Guilty Crown Episode 19 – Back in the Saddle

Thank you NicoNico, for finally getting this back up and running, because I hate wasting my time downloading this show.  Damn, Shu is really one lucky son of a bitch isn’t he?  His arm gets cut off, and he somehow doesn’t bleed out.  He’s able to sneak into a heavily guarded Team Gai camp and kidnap someone without anyone noticing.  And to top it all of he walks into a destroyed and burning building and has the very thing he needs literally land at his feet.  Now if he can just get some tail before all of this is over and he dies Lelouch-style he’ll be all set.

But let’s talk about Shu for a second.  In the past few episodes the show has tried to paint him as some corrupt power hungry ruler who’s taking advantage of his followers for his own gains.  But even during those times, his personality was completely split from a dick to a stressed leader with no indication as to why he was behaving so differently.  Remember when he supposedly “turned evil” when he learned that destroying a persons Void could kill them?  Did he ever use it to kill anyone? No he didn’t.  Other than Shu treating the students like they were part of some concentration camp, that was the only thing the show did to try to convince the audience that he was now “evil” or “power hungry”.  The only problem is: he hasn’t done anything sense to corroborate that vision of him.  Nowhere else in the entire series has Shu done anything that someone would consider evil.

Even now, when his fucking arm is cut off and he’s trapped in a military occupied city, he’s still the nice and understanding Shu that he’s been throughout the whole series.  Anybody else in the world would have killed Arisa the second he got her away from everyone, but not Shu, he just wants to find Inori and his mom.  He still, after all the shit he’s been through, wants to help everybody, and is even willing to die to do it.  So I ask: why try to make him seem evil before?  He’s obviously not some totalitarian dictator who loves being in power or something like that, so why did you need to make him like that for those few moments?  It would have been much easier to have Shu reluctantly continue to use Voids because they were the students only chance to escape, and then have to students revolt against him because they found out that if their Void breaks, they die.  The show didn’t need to make it seem like he deserved what he was getting, because he was never really anything like that.  I don’t think Shu is evil, I just think that the writers of this show suck and they were trying too hard to make Shu seem like he was corrupted with those few scenes.  Then, the second he gets betrayed – something which would make anyone else in the world (especially someone who’s supposedly power-hungry) angry and bitter – they go back to his original kindhearted character and personality.  The writers of this show can’t be older than eight, I swear to God.

Now, let’s talk about Shu’s mom for a just a second.  Well, she’s not really his mom, which serves absolutely no purpose in the story, but whatever.  Fuck that dumbass bitch.  A couple of episodes ago, she said something that alluded to the fact that she wanted Shu’s arm to get cut off because he wouldn’t have to bear to power of the Void Genome.  And now, here comes the bitch with a new vial of the shit saying she wants Shu to use it, but is afraid that it’ll kill him.  So why was she glad that he lost his power in the first place if she needs someone to use it now?  Because she’s an idiot?  Maybe so.  Because this show has shitty writing?  I think I’ll go with that one.

You know, I haven’t really talked about him too much  before, but Segai was actually a pretty good villain, probably too good for this show.  He isn’t some overly flamboyant evil to the nth degree villain like you’d expect from a show like this; instead, he’s actually pretty laid back and reflective.  He isn’t the highest ranking person in the hierarchy either but he still doesn’t give a shit; he knows what he wants (whatever that may be) and he knows how he’s going to get it.  I think he’s kind of like this show version of The Joker in a way.  But are you really telling me that all of his evil shit he did was just to see the Void Genome or something?  Come on, that really screws up a good villain, are you really just going to have all of his secrecy and planning end on him getting killed by Shu while driving a gas tanker?

Shu get’s his new crystal arm in this episode too, which is apparently his Void.  Okay, so… his Void is an arm?  I’d make some kind of masturbation joke, but that’s not all his arm does.  It also absorbs everything around it or something of that nature, which includes the Crystal Virus Cancer stuff.  Anyway, Shu’s back and he’s ready to kick Gai’s ass and save his girl.  It seems that I was wrong about Gai himself,  apparently, this is the “Real” Gai and he just used funeral Parlor to do what he wants.  Okay, that makes no sense either, but once again, I’ll give this show time to explain itself.  Sure, creating and entire clandestine organization to fight the government doesn’t really have anything to do with taking over the world with cancer, but I’ve heard of weirder schemes.  I guess he wants to use Inori/Mana to use her virus to take over the world or something like that, but what exactly is he now?  What the hell was Mana for that matter, just some crazy wincest virus-filled psycho-bitch?  Please explain yourself, show.  I don’t have much respect for you, but I’d still like to know what in the hell you’re trying to do.


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  1. In all honesty, I think the only reason why I really like this show now is that it’s all about the unexpected shitty writing and awesome music + the action scenes. The first half was cliches, and now it’s just badass, though it would be nice of the show actually explained everything.

    • The preview for the next episode seems to be a flashback story, so it might explain something. Although, this being Guilty Crown, it’s highly likely that they won’t explain anything.

  2. Yeah, Segai was awesome. He probably would’ve made a better main villain than Keido.

  3. I just see an annoying imitation of Code Geass.. a mighty power to exploit others, a totalitarian organization ruling over japan, an underground terrorist group fighting against it, the main character supposedly turning evil and then getting betrayed, and so on. Almost everything is just clichèd and taken from other shows, and the rest is just rubbish/bad writing. However, the last couple of episodes is getting gradually better, so I’m expecting some decent explanation for all the nonsense we’ve seen and a good(ish) finale..
    Regarding Segai, I would have loved him to be the main villain of the show, even turning against GHQ or Gai or whatever.. He looked much more threatening than Gai 2.0… but he the reasons behind his actions were obviously idiotic, because this is Guilty Crown.

    I hope this won’t go exactly like CG with Shu becoming evil on purpose and then getting killed by some cancer/Gai/Mana/Inori/…

    • And… About Inori, probably, the worst, most useless character ever conceived just for the sake of fan service.

      • Being betrayed, having his arm cut off and getting his girlfriend stolen should have given him plenty of reason to turn on everybody and just kill everything. But I guess Shu is just too good of a person to do something interesting for the plot.

    • It’s written by the same guy who did Code Geass.

  4. Well of course Segai dies, can’t have any likable characters in this show, can we? Who’s next, Argo? He was pretty cool. He better do something immoral or stupid quick or he’ll be written out! I like to think that Segai’s void would be a chainsaw gun or a laser beam eye or…. a magic crossword puzzle that lets you write letters in little boxes to create words that overlap and cross each other. So, kind of like a normal crossword but it would be chrome and futuristic looking.

    True to Guilty Grown, Haruka’s characterization is schizophrenic. “Sure, I’ll help Shu by creating the technology that murders most of his classmates and nearly drive him insane, resurrect a guy that would have killed Shu had he not had any “stop bleeding” powers and then kidnap the last person who doesn’t think Shu is a monster. Oh, that wasn’t helping? I guess I could give him a new void genome…” Maybe it was all an elaborate plan to get Shu to stop masturbating but since Shu likes masturbating so much his Void lets him do this in addition to curing chafing and STDs. I could be a Guilty Crown writer.

    • Eh, I don’t think they’re looking for anybody as good as you; they prefer elementary students as writers so they can give all of their money to Supercell and Production I.G.

      • That’s a credible theory. I like to think that after they hired Supercell and Production I. G. they ran out of money so they could only afford to recruit a story writer for one day. The story writer quickly wrote up a storyboard and left. The producers of the show then asked Supercell and the animation team to write the story and they were spiteful about being overworked so this is what they wrote.

  5. In the screenshot you posted Haruka clearly says “I DON’T want to let Shu use it”.
    She never intended to give Shu the third Void Genome. She wanted to find someone else to be the “king”, even if there was a risk of dying. In the end she was going to give it to Ayase.

    This show has many plot holes but please don’t find flaws that aren’t even there…

    • She said she doesn’t want him to use it, but she needs someone to use it, clearly suggesting Shu. So if she needed someone with a Void Genome in the first place, couldn’t she have stopped him from losing it in the first place? She very likely knew that Gai was going to come and lop his arm off, so why not help him?

      • The painful thing about this show is that a lot of the plot holes could be solved with minor tweaks and cut scenes. If they had made it so Haruka had no involvement with the creation of the Ghost units, it was made clear she was forced to revive not!Gai and she never uttered the line “I did it to protect Shu”, her giving the final Void Genome to Shu would be an act of redemption instead of flip flopping on her characterization. I guess there is a small implication she’s being forced to work for the bad guys but her attitude that her actions are somehow helping Shu is retarded.

  6. Damn I missed out on saying anything about last week’s episode which summarized to be wtf blowjob scene being main highlights and Wolverine Inori.

    Well I think it’s pointless to point out all the dumb shit this show has to offer. But let’s start simple and talk about his mom.

    Character development wise she is one of those convenient scapegoat type of deal where she randomly does things to give the show something new and fucked up to work with. While she could have just as easily went back to Shu, drugged the boy, pull out a cleaver and chop off the arm herself instead she needs to help Keido by making an army of unmanned mechas, wall of invincible death and help Gai, who she now views as a evil that must be stopped, gain her son’s arm more specifically his powers because giving it to a villain is infinitely better than keeping it in Shu cos of the dangers involved. Good thing Shu’s been practicing ninjutsu to stop/slow the blood flow around the stub that used to be his arm or otherwise he might have died from extreme blood loss. I bet his mom never thought Shu would die from such trivial things, afterall in anime that kind of thing is just a light flesh wound. After her botched attempt at assassinating Mana/Inori she picks up another vial of Void Genome and seeks out Ayase? Why Ayase of all people? Perhaps she forgot that Ayase is restricted to a wheelchair. Or maybe she thought Ayase will be given handicap against Gai just because she’s a tsundere stuck inside a wheelchair with the same powers as he does. You’d think she’d pick someone more…. agile. Course you can say “Oh but Ayase has those prosthetic legs as her void” but really, considering Shu’s mom was stuck behind a desk somewhere with her analog controllers killing thousands of people on daily basis that she’d know all about Ayase’s void. (So that argument is void.)

    In a nutshell….

    I’ll save you my boy!

    -Mom cuts off Son’s arm-

    Oh shit! Who’ll save the world now?

    -Mom pulls out another dose of poison/Void Genome-

    Here girl in a wheelchair! Use it and be King

    -Shit happens-

    -Shu picks up vial-



    Unnecessary Infatuation with Inori.
    Keido wanted to marry her and be a pedobear. Now Gai wants to “USE” her to rule the world or so we’re led to believe. If they can just create her why not just create another one and save themselves all the drama and the trouble? Intelligent guess tells me we can safely cross out the possibility of a Ayanami Rei research facility where they are preparing mass production of Inori somewhere.

    Unnecessary Infatuation with Gai
    About all the female cast used to belong in this exclusive “Gai is My Pimp” club but by episode 19 this once great group has been reduced to just Arisa. But seriously what is the deal with her here? Unless she has void cancer already infecting her brain cells, even a unmanned endlave should be able to figure out Gai is just using her and as of her “coup against Shu” her resourcefulness has been dried up as Gai doesn’t even look at her. It totally reminds me of this one episode of Family Guy where Stewy tries to learn how to attract the opposite sex and sees Quagmire being abusive actually worked out for him. Perhaps Arisa fits into that category of women. The type that falls madly in love with guys who treat her like shit. Even that little scene where she shoots her own grandad doesn’t shake her unshakeable determination to remain closer to Gai by being in Team Gai. On a general scale of things though she’s had some crazy character development.

    Rich mediocre popular nice(?) Student Council President >> Love Struck President >> Not a President >> Prisoner >> Whore/Slut >> Leader of Anti-Shu >> Comrade Arisa >> Arisa the family Betrayer/Slayer >> Rejected/Neglected/Denied Team Gai Sex Slave No.47 >> Dirty Extra

    If I didn’t known any better I would have naturally imagined that Arisa has secretly been developing a drug of her own to suppress her inner beast inside her called Not Arisa/aka Mrs Hyde. Maybe what we’re seeing is a product of herself being unable to suppress Mrs.Hyde no longer.

    So Segai….

    Gets turned on when he sees the void light that appears as Shu activates voids not Gai’s. Whoelse believe sometime in the future we can expect dirty yaoi doujins of Shu and Segai? For a villain I actually liked the guy more than the entire cast. It’ll be sad that he’ll no longer surprise us with radical decisions. But seriously… for one of the better villains this show has to offer he dies while driving a gas tanker… I swear mecha in this show is purely fodders that gets pwned in 3 seconds. Segai chases Shu’s mom to secure the Void Genome so he can (I think so anyway) give it back to Shu. He has to be trolling Shu’s mom lol. Ah he will sorely be missed.

    The Real Gai
    Has anyone else wondered what he’s after? Cos I really can’t tell why he wants to be the top honcho of the world. Let’s go back several episodes and look at Gai.

    Gai tried to kill Mana to save Shu. Got owned. Leaves to become stronger for next time. Seemingly he got stronger to be reunited with Mana cos he’s not satisfied with just Inori/Mana Clone. You’d think after all that time, he’d have learned to forget and move on, get a different girl but nah Gai is after the dead one. Reunites with Mana. Wakes up with bleached white hair and suddenly has the urge to cut Shu’s arm and become king of the world. Like he must be suffering from the same Mr.Hyde symptoms as Arisa does because nothing adds up to explain his great changes to his character/goals.


    The guy who writes the story…. I’m highly suspicious if it’s one guy who writes them because it’s loopy as hell. Few characters seemed like complete junkies/druggies to me with their drastic changes in personality/character. If my guess is right, the original author might have either quit/fired from his job because of all the rants from earliest episodes and they hired a new guy who survived through the half way mark, got fired and they hired another one yet again to continue our beloved series. People watch the show simply for the action scenes, anticipation of Shu’s demise and the unbelievable randomness that throws off audience off their seats as they endure all the unexplained BS this show has amassed over the 19 episodes.

    • There is no way this show has a single, solitude writer. It seems more like the staff hired twenty or so high school kids and said:
      “Each of you write us an episode.”

      “Um, wouldn’t that make the plot kind of inconsistent?”

      “Huh? Oh, no, just go by the storyboard, you’ll be fine.”

      “Then won’t the characters look stupid?”

      “Uh, N-no it’ll just make them seem conflicted.. or something.”

      I really don’t know what’s up with Arisa either, but I guess the writer for this episode decided that the show needed a yandere or something like that to spice it up.

  7. Have you the name of the music that is played when shu gets his arm please?

  8. The short flashback about shu and his stepmom in this episode doesn’t show Mana
    Haruka too talks as if Mana didn’t exist at the time…
    could it be that Mana herself is just a lab product made by his late father as Inori seems to be ?
    and of course young Shu was unaware of the fact…
    the wincest thing would be reduced to a missunderstunding.

    • Oh wow, I really didn’t catch that part of the flashback. Maybe Mana didn’t exist, but Shu wasn’t so young as to not know he didn’t have a sister until later. When he had his big flashback/revelation in episode 12 he didn’t mention anything about her not being his sister. But who knows – if he repressed all of that for years, then maybe he did the same thing about Mana not actually being his sister.

    • Very good point you made. But if Mana is a product of Science…. as one of the Creators if not Wife of the Creator, is it really possible that Haruka “Wouldn’t” have noticed Inori looks frighteningly similar to Mana the first time Inori was spotted in her house?

      • Well, we are talking about the woman who allowed her own sons arm to be cut off, only to realize that she still needed someone with the power he had to save to world. Maybe she even knew about Inori/Mana in the first place, which is why she was so accepting to some random girl living with her teenage son. Or maybe this show’s writing sucks, which seems to be a pretty good answer to most of the unexplained stuff that’s happened so far.

  9. Everything about guy doesn’t make any sense at all. I think the old Gai was real and this new one is the fake one. Or somehow Gai got himself infected by Mana in some way.

  10. Actually he behaves like this because he thinks by doing so he thinks will limit deaths to an absolute minimum even though he knows they will hate him for it.

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