Lucky Star – Review

Let's talk about nothing!

You don’t know what this show is, seriously? Chances are, if you have known about anime (outside of Adult Swim) for ANY period of time, you have heard of Lucky Star, the anime about nothing. Weeaboos flock to this show in inconceivable numbers, and there’s probably enough fanfics to fill the library of congress. Most people view Lucky Star as a cut-and-dry love-it-or-hate-it anime, however there definitely is a middle ground there, even it’s only inhabited by about 12 people (including me).

As stated before, this show is about nothing at all, ZERO… well, not really nothing, but it doesn’t follow a linear plot. Rather, it occurs in a very Seinfeld-esqe way; It follows the lives of four elementary, sorry, high school (not) girls as they do whatever the hell Japanese high school girls do. Technically, the show doesn’t have a “main character”, but it’s generally accepted that the show focuses on Konata Izumi more that any of the other girls. Konata, is a  otaku who must be a Mormon, because she’s the waifu~ of about 9,999,999,999,999 weeaboos who fap to her loliness and the fact that she likes anime, manga, and video games, like they do. Well, enough making fun of her, as she’s the main source of humor in the series. This is probably because she knows she’s an anime character, and therefore doesn’t give a damn about anything. She spends her on screen time spouting off random anime and game references, which creates lulz for anyone who actually know what they are. This is one of the main problems of Lucky Star in that, like Family Guy, references are only funny for so long (only about two seasons Seth). Also, it goes without saying that unless you have a little anime history, you won’t get many off the things they say.

That's one bad ass plate...

The other three of the main four girls are Kagami, Tsukasa, and Miyuki. Kagami and Tsukasa are twins, who are, according to the rules of the world, very much different. Kagami is a self-reliant, respectable… ugh… tsundere, and her sister, Tsukasa, is an air-headed retard who probably couldn’t walk if Kagami wasn’t alive. Miyuki is MOEMOEMOEMOEMOEMOEMOEMOE, thats all. Well, not really, she’s the typical kind, sweet, and smart girl with large boobs and glasses, and she has a shit ton of money, there, THAT’S all. All four girls in the main cast are funny enough, and each have their own moments where their humor truly shine. There are a lot of other characters who, honestly, aren’t really all too important, at least not for the sake of this review.

As stated before, the humor of lucky star relies heavily on references to other anime and simply being random. There are also times when people say things that are actually funny in their own right, but these moments are overshadowed by how much it wants to cater to anime fans. It is also worthy to note that this show wants to make love to The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya; I swear to God, there are more references to TMoHS in this show that there is “Fuck” in Pulp Fiction, and that’s quite an achievement.

Lucky Star is defiantly not without its faults. It can be quite boring and repetitive at times, and many may be turned off by its absurdly moe art style. Some of it frankly isn’t that funny and many times the jokes turn out to be little more than something to smile at, and not bust a gut over. One thing that most sound minded Lucky Star fans will tell you is that the series starts out incredibly boring; for Christ’s sake, the better part of the first episode is about how a bunch of girls prefer to eat their food. The show doesn’t truly start to get funny, until about episode 4, but by this time many of the people who hail it as “The worst anime ever” have already checked out, but not without reason to do so. Lucky Star fanfags are some of the worst out there, creating volumes of fanfics that would make Atlas Shrugged look like a pamphlet. They vehemently defend Lucky Star as one of the greatest pieces of entertainment to ever exist, and attempting to change their opinion will usually get you blocked.

  • Story – N/A
  • Art – 6
  • Sound – 5
  • Characters – 7
  • Humor – 7
  • Overall – 7

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