Nisemonogatari Episode 8 – I Will Never Brush Again

Friends, after watching this episode, I can tell you this with all the confidence in the world; I have never been, nor do I believe that I ever will be, more uncomfortable watching an episode of anime, television, a movie or anything in a room by myself in my entire life.  It’s one thing for something to make you uncomfortable in front of other people, like watching The Black Swan with girls, but for something to make you uncomfortable while you’re by yourself is an accomplishment that requires some huge recognition.  I was about to explode from anticipation of what was going to happen before Tsukihi walked in and broke it up.  Oh yeah, this is the start of Tsukihi’s arc, but you definitely wouldn’t know that by watching the episode.  She’s in the episode for about thirty seconds total excluding the OP, which is probably going to be  even more obsessed over than Renai Circulation.

There really isn’t much to say about this episode, as it was mostly dedicated to making everyone who watched it feel like they need to go and scrub every inch of their body with sandpaper to cleanse themselves.  They kind of tried to reintroduce Kanbaru into the story by having Karen want to meet her, but we all know what came out of that deal.  I mean, did Araragi just forget that Senjougahara exists and that if it had been her instead of Tsukihi, then he and Karen would have both been dead the very moment she stepped foot into the room?  You might be pushing your luck a little too far this time, Araragi.

Now that’s a rape face if there ever was one.  Actually, I think I’ve figured out what this episode was.  This episode is some wincest hentai that got interrupted at the halfway point where the sex actually starts.  The first half wasn’t even really all that bad.  Even though Karen did say that she’d let Araragi take her virginity, it was pretty obvious that it was meant as a joke.  However, once that toothbrush came out – sweet baby Jesus that shit got real.  I felt like I was committing incest just sitting there and watching that whole scene play out.  And that shit wasn’t like the kiss, where it could easily be taken as brotherly love for his sister, Araragi straight up says, “I think my sister is hot, hearing her moan excites me, and I want to grope her boobs”.  But not only that, After Tsukihi breaks it up and goes to get a fucking awl to stab them to death with (surely she could have thought of something more creative than that), Araragi and Karen don’t back off and admit to each other that what they just did was in any way weird at all.  Instead, they make arrangements to do it again and also trade places sometimes.  Sure, “got along a little bit better” Araragi, whatever you say.

Finally, as this show goes on I’m getting a very bad feeling about how much time is left for Tsukihi’s arc.  Karen’s took seven episodes to complete, and though in the novel Tsukihi’s arc only takes thirteen chapters (whereas Karen’s took twenty two) I can’t help but think that three episodes isn’t enough to complete the whole second half of the series without rushing through it.  Goddammit Shaft, if you pull that ONA shit again, you and I are gonna have a few things to talk about.  And they really have no excuse to need extra episodes because so much of this series has been unnecessary in the overall storyline of the show.  Shaft, you’re making Kizumonogatari, (you’d better be), and three Madoka Magica movies, slow your roll a bit.  If you guys end up bullshitting us on the ending of this show I am personally enrolling every one of your employees in a time management class.


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  1. Lol. SHAFT and that rape of Araragi’s. I was smiling and uncomfortable all the at same time. Just having a hard time to believe they center the whole episode arounds this instead of jumping into Tsukihi’s arc. It must be rather short or uninteresting. Also, enjoyed reading what you thought about it. Made me laugh a bit XD

    • If I can make people laugh I’ve done my job. I imagine that Shaft is just being Shaft and procrastinating like they always do, but maybe Tsukihi’s arc really is that boring and pointless. If she’s boring enough to dedicate an entire episode to some crazy tooth brushing fetish instead of to her then she must be really lame.

  2. Best. Episode. Of. The. Year.
    Best I’ve seen since Fate Zero episode 11.

    • As uncomfortable as it made me, I can safely say that I won’t be forgetting this episode any time soon.

      • Right it is the same reason why Irreversible made it on my top ten films of the 00s: precisely because it was so unforgettable, so uncomfortable and so traumatic that I never wanted to watch it again.

        Where Fate/Zero engaged in elegant high flown discourse without sacrificing drama and action, Nisemonogatari engaged in dangerous taboo without sacrificing humor and titillation.

  3. Wow. That was a really surprising episode.

    I think it’s a masterpiece. To make 10+ minutes of incestuous-tooth-brushing have *that* effect is brilliant. I never have once, even in the farthest darkest and most bizarre regions of my imagination, considered the possibility of combining dental hygiene and sibling sex. So much for originality being dead, right?

    And you guys are saying that this was somehow uncomfortable and traumatic…. Hmmm…. Am i the only person out there who thought it was super hot? 😉

    • It might be just because I have a younger sister, but that scene, even though it was really well done, made me really uncomfortable.

      But kudos to Shaft for making such a memorable scene, even if it did make me want to throw away every toothbrush I own.

      • Okay, I can understand that. Being an only child, I think brother-sister incest themes in anime don’t get at me in quite the same way.

        But, please do everyone else a favor and don’t get rid of your toothbrush. 😉

    • Already done, I’m just going to have to use mouthwash five times a day to compensate.

  4. It is seeming more and more likely that we won’t get the full arc. It might end up being a DVD only thing which would be a real pain.

    After this episode I’m so glad I watch anime alone in my room.

    • Either DVD or ONA like last time, it’s going to be slow and drawn out just like the Hanekawa arc. And if it’s anything like last time, then that last part will be the best arc of the whole series.

  5. thx for the blog post… first time I just had to google what a fuck other people have in mind concerning this episode… episode 8, was great but… still… Not awsome… Maybe it is important for japanese people to see that incest is kinda wi3rd

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