Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 2 – Beer Before Liquor

I’m still unsure as to whether I want to continue talking about this series (weekly at least), but I thought this episode had enough to talk about, or rather enough jokes to make, to condone a post about it.  I’m also still kind of unsure about if this show will be any good or not, because this episode didn’t particularly do anything to change my initial opinion about this being Onegai Teacher with some Ano Hana thrown in.

It begins with Kaito and Ichika attempting to explain what happened when his sister and Tanigawa walked in.  As you’d expect, the sister is overly understanding and Tanigawa is overly suspicious which I guess kind of has to happen if Ichika is going to end up living at Kaito’s house.  First of all, if you saw a girl clothed in  nothing but a towel kissing your brother, why in the name of Jesus would you allow that girl to live with him, especially while you’re away?  What could possibly happen, they surely couldn’t have sex or anything like that.  It seems that older women in anime are unusually civil when situations like this arise.  Tanigawa is also a real bitch in this scene (and throughout the episode), constantly question Ichika about her situation and whatnot.  I guess it’s understandable because everyone on the planet earth knows that she want’s Kaito’s dick, that is except for Kaito himself.  Ichika also drops a lot of information about her being from outer space, but no one really seems to pay much mind to it for whatever reason.  Why do extra terrestrials in situations like this in anime always randomly spout off stuff like that as if they didn’t know they were supposed to keep it a secret, as if they have no filter on what they say?  I mean, you have to really not be thinking to just blurt out lines like “our planet” and stuff.  Surely if her race is intelligent enough to build the technology that she has, they know not to say stuff like that when you don’t have to.

So because Katio’s sister is afraid that he’ll starve to death or something if she isn’t there to feed him, she allows Ichika to live at their house while she’s away to “take care” of Kaito.  Or maybe she just thinks he needs to get laid, he is a little high stung, so it wouldn’t surprise me.  They call the waaaaaaaambulance to take Tanigawa home who decides that she hasn’t been enough of a bitch for the night and calls everyone she knows to tell them that Ichika is living with Kaito.  Man, fuck her, that’s such a asshole-ish thing to do, do you really care about their personal privacy so little that you’d go and gossip to everyone about something so personal, something that doesn’t even involve you in the slightest.  She calls Tetsuro, Remon, and Kitihara to whine to them and they all decide to have a meeting at Katio’s house (with out his permission, of course).  And apparently, shy girls with big boobs like to walk around their room naked… seems kind of contradictory but, hey, fine by me.

Katio and Ichika go and see his sister off the next day.  His sister is crying the whole time like she’s going off to her death, probably because she’s finally realized that she’s given her little brother a free pass to have sex the entire summer.  They both go shopping and return home, only to find that Remon and their movie crew have broken into it to have a meeting.  They briefly discuss the movie, but then move on to the real reason Remon brought them their: to get shit-faced drunk.  So Remon brings out her spiked lemonade, but doesn’t have too much of a mind to tell everyone what’s really in it.  They quickly get intoxicated and have lots of drunk fun by playing Jenga and a King’s Game; too bad Sengoku wasn’t there.  Soon, Tanigawa realizes that she hasn’t been enough of a bitch today, so with the aid of alcohol, she calls out Ichika and Kaito’s situation and asks Ichika how she feels about Katio.  Thankfully, Ichika’s pet tele-tubby thing makes his public debut and they all have a good drunk hoopla about it.  All except  Remon, who seems to be quite content that she has found out more about Ichika, because she obviously knew something was up with her before.  So she pretty much exposed everyone to a potential life of alcoholism just to find out more about Ichika.  What a boss.

Kaito’s beehive hickey reappears on his forehead and Ichika cures it by kissing it.  But wait, why didn’t she kiss his neck when it appeared there the first time?  Whatever, I don’t think there’s really any point to take the logic of this show too seriously if it’s going to have such an obvious plot hole so early in the series.  Kaito, in his drunken state, is about to tell Ichika how much he wants to bone her, but Ichika stops him because I guess whatever race she’s part of has a higher tolerance to alcohol.

Well, like I said, I’m still not sure about how I feel about this show yet, but at least this show did one think that I though it would fail at: keeping it’s ecchi in it’s pants.  There were two scenes in this episode where I thought “Oh shit, here comes the ecchi” but surprisingly, it didn’t come.  The first was when Kaito was taking a bath.  Now, everyone knows that when a male character in a rom-com anime is taking a bath and there is a female in the house, that female is bound by nature to take off her clothes and come into the bathroom; either to take a bath with the male lead, or because she thought no one was there.  But that actually didn’t happen here, so props for that.  The second was when Kaito took Ichika to buy her some clothes.  Okay, so what do you think would be the main scene in this segment?  The underwear store, right?  Well, you’d be wrong, because it only appears for a second, and Kaito isn’t even inside, so once again, props to that.  I’m glad this show is deciding to to be to overbearing with it’s ecchi, even though there was one scene, and it was pretty unnecessary.

Now, before I talk about this, let me explain something first.  There are a few different versions of the first episode (sub-wise I mean).  In one, Remon doesn’t really say anything too special, but in another, she drops hints that she knows something that everyone else doesn’t about Ichika.  So, it stands to reason that she only got everyone drunk, and that she’s only helping with the movie to find out about Ichika.  But how much does actually know about everything, because she seemed pretty unfazed when Rinon starts dancing for everyone.  So I guess she… does… know that Ichika is an alien?  But if she does, she doesn’t really act like it’s too big of a deal.

All in all, decent episode, though I didn’t care for Ichika’s whole “magical place” thing too much.  So she wants to find some place that she dreams about, is that the whole purpose of her trip to earth?  How often do anime characters in things that are supposed to be emotional have some place that they know, but don’t know where or what it is, and they want to find that place?  Now that I think about it, it’s kind of like Ano Han… never mind.


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  1. @The Notaku Blog you forgot to tell about ichika flash back with the ships and how she crashed to earth in your review

  2. Hey there, I like your review. It’s hilarious! Esp the Remon/what a boss bit. Hahaha!

    Anyways, I just wanted to give you a heads up about something. I don’t know if you care or not, but you’ve been plagiarized by another review blog. Let me know if you’d like any more info, a link, etc, for the offending site.

    Business aside, thanks again for the laughs I’ve enjoyed while reading this. I will definitely be stopping by to read more. 🙂

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