Guilty Crown Episode 20 – Exposition Before the Storm

Hmmm… trying to bring about the end of the human race for its own good, where have I heard that before?  Oh yeah, the Human Instrumentality Project.  Look, I’m not trying to nitpick things here, and I understand that there’s nothing new under the sun, but it’s just too similar to not point it out.  However, I don’t think this show will have the balls to have an ending like Evangelion, so as long as it doesn’t completely rip off the ending, I won’t harp on it too much.  But speaking of Evangeloin, did anyone else find this episode very reminiscent of the flashback episode in Evangelion that showed Gendo and Yui’s lives as scientists before they had Shinji?  Once again, I’m not trying to find things to say this show is ripping off, but with all the other Evangelion-esqe things in this show, that really stood out to me.

Now, good God there was a lot of exposition in this episode.  Basically, Gai is trying to start the Human Instrumentality Project, because he’s a crazy Evangelion fan.  He also gives them Shu’s father’s diary, because he feels bad about how confusing this whole thing has been up until now.  It appears Gai, who was adopted by Keidou, was actually a potential mate of Mana, who got the virus by getting cut with a meteorite, to bring about the Fourth Impact.  So Gai is Keidou’s “son”, Keidou is Haruka’s sister, Haruka married Shu’s dad – Keidou’s best friend – after Shu’s real mom died from the Virus after birthing Shu.  Jesus, are we writing a sci-fi soap opera here guys?  My best guess would be that the writer they hired to do this episode was some middle-aged female Evangelion fanatic.

So let me try to make sense out of some of this.  Mana got the virus form getting cut by the meteorite, that was pretty clear.  But in the flashback in this episode, she looks the same age as she did in the flashback in episode twelve when Shu is about twelve or so, but but in this episode, he hasn’t even been born yet. Also, what the hell were they talking about when they said Shu was gathering the parts of Mana that were spread around into people’s voids, when the fuck did they ever say anything about that?  A lot of people said that the government was manipulating Shu into getting him to do what they wanted him to do, but I don’t get how he was collecting Void Shards so Inori can become a full demon, I mean, a full bringer of the apocalypse.

So would someone please explain this to me, what the hell is Mana? I know that she’s the holder of the virus, and that She’s pretty much the Rei to this show’s Lilith, but where did she come from and why does she not age?  Did the virus stop her growth or something?  Dammit, please explain yourself, show, I really want to know what you’re trying to do here, I’m really trying to give you the benefit of the doubt and tell me what’s going on.  I know you’re trying and you did an pretty good job at explaining some of what’s been going on, and I guess a big exposition dump is better than being left in the dark about everything until the last millisecond of the show.  But was all this crazy stuff that happened in these past nineteen episodes worth this?  Was it worth some sub-par ripoff of Evangelion?

And now we’re going in to the final showdown of the series.  I honestly can’t see anything other than Shu saving everyone and sacrificing himself happening here.  I mean, he’s already pretty much said that he’s willing to absorb everyone’s cancer to save their lives and was willing to fight Gai without his void powers, so I don’t think he has any qualms about biting the dust.  And also, he’s not going to kill everyone else in the process, he’s going to end up giving their Voids back at the last second, because he’s somehow now some uber heightened morals Mr. Good Guy.  What exactly made him want to reconcile with Souta anyway?  They both tried to kill each other, so I don’t think that they’d really have too much of a friendship left to brag about.  But hey, I guess if the plot calls for it.


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  1. Did anyone else hear Fourth IMPACT instead of Fourth Apocalypse?

  2. “Koudou is Haruka’s sister” ?

  3. I lol’d when I read Fourth Impact, and yeah, I thought the exact same thing with this episode ^^ (though I guess, given the context, that’s not exactly a good thing)

    They tried too hard in making Keido a “bad guy” in the flashbacks, it was almost funny.

  4. So, when Keido Shuuichirou tried to marry Mana it was only theatrical to make Shu help in converting Gai in a suitable Adam by piercing both of them using the same void? All of them were acting? Daarth too? So if Shu’s father didn’t make the void genome to save humanity, given Shu’s relentless refusal to make-out with his sister Mana, Daarth would have lost?, Then for whom sake Shu’s father was working?

    As expected, this show accumulated so many inconsistencies that there was never a way back, no matter how many flashbacks or how many genius writers they bring in.

    As you mentioned the result reminds of a soap opera that because they are trying to hide incoherence behind gratuitously convoluted plot.

    My theory is that the writer is a psychopath (like Dexter) he can’t relate to real humans feelings he is just mimicking tragic scenes from other shows. Furthermore, (like the Memento’s protagonist) he suffers frequent memory losses probably due to substance abuse hence the lack of consistency.

    Still I don’t understand why he didn’t use the trump card of suicide, despite so many betrayals by unconvincing well-intentioned “caring” people…(Haruka for instance).

    • I can’t help but believe a show written by Dexter Morgan would be 9,767,866,890 times better than this.

      • you mean Jeff Lindsay… me I was talking about the scenes in which Dexter the character had to mimic others to make a convincing Husband or Brother… because he can’t understand normal human feelings. something he and this show’s writer seems to have in common.

      • Yeah, but the author of Dexter isn’t really a psychopath. Either Jeff or Dexter himself could write a better show than this.

  5. Shards of Mana? remember the LC event from eps 12 ? she went berserk, crystalized and shattered to pieces. So many of those pieces assimilated to other people voids.

    Mana is kurosu’s daughter, isn’t that obvious ? kurosu and his 1st wife married at 2017 (after the sex scene that made her pregnant with Mana) then they skipped for 5 years to 2022, so… Mana is 5 years old around the time Shu was born.

    • The main thing that I want to know is if she was an ordinary girl to begin with. Was her blowing up and causing Lost Christmas due completely to her being infected with that virus? So if she hadn’t have gotten cut by that meteorite none of this would happen?

      • True, she was an ordinary girl to begin with. The cut must be infectious and triggered the change on Mana’s personality.
        Her power had gone of out control after Shu rejected her feelings.
        She’s going for Triton now, as her new adam, and Shu’s going for Inori, as his new eve lol.

  6. Ok, even after this whole exposition… still doesn’t make much sense.
    I’m happy that we got an origin for the virus (as clique as it was) and how Mana aquired it. Mana and Shu do appear to be blood siblings (squick).
    That still doesn’t explain wtf Gai is exactly, though I’m willing to bet it’s similar to Inori. A clone meant to replace or perhaps host the original (like Inori to Mana). Otherwise the change in actions of Blonde!Gai to WhiteHairedPrettyBoy!Gai make little sense. Unless this is all apart of some Magnificent Bastardry of Gai’s (which I wouldn’t put it past if their’s anything of the original left in him) for Shu to reach his full potential and get ‘crystal arm’ so the Void Genom can do what Shu’s Dad wanted- which was to cure the Apocolypse virus and save Mana/Inori from themselves. But will also cost Shu’s life as far as everything seems to be building up to, thus making him the true crystal dragon jesus.
    Also any ideas for wtf Daath is? (the blonde guy with weird eyebrows and kings power, who kidanpped Inori in ep.12). He pops up in the flashback and hasn’t aged a single day since.
    As for collecting the shards of the apocolypse virus- Mana exploded (I think) on LC and everyone in range got infected with the virus… and the voids themselves are manifestations links to peoples life forces that used to be apart of her…? And enough of them… gathered together, brought her closer to awakening inside Inori(with no foreshadowing, what-so-ever, but I’m getting used to it now with my low expectations of the show, I simply have lost my ability to care).
    And I guess Mana was an ordinary girl before she came in contact with the virus, though I would have like to have seen it in this flashback episode. That or the virus aggravated a dormant psychosis.
    Either ways, I guess I just want this series to end, rant about it’s shameless rip-offs and plotholes and move on to more interesting, greener pastures. Since I followed it this far, might as well see it through.

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