Fate/Zero Episode 19 – The Kiritsugu Show

I should have known something was up when masters and servants were getting killed left and right at the beginning of the second part of this series.  As I said before though, I don’t really have any problems with these flashback type of episodes because of what they reveal about Kiritsugu’s character.  However, I do think that with a cast as large as the one in this series, offering too much time to one character isn’t really fair to the rest of the characters; I mean, how long has it been since we’ve seen Waver.  Though if there was one character to focus on, I suppose it should be Kiritsugu, but I still don’t think he should monopolize so much of the show’s time.

But really, Type Moon better just go ahead and start production for their Kiritsugu prequel/spinoff thing, because this episode just made me want to see something like that even more than I already did.  I don’t think that too many people would be against the idea of a “Kiritsugu the Vampire Slayer” series.  For the most part this episode seemed to be just an explination for the way Kiritsugu is and how he learned to do what he does.  Plus, we also got to see that scene where Kiritsugu gets his ribs ripped out from way back when in the first season, and we got some context and explanation to it as well.  It’s always nice when things come back around in the end.  I do think some of the things in this episode, such as the Bee dude and what exactly Natalia does were explained a little more, but this is more than likely a one time flashback episode, so It’s understandable that they skipped around a lot.  I do wish that this episode would have been more chronological, but that’s just a minor complaint.

It seemed to me that the main point of this episode was that no matter what, even when faced with losing everything that is important to him, Kiritsugu still holds to his ideals and his desire to save all the people that he can.  I see it as reflecting that old Spock quote, “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”, and it seems that Kiritsugu holds very strongly to that.  But even with how strong his convictions are about saving people, he seemed to be trying to justify what he did to Natalia pretty soon after he destroyed that plane.  Obviously allowing the plane to land would pose a huge threat, but it’s not as if it was impossible for him to attempt to control the Bee Zombies and try to save Natalia at the same time.  Although Kiritsugu does try to do all he can to help people, he does it in the harshest and most unflinching way possible.  Could he have possibly save Natalia and stopped the Zombies?  Maybe, but the risk was too great.  Was it cruel to kill Kayneth and his wife after he made Lancer commit suicide?  Yes it was, but if there was even a fraction of a fraction of a chance that Kayneth could reenter the war, Kiritsugu was going to do what he had to do to make sure he didn’t.

Now we’ll probably be going back to the actual story arc of the series, which hopefully means that Archer and Kirei are finally going to come out as partners…. in a Master and Servant kind of way…. no, not like that.  Anyway, with so few servants and Master’s left, I imagine that things will start to get pretty eventful from here on out.  If I had to put money on it, I’d say that Kariya and Berserker will almost certainly be the first ones to go.  After all, leaving the three legendary kings to duke it out seems only fair.  After that, I’d assume that Rider and Waver would be the next to go.  Then, I’d assume that Kiritsugu would win, but the fact that the war happens agina (Stay/Night) kind of seems to contradict that, but maybe his wish just didn’t work right, or something along those lines.  Regardless, I expect an epic showdown between Saber and Archer, and Kiritsugu and Kirei, so don’t let me down here.


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  1. I really loved this episode, perhaps because I find Kiritsugu so fascinating of a character. Definitely one of the most conflicted protagonists I’ve ever seen in anime. I think two episodes about him is fair considering he’s the closest thing to the main character of this series.
    That said, can’t wait to see what happens next in the Holy Grail War. Four really powerful servants clashing with one another… I can’t see how it won’t be epic.

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