Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 8 – Alien Stuff!

Well, it’s about damn time we got to see something interesting happen in this show.  After eight episodes of Ichika’s being an alien having absolutely no ramifications to the plot, we finally get some sci-fi stuff.   Also, Kaito gets brought back to life for the second time in about a month.  Come on, couldn’t you have done everyone a favor and let that idiot bite the dust, Ichika?  Even with the introduction of the alien/sci fi elements, the one thing that this episode firmly cemented in my mind is this: I absolutely abhor Kaito.

I really cannot fathom what goes on in this idiotic persons mind.  “Hey, some crazy Pokemon reject is attacking the girl I have a crush on.  Instead of running away with her, how about I bum rush this ten foot tall neon-bear with a stick?”.  What the hell kind of thought process does this moron go through before making such stupid decisions?  For that matter, why the fuck would you try to kiss Ichika in front of the house where all your friends are staying too, is there really nowhere else you could think to try that?  But not only does this dipshit try to fight this alien rescue ranger that knocked him off the face of a mountain, he takes it even further.  After Ichika’s other alien thing from the episode swoops in and saves him, he jumps off of it to try to save her… again.  Now, this thing wasn’t a few feet in the air or anything, this was stories above the damn thing.  And what did this accomplish?  He plows the mini spaceship into the alien thing and dies… again.

I’m sorry, but I can have no sympathy for a character this idiotic.  Not only was he completely unfazed by Rinon, a flying pink teletubby, but he didn’t even bat an eye at this giant otherworldly being attacking Ichika.  What in the hell is wrong with this asshole’s mind?  Anybody else in the world would have been scared shitless by that thing, but brave Mr. Romance’s feelings are too great to let something as pathetic as a giant fucking alien stop him from showing off to the object of his desires.  Kaito sucks ass; he’s a genric harem lead douche who’s as dumb as a mentally handicapped goldfish.

But unfortunately to get to any of the alien stuff, you have to sit through some standard festival scene stuff, complete with eating a bunch of festival food, the test of courage and people treating yukata as if they’re the sexiest thing that has ever been conceived.  I know they’re pretty and everything, but I don’t really see how a girl covering every inch of her body in fabric translates to “sexy beyond belief” to people in anime.  Seeing Remon fuck with everybody was fun, but it seems like that’s the only thing pushing me going through the swamps of genricness that litters this show.  She finally has everyone’s feelings down, so now I can assume that she can begin her master plan of epic trolling.  Still, no explanation as to why she’s so uncaring about everything, but even she looked a little upset during that last scene.  Man, just don’t mess up the one good thing that you have going for you by giving her some half-baked reason for being so accepting of Ichika being a alien and so obviously trying to mess with her about it.

So now all we need is for Ichika to want to be gay for Mio (which would be awesome).  Oh yeah, there is some of the movie that they’re making in here too, but that doesn’t last too long.  Even Kaito, with all of his dipshitery, remarks about how off base their movie has gotten.  Isn’t this whole show supposed to be about making the damn movie, because that’s really what I signed up to see.  I don’t think that I was the only person sold on that idea either, because the PV’s sure as hell made it seem like it would be more of that and less of what it’s actually doing.  I’m sure that I’m not the only person who’d like to see more of that aspect of the series instead of the “Love Cycle” Remon illustrated for us.  Take Super 8 for example, I thought watching them make the movie was much more entertaining than the cliched Spielberg ET/Alien knockoff, and their movie at the end was fucking hilarious, probably the best part of the movie.  And how about American Movie?  I fucking love that movie.  Maybe I just like movies in general and love the process of making them, but that seems like a much better idea for a show than an alien rom-com.  But hey, at least now everyone knows that Ichika is an alien and some cool alien shit can happen right?


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  1. Haha I completely agree with you about all the Kaito comment you gave. Well for me I’d like Ichika to go back to her planet without saying goodbye to Kaito. That would be awesome xD I also find it misleading about the promo vid. This isn’t what I signed up for but Tetsurou/Mio/Kanna relationship is interesting. That is what keeps me wanting for more. As for Ichika and Kaito.. Ugh.. Not that interesting.

    • Agreed about Ichika and Kaito; I couldn’t care less about what happens to them and their relationship. If they want to fly into space and get married, that’s fine by me, because at least they’ll both be gone from the show.

  2. Heh. Bill Simmons often argues for a new position in sports: common sense. Whenever some team makes an executive decision they need to run it by a person with sufficient common sense before putting it into action. That prevents horrible contracts, idiotic drafts and one-sided trades.

    Seems like Notaku Blog is arguing for a position for anime studios — at least one for the writers — so fans will not have to suffer any more Yuji Everylead the Bland(tm) or other variants of retarded tropes/clichés. Right?

    • That would be beyond amazing; would’ve cleared up a lot of problems on this show, and it sure as hell would have been a god-send for Guilty Crown.

      • You know, I really am curious as to why all these generic anime dudes exist in droves. Is it supposed to make boring, generic anime viewers feel better about themselves? Like, “Hey, I’m a crappy, dull person with nothing going on upstairs, but so is the main-chara in my favorite anime show, and cool stuff happens to him, so maybe it will to me too?”

        If I was Ichika, I would have gladly allowed dumbass Kai to be the decoy while I made a break for it and ran fast from the neon space teddy. But, I suppose that would be a little too much to ask from AnoNatsu – because something like that just wouldn’t be predictable and boring enough for the writers. Hehe. 😉

  3. That’s…That’s…a BIG WHITE RINON! :O

  4. >Kaito
    Pick one

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