Steins;Gate Episode 25 (OVA)

Seeing this episode really made me wish that Funimation will hurry up and announce when the hell they’re going to release this show, but it also made me realize how no one could ever do Okabe’s voice justice, so I probably wouldn’t even want to watch the dub.  I just know the second I hear his dubbed voice, I’m going to change it to subs, because no matter how good a job the voice actor does, it just won’t be Okabe – there’s absolutely no way.

Anyway, for a long time people have been talking about how this episode may bridge the series and the movie, and in a way, I guess that it kind of does.  It takes place after the series in the new world line that Okabe has created, which would make it seem like it could lead into something else, but it doesn’t really leave any loose ends to be wrapped up or explained in the movie.  It’s already been said that the movie will not be a retelling of the series, but whether it will be somewhat of an alternate scenario in a different world line or it will continue on from this point isn’t really evident through this OVA/episode.

But regardless of the fact that this didn’t give any new information about the movie, it was still good.  It was pretty much an epilogue for the series, and though it was mainly just a filler episode it at least brought Okabe and Kurisu’s relationship back up to speed.  And even though it was just filler , we all know that a filler with Houin Kyouma and company is never truly a filler.   Okabe brings all of his insane awesomness with him to America, even thought it does result in him being arrested a few times.  Now, they’re in LA right?  I find it kind of hard to believe that the LAPD, out of all the crazy shit I’m sure they see in a day, would arrest some random guy just shouting and doing nothing else wrong.  I didn’t know public disturbance charges worked that way.  Daru’s future wife and/or baby momma also makes an appearance, but it isn’t really anything more than just saying that she is indeed real.  So, all in all, good bonus OVA that doesn’t really do to much for the future movie, but it’s more Steins;Gate, so who can complain?


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  1. What can I say? You can’t complain. Its not every anime that ends with a subtle hint of what’s was store in store for Okabe and Kurisu then brings an OVA to answer just that. Its a miracle short of the universe having a hiccup. Normally they leave these things “open to interpretation”, as far as I know…

    They had better pay the voice actor double, coz my sister said only his voice was what carried her along in the first episodes of the series. he’s that good

  2. Okabe would have even got passed the TSA, lol.

    Was not really expecting much from the OVA expect to fill the blanks of Kurisu’s memories and what not. An alright OVA though.

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