Fate/Zero Episode 17 – Prophecy Fulfilled

God damn, this fucking show, it’s so motherfucking good.  There’s so much stuff going on and so many different ideas and themes, but I can always understand what’s happening at the moment, and I’m always interested in it.  This episode surely put itself high in the running for the best episode so far, and it might just be better than last week’s, but I’ll have to wait a few days and see what I think about it then. But I think the fact that this episode finally brought something that’s been being alluded to for weeks to fruition may help it overcome last week’s in my opinion.

Although this episode was almost exclusively about Kirei, the scene with Irisviel and Maiya was also very good.  Her talking about how she was made only for the war and about how Kiritsugu gave her the scabbard to keep her alive, kind of helped show that he isn’t just some completely self-concerned asshole, even though he may seem like it.  Although Kiritsugu is trying to win the war for his own personal moral convictions, he isn’t completely “Fuck everything else, I’m doing this and only this”; he still cares about his wife and family.  And then, I remembered that there exists a show by the name of Fate/Stay Night, which is a show about the Holy Grail War.  So if that show exists, then logic would lead to the conclusion that Kiritsugu doesn’t win the War, so I pretty much spoiled a potential ending for myself.  But please don’t comment something about how he does or doesn’t win, because I can still hold onto some idea that he may win, and his plan just didn’t work or something.

The real focus of this whole episode is Kirei and how much of a badass he is.  He just may rival Kiritsugu in that field.  The show has done a really good job of developing his character and showing his transformation for a docile pawn in Tokiomi’s plan to his own man who usurps even his own Master.  Perhaps he always was the way he is now and just never really had any freedom to do anything himself – considering how he’s been a servant of the church his whole life.  But either way, I (along with several other people) said that Kirei and Archer were going to get together way back in episode 9 or some shit, so I’m ecstatic that it finally happened.  The reveal about what really happens at the end of the war was kind of weak – not in what actually happens but how it’s told.  There’s no real build up to it or anything, Kirei just says, “You have to die at the end” and Archer doesn’t even bat an eye.  To me it seems odd that the spirits don’t even know the procedure or ramifications of the contest that they’ve been called from beyond the dimensional star gate to participate in, considering that they all at least know why they’ve been summoned in the first place.

The murder scene was also executed very well.  It just goes to show that things like atmosphere and dramatic tension make the difference of any scene, be it in movies, television, or anime.  We all knew that something was going to happen the second Kirei got the knife, but that didn’t make it any less awesome when Kirei actually did what everyone knew he was going to do.  Then Archer and Kirei finally become Servant and Master, and the stage is set for more awesomeness.

Seeing as how everyone who has died so far has had a pretty rough time of it, it makes me kind of worried about what will happen to Waver.  By now, he certainly knows he’s in over his head, but he probably doesn’t realize how much danger his life is in if Kiritsugu targets him.  If he continues his trend of killing the Masters after their Servants are dead, that will make for a pretty sad moment.  I can’t really explain what I mean, but I guess it more goes along with his innocence and youth.  All of the other people in the war are older and more experienced mages, but Waver just seems like a child doomed be killed because of something he didn’t foresee.


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  1. Yes, Fate/Zero is the prequel to visual novel Fate/stay night.

    The problem here is that Fate/stay night adaptation was mediocre and lackluster.

  2. Not a good episode in my opinion. But… I probably wouldn’t have said that, if I hadn’t read the novel. :-/ There are just scenes that I felt were missing or rushed and I AGAIN am setting all my hope on the bluray…

    So what is missing this time? Well, now that Tokiomi is dead, the condition he made that Saber shouldn’t use her Noble Phantasm anymore, is for naught. But really important scenes like an insight of Tokiomi’s thoughts, the true reason for Sakura’s adoption, Kirei crying for his father, etc. In my opinion scenes that allow again character development. Kirei becoming the man he is was handled more subtle in the novel imo, but hey, it’s always easier to write this than animate it.
    Btw, big translation mistake when Tokiomi was talking to Rin. She is supposed to put the Magic Association in debt, not the Church(kyoukai normally means church, but he meant majutsukyoukai).

    Furthermore, I think the animation this week was as good as episode 11. That means, it was bad. *sigh* bluray fix 😀

    For clarification: Generally the Grail makes use of pure masses of mana. If six Servants die, there should be enough energy to fulfill any wish in this world. You only need to kill your own Servant if you want to gouge a hole to reach Akasha. Tokiomi is the only one in this war who wants to do this, so he is the only true magus here. Sadly, him never understanding the people around him was his doom. 😦

    Episode 18… flashback time. 😀 I wanna see a Dead Apostle next episode…

  3. It was a decent episode with important plot developments but I felt like it was just a little anti-climatic. The murder of Tokiomi was well executed but I think Archer and Kirei spelling out their intentions beforehand detracted from the shock of the moment. Perhaps it’s more important Kirei has proper development rather than making a particular scene more intense but as Gilgamesh said, Tokiomi’s death was boring. He gets stabbed, makes a horrified expression and dies without saying a word. For being such a big schemer, he went out with little fanfare.

    • I found it a little odd that Tokiomi died so easily despite his constant air of complete confidence in himself. Maybe he just trusted Kirei that much, or maybe there’s more that we don’t know about him.

  4. It’s not clearly explained, but the whole holy grail war is an “artificial” ritual created some centuries ago by the three founders families (Matou, Einzbern, Tohsaka) involving the summon of seven heroic souls as a mean to materialize the mana necessary to “fill” the vessel arbitrarily called “holy grail”. The real purpose of it has been revealed in this episode: reaching the Origin/Truth/Akasha, which should be the ultimate goal of every magician.
    Note that Tokiomi bid farewell to his daughter not because he thought he was risking his life in the war, but because, even in case of victory, there would have been no chance of return after reaching the Origin (from which no magus has ever come back).
    As you can see, the number of killed servants only affects the relative power stored in the vessel, which explains why Iri felt sick just after Lancer committed suicide. When only a couple of servants are left, the Grail is technically near completion.

    About FSN, I suggest you read the visual novel.. It’s simply 100 times more awesome than the anime, and also waaay more complex and complete. Just get past the “Fate” route, Unlimited Blade Works and Heaven’s Feel are the real deal.

  5. Oh, this is a question that was bothering me. Who was Kirei talking to on the phone?

    • Lackeys of the Holy Church. He is officially Risei’s successor and he told them that it was Risei’s last order to follow Team Saber.

      There were other things that were cut like Kirei being informed of Team Lancer’s death and since the Church also found the self-geis scroll, he kinda guessed how Kiritsugu killed them. Basically, he is still obsessed with Kiritsugu, after Team Saber annihilated two teams in one night.

      • I wonder if any of these missing scenes with be added to the BD release. I know you can’t include everything in an anime adaption but for Fate/Zero, key information in understanding plot details and characters is often committed. I don’t see how they could animate Kirei deflecting bullets with his sleeves or palm thrusting through trees without so much as an explanation for why that’s possible. 😛

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