Tsuritama Episode 3 – Fishing is Srs Bsns

With each episode of this show, it seems my head cocks itself farther and farther to the side in an effort to see if there’s something that I’m missing in all of this.  Right now, everything just seems a little too odd and a little too quirky to understand where all this is going to end up, and that fact that there’s still no concrete story doesn’t help too much.  But at least we (kind of) have all the characters together, and know a little about each of them.  And someone needs to get Haru a muzzle or something, like, right now.

The whole concept of this episode seemed really weird to me too.  Now, I’ve been fishing several times before, and from all the experience I’ve had, under no circumstances have I ever actually needed to cast the lure in a perfectly specific spot.  Even though Natsuki said that it was important to cast where the fish were, you don’t cast right on top of the place where you thing the fucking fish are; you’re supposed to cast the line beyond that point and reel it through where you expect the fish to be, because you have to have time for the lure to sink and begin look like it’s actually a fish, worm, or whatever your lure looks like.  Not only that, but spinning reels are probably the easiest kind of reels to use for actual fishing, at least in my opinion, and getting it to go in the direction you want is fairly simple.  I can’t even imagine what this show would be like if they were using baitcasting reels or something like that.

At the very least, it seemed that things finally did start to get a little more serious in this episode, though the fact that the words “Enoshima bowl” were said about 5,464,327 times kind of got in the way of that.  Akira is part of some secret Indian duck spy service sent to observe Haru, because Haru’s an alien.  Although, it doesn’t really seems like that fact would really be secretive information, seeing as how the first thing he ever said about himself to Yuki’s grandmother was that he was an alien.  And speaking of her, I can’t help but think that thinks aren’t going to go to well for her.  Assuming we apply the law of movie conservation to anime as well, something as specific as her giving Haru the flowers and telling him to take care of them so they won’t die seems bound to show up again somewhere.

And amazingly, even when Yuki’s grandmother is in the hospital with some nondescript potentially life-threatening illness, Haru still finds a way to be an unbelievably annoying jackass.  Honestly, how could any sane person think that someone could be consoled by saying, “It’s okay, your grandmother, who’s essentially your mother right now, is going to bite the dust eventually”.  I would have kicked the shit out that flamboyant motherfucker if he said something like that me, and I’m surprised that Yuki has the ability to just walk away from that blatant disregard for his grandmother’s life.  And even though Yuki made some comment about how Haru can never understand because he’s an alien, I would assume that the potential death of a family member is almost a universal bad among a civilized family.

But I guess that it’s all good, because Haru saves the day by narrating everything that’s happening and pretty much being a device to shove the idea of the episode straight down the viewer’s wind pipe.  I sure hope that he becomes less annoying as the show goes on, or I at least hope that I can get use to him.  Why can’t he just be like his sister?  She seems pretty chill, and wouldn’t it make sense for the less ridiculous of the two aliens to be fraternizing with the local population?


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  1. Aaawww, but Haru-chan’s cute! ;P
    I felt he was just parroting what Grandma had told him about everything dying one day. Tact is definitely not one of Haru’s best skills, and he needs time to grasp how to properly act in human society. But at least he is not giving up on befriending Yuki, and is quick to follow instructions (eg leaving Yuki alone when needs be, not using the water gun anymore, etc). I’m curious to see how much we’ll learn about Haru by the end of the series.
    As for casting into the bucket, I’m thinking Natsuki just wanted Yuki to get the hang of it in general. Perhaps there will be more explanation next episode, since there are still more fishing skills Natsuki has to teach.

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