Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 12 – Final

After last week’s episode, I began to think to myself how this could end, when I began to realize that the possibility of this show being a direct sequel to Onegai Teacher (which I had kind of discredited in my own mind) was insanely high.  And, in a way, it actually was.  Perhaps it was my own fault, but for some reason I was expecting everything to mesh together a lot more than it did, or at the very least Remon was Ichigo from Onegai.  After all, she looks almost exactly the same, and seems to know a lot about aliens.  However she claims that Ichika was the first alien that she’s ever met, which flies in the face of that theory, as well as the concept that she works for MIB.  After all, if you work for an organization that specializes in aliens, it would stand to reason that you would have probably met a few.  And for that matter, does that mean that both of these series are cannon with the Men in Black movies?

But the fact that this series is directly related to Onegai kind of excuses the fact that it rips off that series.  I still think that a larger effort could have been made to not have this show exactly like the original, but maybe the idea was to make this show an Onegai Teacher for the newer generation, while still allowing people who’ve seen the original to make connections and enjoy it.  In that sense, it kind of reminds me of Gunbuster and Diebuster (or Gunbuster 2 or Top wo Nerea 2 or whatever you want to call it), though I think Gainax did a much better job at connecting theirs than this series did.  However, even if you have seen the first series, there aren’t a whole lot of connections to make with this one.  Really, the only thing that are related with both of the series are the facts that they’re both in the same universe and they both have similar circumstances, only being related by the fact that one happened before the other.

This episode also finally accomplished what I had wanted it to be the entire time – a kind of nostalgia-themed show about enjoying the time you have together with your friends.  I think that if this show would have been more about them as friends instead of some sci-fi rom-com staring the two least interesting characters, then the scene where they’re watching the movie would have meant a lot more to me.  Maybe it’s because I’m finishing high school this year, and I literally have less than thirty days of real school left, but that part of the series actually got some genuine emotion from me.  Even since starting high school I’ve missed the summers of when I was a kid and had jack-shit to do except have fun and dump all of the knowledge I had acquired over the school year out of my head.  But maybe that’s just because I’m lazy and don’t want to do anything, especially not finish the scenten-

Anyway, as for Remon, I guess I can accept the ridiculous explanation they gave as to why she’s been so weird throughout the whole series, mainly because she’s such a fucking boss.  But really, that was pretty damn random, considering that this organization had never been mentioned, and also the fact that it kind of seems like a joke.  And am I really supposed to accept that Remon, who is as far as we know a 17/18 year old girl, has enough clout amongst MIB to call dozens of members to simply aid her with helping a friend?  I understand that it’s an organization focused around aliens, but the robots they attacked were just trying to save someone they assumed to be in danger, so does the MIB actually have to right to try to stop an issue that as this, seeing as how it doesn’t involve them at all?  No wait… now that I think about… HOW THE FUCK CAN THERE BE AN MIB IN JAPAN WHEN EARTH SUPPOSEDLY HAS NEVER BEEN VISITED BY ALIENS?!?!!?!?!?!  THAT DOESN’T MAKE ANY GODDAMN SENSE!!!!!!!!  EARTH IS A CLASS F PLANET, BUT WE HAVE AN ORGAINZATION THAT IS BASICALLY THE PR DEPERATMENT OF HUMANS AND ALIENS?!?!?!?  WHAT IN THE EVERLIVING FUCK?!?!?!  ISN’T THE VERY EXISTENCE OF THAT FUCKING ORGANIZATION PROOF OF ALIEN CONTACT WITH EARTH?!?!?!!?!?!?!?

Okay, well, I’m sorry about getting angry there, but huge gaping plot holes like that piss the eternal hell out of me.  Yet even though that makes my blood boil with confusion, I guess I’ll forget it, because this series wasn’t all that bad.  It’s pretty damn generic, but I think most people could agree that they’d rather watch this than something like Zero no Tsukaima, Highschool DxD, or any other number of generic harem romance whatevers.  Maybe the relation to the original caused me to accept it a little more than I would have originally, but I still don’t feel like it would have been that terrible of a show even if it didn’t have that connection.


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  1. Applying logic to a trope-riddled, cliche-choking, genre-whoring series is like waiting for water to turn into wine before Jesus shows up.

    But seriously, a pleasant series if you didn’t have any expectations, and a mediocre one otherwise.

    • But really, that’s a grand canyon sized plot hole, it makes absolutely no sense at all.

      • Not everyone expects the same standard of plot consistency, especially from a minor point regarding a riff on MiB.

        For example, in Back to the Future, near the end when Doc Brown drops off Marty McFly at his parents’ house, he takes off down the street to travel 30 years into the future, to 2015. The next day he’s back, with an upgraded Deloreans. However, when he and McFly and his girlfriend are in the car, ready to jump back to the future, they’re facing the exact same direction Doc was the previous night.

        McFly says: Hey, we don’t have enough road.
        Doc says: Where we’re going, we don’t need the road.

        The car starts to hover and bend its wheels underneath and it flies off.

        Now, most people didn’t spot this blatant illogic, because they were too jazzed at this point. So don’t take your logic as some absolute standard and be surprised that others aren’t as anal.

    • That’s kind of different, seeing as how it doesn’t really have any bearing on the outcome on the story.

      But in this case, the whole point of Kaito and Ichika searching for that place was to prove aliens came to earth so she would be allowed to stay – kind of a big plot point. The whole MIB thing was obviously a joke, but it completely destroys the idea that Ichika should have to prove aliens have been to earth before. And even if it was just a fun little parody, they had to be at least somewhat serious when coming up with the idea, as it’s Remon’s entire basis for knowing everything about alien life that she knows. And if she was working for MiB, why would she not tell Ichika about it if she really wanted to help her?

      • I also think you’re overlooking the possibility that the aliens in this case doesn’t simply apply to every single extraterrestrial species — just Ichika’s own race.

        You are right that one is a possible plot hole while my example is more of a faux pas, but in this case I suspect it’s less a pl

      • I also think you’re overlooking the possibility that the aliens in this case doesn’t simply apply to every single extraterrestrial species — just Ichika’s own race.

        You are right that one is a possible plot hole while my example is more of a faux pas, but in this case I suspect it’s less a plot hole and more of an inconsistency since the writers weren’t too clear on that part.

        If the presence of MiB indicate that there were aliens and Ichika’s aliens were supposed to avoid the planet because of a technical rule, and one way to circumvent it was to prove that they had already visited the planet a long time ago, then the inconsistency is with Ichika’s claims, not the writers.

        Example: on the cover of a comic book, a character announces that another character is dead. Inside, the character isn’t dead, but happens to transfer his mind into some supercomputer. Inconsistency? Not really. The character is not the writer.

      • Okay, I can understand all of that, but considering how Ichika’s sister said that earth has to be accepted into the “Galactic Federation”, I assume that most alien races who’ve achieved interstellar travel are part of it, and as such would know about the exploration of those races.

        I know I’m being way more critical of this situation than I should be too. Anyway, thing about Ichika’s race not wanting their presence on the planet to be found makes the situation a lot more viable.

      • What happened to my comment? It disappeared. Deleted by accident?

      • Excuse the double-post. My phone tricked me into hitting the button before I was done. Please delete the offensive comment before anyone else gets offended. Thanks 🙂

    • I think I fixed it, if that was the comment you were talking about. I thought both comments were the same and deleted the complete one.

  2. remember when during the episode, it’s stated presumably from Mizuho(from please teacher) that all the memory of the people who knows her existence was wiped, there is a chance that Lemon/Ichigo’s memories was cleared too, that’s why Lemon/Ichigo said that Ichika was the first Alien she have ever met.

    • Okay, but even if her (and I guess we’re assuming she is Ichigo) memories were wiped, she works for the fucking MIB, how in the love of fuck has she never met an alien?!?!

  3. Remon fighting that alien machine has been more than enough for me to be happy of the ending…even including the plot holes…:D

  4. You are gay 🙂

  5. The whole mib relation is a moot point the idea of men in black was around a long time before the 2 will smith films men if you just think of mib as a government agency who study the possibility aliens or prepare for contact it makes sence. I admit the scene where she enters mib headquayers (an exact copy from the film) was pushing it a bit but if you do believe its based on the will smith films remember lemon said she was the first alien she’d met she didnt say anything about anyone else meeting aliens (plus its the tokyo branch could be a lot quieter)

  6. That’s a good point with the MIB thingy. I assume that Remon just used her manipulative abilities to coerce random people to wear suits and be prepared for aliens. Then she did the same with large cooperation in order to get financial backing. Who needs proof?

    Basically, what I’m trying to say is that REMON IS FUCKING AWESOME.

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