all of mankind for the sake of it’s own greater should probably end in either an awesome epic battle of good versus evil or the ultimate realization that fighting against the destruction of the human race is an utterly pointless venture, as we are simply prone to self destruction.  Guilty Crown, however, ends in… neither of those.

But at least this episode finally admitted, “Yes, we’re ripping off End of Evangelion because we can’t write anything by ourselves that’s actually worth a damn.  I mean, the whole “People will be joined together in the memory of the crystal” thing?  Does that remind anyone of the sea of LCL?  How about, all those magic purple moon beams turning people into crystal?  Kind of resembled the giant Rei going around and turning everyone into LCL, if you ask me.  However, while Evangelion’s ending was amazing – in a sick and bleak sort of way – Guilty Crown’s was just a standard kind of abstract ending that didn’t really make a whole lot of sense, but people will accept it because everything turned out okay for everyone.   It seems that anime fans often treat any ending where someone dies, but other characters live on as the ideal type of ending.  Just think about Madoka Magica, or Code Geass; a vast majority of anime fans like these endings because they aren’t too bleak, but it still isn’t the classic perfect fairy tale ending that people come to expect.  Everyone’s happy and rich somehow, and even good ol’ Shu managed to make it out in one piece.  Well, not really.

But how in the hell did Shu make it out okay?  And for that matter, why is he suddenly blind for no reason?  That was really out of fucking left field.  But even more so than that, I really want to know exactly what the hell happened at the end.  When Gai and Shu went to the magic Da’ath purgatory, Gai said that Mana’s destruction of humanity was inevitable, and if she was stopped she would simply be brought back again and again until she fulfilled her purpose.  So he decided to be her death partner because he wanted Shu to stop him or something.  To me, that doesn’t really make any sense, because if her cycle will never stop until she does what she was meant to do, how would it make any difference if Shu out of all people tried to stop her.  Perhaps it has something to do with her vessel taking on human qualities that she shouldn’t have possessed and broke the cycle with the power of love, or whatever, but that’s only speculation, because the show doesn’t like explaining things too well.  But what was that whole thing with him absorbing everyone’s Voids and Inori dispersing for no reason?  I probably just haven’t been paying attention as well as I should have been.

Ever since early on in the series, the show has been on a tirade of bad storytelling and writing, and it continues on even until the end.  People, if you want to know how not to write something, look no further than the story of Guilty Crown.  for the first twelve episodes, the series was some big action sci-fi show with rebels trying to take on ‘the man’ and save the people.  Then it turned into some crazy ass mind-fuck fest with so much random unexplained bullshit that you’d think it was preaching a new religion.  Next it was an actually kind of decent claustrophobic struggle for power thriller type-thing.  And finally we had more mind-fuck with a side of more random unexplained bullshit.  Now, I don’t have a problem with movies of shows switching it up and changing it’s focus as the story continues, once again – Evangelion, but it still has to make sense in the context of the story.  You can’t just sporadically jump to a different type of show that doesn’t mesh with the overall plot of the show.  That would be like if in the middle of Fight Club, Edward Norton and Brad Pitt went on some random thirty minuet side story of starting their own soap business.  But really, there’s so much stuff in this show that didn’t make sense that it would take me three hours just to put down all of the stuff that I can think of off the top of my head.

Finally, for a last episode, I thought this was a pretty weak attempt.  Either way, Shu or Inori was going to die, and although I picked Shu as the most likely candidate, that doesn’t mean that I was surprised by Inori “dying” or whatever happened to her.  And even then, I didn’t really feel too much of anything about it, maybe because she’s been such a boring brain-dead sex symbol for pretty much the entire show and I didn’t buy into the notion that she actually “loved” Shu.  Shu was also a standard boring and weak protagonist.  I, personally, don’t have any problem with this type of protagonist, but Shu went from a complete pussy, to a pussy with a magic hand, to some tyrannic overlord, and from where most people would have turned into a revenge seeking psychopath, into a perfect good guy again.  To me it wasn’t believable at all, but hey, this is Guily Crown, the show that spent 98% of their budget on the animation and music then got the janitors in their studio to write the story for them, so it’s safe to say that most of the people who worked on this show weren’t thinking clearly.


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  1. dude…. its just a show. in my opinion its a pretty decent show. no need to get all hyped up over it with your completely biased critiques.

  2. “…this is Guily Crown, the show that spent 98% of their budget on the animation and music then got the janitors in their studio to write the story for them…”

    Agreed 100% with this point.
    Great animation, character design, special effects, visuals in general… An amazing Sountrack… The voice acting had ups and downs, but it was decent overall.
    The story had some powerful ideas behind it but it failed really- really- REALLY hard on the script, as well as direction.

    Seriously, this was one of those series I watch(ed) just to avoid making the same mistakes while writing stories.

  3. i agree with your comments about this show. everthing in this show seemed rushed without explanation

  4. More than anything else, that ending was a complete piece of shit. End of story, go f yourself GC.

  5. Rats, I was hoping for a giant robot hamster to appear and restart the world/timeline in some way. Well, no reason to watch this show I guess.

    Though all this talk about the music being good has made me curious about the OST. Might have to check it out…

  6. Well I agree with you, 22 episodes or not, it was very rushed, many unexplained questions, and a lot of wtfs. Good OST and animations, but after seeing this end it was more disappointing than even imaginable. As you’ve said even at the end some more wtfs, like Shu going blind and even more so if he became blind how did he get out. And somehow Inori’s void comes out from a flower, she (probably) starts singing and Shu quick fights with Gai and somehow Gai and Mana loses/dies… What Happened?

    Well, anyways even before watching I had a feeling it was not going to have that great or good of an ending and I even felt that I shouldn’t watch it or else… it will leave a bad impression… and it did.

    Other than that great review. A lot of opinions but that makes it good/funny. I liked reading the reviews.

  7. Just like ppl whining about this or that game is just like WoW, now you have a person whining its just like Evangelion or some other show, if you expect ppl to burst with new ideas when almost every new idea has already been used and some new ideas is similar to something or inspired by or they used a type of story foundation which is similar to other shows to start a new show and build on it. There are shows that are truly crap like those that just pop a whole bunch of female characters and say its a show, if it was a truly bad show, you wouldn’t have bothered to finished watching it at all.
    Funny how you assume they always get a big bugets for show, most ppl compete with many other ppl for a chance to put out what they had on piece of paper into a show and it hasnt been that long since the nuclear meltdown and massive damages (including radiation affecting some areas still) still plaguing the country plus the fact that their costs for basic things there aint nothing to joke about and funding to repair the country.
    Most ppl who persue this career starts out with nothing at all and no money backing at all cept maybe from their family for simple living expenses then invest they invest their own money working at a crap job to print em and sell em to have em bought and noticed by a rich benefactor or try to convince ppl to invest on you with the chance they’d rather ignore you than waste time on listening to a nobody who doesnt have a go between or a talent agent to vouch for the person talents, only their drawing talents and their mind as a tool to make something out of almost nothing at all. I agree completely about the type of protagonist part that you spoke about though.

    • I’m sure this show had a pretty good budget, considering that it was produced by IG, it had good animation, characters by Redjuice, Supercell…. I’d be willing to bet that all those people aren’t cheap to hire.

      • I Laugh At People's Stupidity

        not to mention the huge amounts of money put into advertising this show

    • The show is really good I think up until literally the last 10 minutes where I probably would have just killed myself in Daath so I could be with her forever, not living on depressed, blind and having constant reminders of your dead true love. They should have died together or live to get her, its that simple. But since as Daath is closed off thanks to her he can never EVER see or be with her again even when he dies since shes in there.

  8. Yorshitake Tanaka

    C’mon… “the end was a really piece of shit”. can’t u say anything else? i mean, each time an anime ends, this is always the most common comment you leave. if u think that it wasn’t worthy from the begining. why the hell did u keep on watching it?…¬¬…just leave in peace people who really enjoy this kind of anime and shut your mouth up ok? …this is just my humble opinion and well u can realize i’m just one of those people who enjoyed watching Guilty Crown ^^

    • Sir,if u had not noticed that we are actually those kind ppl wasting our time on stuipd shows to write reviews, so idiots who had been mesmerised by stuipd show can wake up,that make us angels, well, sir ,seems like you are in stage 4, I am sorry u are never gonna wake up.

    • Why the fuck do you come to someone who you are expecting negativity towards the show you love for opinion on that show if turns out you didn’t want to hear his/her opinion at all then? Makes no sense.

  9. Maybe if it had been spread out across 40 or so episodes with better explanations and actual details it would have turned into something great, but there were pretty much way too many cliff hangers for it to be considered any better than an Ok anime that entertained me for 20mns a week.

    • There was a lot from the first half that could have easily been cut out to make room for some explanation about what the hell was going on. Twenty-two episodes was plenty of time to do what they needed to do.

      • I Laugh At People's Stupidity

        and yet they had time to squeeze in a beach episode
        about how this could have turned out great with explanations…i say bullshit…crappy story basically made it beyond all help

  10. I actually found this blog post by googling “guilty crown 22 what happen at the end”… definitely it’s very bad story telling… Nevertheless the big idea, design and esp. music are one of the greatest in anime I have seen in past few years

  11. The Morale of Guilty Crown is never piss your sister off on Christmas Day ’cause she’s gonna set-off to kill the world ten years later.

  12. If anything, my thoughts on this series can be summarized in four sentences:

    – It has nice soundtracks and decent animation (the only compliment I have for this show).
    – It is similar to Code Geass, except without the characters and grandeur that made Code Geass entertaining.
    – It reminds me of Heaven’s Feel, except without the level of drama and action that underlines Heaven’s Feel.
    – Lastly, its themes also reminds me of Eden: It’s an Endless World!, except without the depth of character development that made said manga engaging.

    • I Laugh At People's Stupidity

      it is a blasphemous insult to compare this to heavens feel ( assuming u r talking about FSN route )

  13. The whole idea behind GC at the start was pretty simple but they took the idea and turned into a nightmare.
    They had so many other doors to go though to make this a good anime.
    I did enjoy GC as eye candy and something to watch, but the ending failed to capture me.

    These kind of endings “last 2-3 eps” always make you think will there be a season 2.
    But if GC does get one, We know it will be some BS plot twist made by M.Night and Michael Bay.

    But over all good review, I’m glad I was able to come here and read it.
    Now I’m at ease waiting for E7AO

    • Also, Shu went blind after taking Inori’s cancer.
      In the end where Shu wants to die with her, that is not mana, its Inori if some people did not know.
      She said “Hey shu, Where are you?”.

      Plus Gai and see voids, So after Gia was killed, Shu took his power and void.
      So Gais void were in Shu’s Eyes, So taking all voids, he loses his vision.

      • that made no fucking sense at all. If shu was taking everyone’s void and cancer, how the fuck does taking INORI’s blind cancer cure everything and take away his power?

      • Who knows now lol

  14. Agree with everything you said OP. This show ripped off pretty much everything from Code Geass.

    brb kings power
    brb some girl in a love triangle dies and the protagonist goes mad
    brb sum magic world of bull shit
    brb sum random pink hair girl that comes from no where

    list goes on and on. watched whole season but was constantly asking myself wtf is going on and continued watching =.=
    shu’s a fucking phaggot

  15. lol they almost fulfilled the prophecies i posted in your review of episode 21 :
    … or maybe Inory will regain control of her body and absorb his virus – remember her blood worked for Gai as a cure – and obviously die after that ridding the word of Mana, then Shu ends up with Ayase.

    although they didn’t grant my wish of killing Haruka grrrrrr

  16. Besides all the pros and cons….did anyone else seriously go WTF out loud when the guy who saves Daryll says “…Deep down you really are a good guy!”

    • Daryll is easily the least consistent character in the show. I mean, he’s a pretty nice guy when he’s not murdering women and children!

    • To be fair, that’s the highlight of the episode for me. The guy who saves Daryll is so, so innocent, had no suparupowar! or high tech mecha to pilot. His death left a much deeper impact than Inori’s.

  17. Despite everything that was done to this show, if Shu had just died with Inori by his side as the “savior of humanity,” that would have been a decently gratifying ending.

    Instead he gets to live a lonely life (except the memories of his waifu) where his friends are distancing themselves from each other, he is blind thanks to Inori and for some reason hasn’t gotten prosthetic eyes which obviously exist, and he wears clothing straight out of your grandfather’s closet.

    He went from a socially awkward loner to a socially awkward loner that has lived out his entire life before he is out of his teen years and has no reason to live.

  18. Too many answered plot holes. Shit happens throughout the show, but 90% of it is unexplained. Whoever said this show is a rip of Code Geass is right for only about 1/3 of the show. Its more ideas ripped from Evangelion if anything.

    Anyone remember Shinji/Misato elevator scene? Daryl and Liutenant elevator scene? Well, it was kind of close enough.

    • Ah yeah, that was pretty similar too; so many Eva parallelisms that I can’t even keep track of them all. Only the Lieutenant didn’t promise to have sex with Daryl when he got back.

  19. I think GC’s greatest issue is consistent characterization. It’s not character depth to have them constantly flip flopping on whether or not they are good/evil. Let’s look at different characters.
    Yahiro: He betrays the MC but he regrets it later and rejoins the good guys. Just kidding, he’s now the right hand man of Shuuher! But seriously though, he’s a good guy again because he cares about his friends, even Souta who he treated like a slave before.
    Shu: He’s pretty wimpy but he’s a good guy. Well, then he decides Hitler is a pretty cool guy who doesn’t afraid of anything. But it was all an act, he really cares about people! I guess…
    Gai: I’m the leader of a terrorist group who would sacrifice myself to save my yandere waifu so I’m a good Gai. Muhahaha, I’m actually the evil king! B-but, it’s not like I wanted to be the evil king or anything… baka Shuu!
    Daryl: I’m a total psychopath who gets off on murdering women and children. But that’s okay! I just have daddy issues, I’m a good guy! Hurr, time to kill Hare! I mean, it’s time to protect Tsugumi! lol, jk I’m a bad guy again and I want to kill Funeral Parlor. But according to this other guy I’m good deep down so maybe I am a good guy?

    Was it retarded that they spent the whole series trying to sell us the shallow romance of Shu and Inori only to have her sacrifice herself to save Shu even though he probably would have been happier dying with her? If this is supposed to be a bittersweet ending, they did it wrong. Also, Arisa lives in the end, I can feel the internet seething in anger. lol

    • How in the hell did Arisa survive? I mean, she clearly got shot, and I don’t think that army of soldiers would’ve had any mercy on her because she’s a girl.

      • One of the bullets nicks her in the side but there isn’t really a reason why the soldiers wouldn’t finish her off her. Unless… she did them a few favors *wink wink nudge nudge*. Still in character!

        The fact that she survived is less baffling as why she did. Her relevance in the plot ended after her coup d’etat and she was demoted to Gai’s yandere fangirl. It would have been a decent enough send off to have her get mowed down like Daryll’s buddy. Just the writers trolling the viewers again.

  20. I really wanna like Guilty Crown but……. I really, really like Gai – from the start til the end.

    And Mana doing the ballet was a “Wha???” moment for me. 😦

  21. This is the worst thing to happen to anime for a while. One of the most common criticism i hear about anime in general is that it is overindulgent without substance. Flashy robot design just for the sake of, dependence on niche character designs like the cool cold guy, and the whimphy protagonists to carry story on, the list goes on and on. Guilty Crown is the worst offender projecting the worst anime stereotypes I have seen for a while.

  22. Rip-off list of GC:
    2.Devil may cry 4 : Arm.(you know what i mean if you played the game before.)
    So in conclusion this show should have never been aired.

  23. It sure was fun to talk about though…so not everything was a wash. Plus I bet it’ll sell a lot of OSTs. 🙂

  24. my thoughts on GC are that most the people on here ripping on it are to shallow to look at the smaller and more important points of this anime. ya it does resemble other anime but hey isn’t that the point to to get the people that like those kinds of anime to watch this one. Yes there are some pit falls in the writing but hey can anyone here write a prefect story that everyone will love? I agree songs were amazing to say the least. shu was freed for the crystal cancer by inori’s power. Shu probably did take some of inori’s cancer the Shu’s sister mana caused. Gai loved mana and wanted to free her from her curse of being eve cause daath would let her just RIP. So he did what he thought was needed to free her. Shu followed gai just as gai followed shu they were two different people for the being shu became like triton or gai to forget about thing to escape it happening again. Gai became like young shu to lead the revolution that was needed. but in the the end the leveled out to be the same person as the other person except that they were both good but had different ways of achieving the end goal. Shu also when blind and this is up for debate but my theory is that when he drew in all the void and cancer that he saw everyone’s heart and their memories and i’m pretty sure that would short circuit anyone’s visual center. inori might have seemed sallow but u have to remember that she was only just wakened for what a year or so you would be sallow to if you were only two to three years old. yes there were some moments that i didn’t agree with the twist but i still watch cause over all it was a good show and if i was in the place of shu i probably take the same path as he did.

  25. Only recently finished this show, but felt mind-fucked-in-a-bad-way after each episode.
    Glad I found your reviews so that it felt like I had someone who shared my frustration.

    I mean, at the beginning, the quality and action was really cool. Then they decide to add a plot and every sci-fi idea was crammed into one anime and they didn’t even try to tie everything together and let them the plot devices hang loosely everywhere and then everything became like, wtf. And I didn’t find any character that was likeable, consistent AND made sense. I only like the purple-haired villain but seriously, when the characters do something, it never seems to make any sense to me as to why they would choose to do that.

  26. The reason why Inori died is beacause wen the crystals sorrounded both of them she gave him her DNA. And remember she got blind for some reason so wen shu took her DNA he bacame blind as well.

  27. even though shu and inori didn’t make as a couple.. but they show their love to each other.. SHU and INORI are perfect.. atleast i see them hugging each other at the end :”>

  28. manolo coloca os episodios eu ja vim o anime todo em episodio mas agora vi oque você escreveu dou nota:8

  29. This ending was totally butchered, i loved the series, all the way up to the last 10 minutes, like straight up what a little bitch shu is. He tries to save her for the last like 4 episodes to get there and fail horribly. SHES DEAD! Yes this is an obvious fact but did you all notice that she died in that daath world place? SHES IN THE CRYSTAL CLUSTER FUCKS, that mean even when shu get old and dies THATS IT. They can never ever ever ever be together again since that world is closed off. Ether they both should have died together and become the new adam and eve, the ones of nice and kind feelings or they should have both lived. Not left the main character totally emotional more fucked then he was before, he will never fall in love again since once you have a connection that strong with someone everyone else seems like shit. he’s fucking blind which is uber depressing and his main hand is mechanical, the poor guy cant even jerk off to his full potential. He is left alone for the next what 60 year since he’s only like 17 or 18 at least to be uber depressed and constantly be reminded of what he lost since her music videos are crazy famous. If I were him I would fucking kill myself. Just be like WTF is this shit and blow out my fucking brains.

  30. i was planning to watch this you know, ‘coz im pretty amazed with the animation… thumbs up by the way, but hey thanks to ur humble insults, i lost my will to continue watching this!

  31. well, it had sooooo much potential, but as you said they kept putting more unexplained doodoo into it making it a complete mindfuck. And even if they did explain SOME things, they explained it in 1 or 2 episodes. But then again, they only had 22 episodes so of course it was going to be rushed. But damn, so much potential…

  32. at the end he is blind cause inori give her live to him. and when she came to him afer he beats gai she was blind so ..

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