Nisemonogatari Episode 9 – A Long Way to Go and a Short Time to Get There

Damn it, Shaft, you’re going to do it aren’t you?  You’re going to start an awesomely badass arc and make us wait months and months at a time to see the rest of it.  You can’t just introduce such mysterious characters with two episodes left and expect to be able to wrap it all up by the end of the series.  If all of this stuff was going to happen, why not just cut out the fat from the earlier episodes and complete everything in a single series?  If they are staying true to the novel, then I respect them for it, but sometimes things just need to be cut out in order to make everything fit.

And isn’t this Tsukihi’s arc, I mean, she’s that girl in the OP, right?  She wasn’t even if this episode, not for a single moment – she was only even mentioned once and that was only Karen saying that she had never told her something.  So now we have two things we have to wrap up in only two more episode.  First, Tsukihi’s arc has to begin before anything happens.  Then they have to find out what her disease is and cure it, but while all of that’s going on these two new girls have to be explained as well.  And honestly, after seeing them, I could give less of a shit about what willl happen to Tsukihi – I just want to know about the new characters.

Anyway, like most of the other episodes in the show, this one spent a lot of time talking about nothing though as always it was enjoyable.  The show is still spending an awful lot of time on Karen, even though her arc is over and done with.  And even though Hachikuji still doesn’t add anything to the plot of the show, other than Araragi realizing that the second girl called her “Snail Girl”, she’s still one of the funnier characters in my opinion.  Well, maybe I just enjoy seeing Araragi trying to rationalize his pedophilia and friendship towards her.  But still, even though I enjoy seeing them interact, I don’t think the show needed three separate scenes dedicated to her if she’s not going to serve any purpose other than for lolicon fan-service.  And if you’re going to do that then why not use Shinobu?  Everybody knows that she’s much cooler.

Obviously, these two new people, Kagenui Yodzuru and Ononoki Yotsugi, know a lot about Araragi and everyone around him.  They know that he’s part vampire, they know about what happened to Karen and they know about Hachikuji.  And they’re trying to find the cram school that Oshino and Shinobu lived in for the entirety of Bakemonogatari for some to establish their “base of oporations” or something.  So why do they want to do it there of all places, did they know Oshino or something, even if they do know that Araragi is a vampire do they know that Shinobu is there too?  So yeah, forget about Tsukihi and tell me about these people and what there deal is.  Apparently the first girl is insanely strong, like Oshino, and the other girl looks like some lame Hatsune Miku cosplayer with a bad taste in clothes and a retarded orange Slime on her head.  I think that’s much more interesting Araragi’s yandere sister who has yet to have even three minuets of screen time.

So that’s where we stand, two episodes left and a shitload of stuff that has to be explained.  Tsukihi has get her phoenix disease or whatever it is and these two people have to explain why they’re in the series all of a sudden.  God, I’m going to pull my hair out waiting for the rest of this series and for Kizumonogatari to be released as well, though I have much more anticipation for that than this show at the moment.  But don’t worry Shaft, I’ve already sent my first payment for your time management classes via certified first class mail, so it should be there soon and before you know it, you’ll be actually completing your projects on time.


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  1. Only two episodes? Ouch, I thought this to be longer…it’s going to be hard to complete the story in such a short timeframe…:|

  2. I guess we will all have to buy the DVDs. I’m curious as to what the two new girls know because they seem to know too much.

    Miku cosplayer is one way to put it. After looking at it for a moment that orange dress is growing on me.

  3. I suspect the titles of the arc are themselves misleading: Tsukhi was featured more in Karen Bee arc than Karen was and vice versa.

    Also I think Shinobu’s a more effective character the less we see of her, much like Senjougahara. They both are essentially unique individuals, so the more airtime they receive, the less interesting they become. Hence their absence from the overall story.

    This is why I conceived of a less distinctively unique character as the main lead than those for the supporting cast in my ongoing project:
    A goddess suffering from retrograde amnesia is the MC whereas I have an immortal anarchist who spouts aphorisms, an insouciant angel of death, a skeptical strongman, and a female Lord Henry type. They’re a hell more fun to write than the main lead, who’s more reactionary than assertive, but the plot advances better with the amnesiac than those other well defined characters.

  4. Tsukhi’s a phoenix from birth and there’s nothing wrong with that, why would you want to cure it?

  5. Damn. I don’t know if the episode will end that well now. They might rush it or make an OVA or ONA or something.
    I love the new girl, the one which doesn’t touch the grown it seems that she can’t touch the ground for some reason.
    And what is with the episode not having Tsukihi in the episode…

    • I didn’t really notice the thing about her not touching the ground, but now that you mention it, perhaps there is some significance behind that.

      • I recall an old urban legend about the devil — he cannot walk on the ground, so he must remain in the air or stand on things.

        One of the reasons Carl Sagan’s scifi novel, Contact, was a biblical reading of the fall (S. R. Hadden, the benefactor who always remained in the air, represented the devil)

  6. Am i the only one slightly disappointed that there was no real dialogue of the Interaction between Kanbaru and Karen, i was really looking forward to that.

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