Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 5 – This Seems Familiar

So finally, after four episodes school time teen angst, we move into (according to Kaito and Ichika) a summer that they would never forget.  Much like their school days, this summer is also filled with unrequited love and teenage emotions, except it happens while filming a movie.  Although this didn’t really feel too different from the huge four episode prologue type thing, that isn’t really a bad thing, because for all of it’s angsty teen subject matter, it’s still fairly enjoyable.  But it’d be a lot better if the two main characters would stop being such retards (thankfully we’ve got Tetsuro to help with that).  We also get Remon silently trolling Ichika and Kanna being a bitch.  Oh, and did you know, Kaito’s beehive cancer is cured now, because it sure as hell hasn’t bothered him in a while.

Kaito and Ichika are both idiots, there is no way you can disagree with this.  Exactly what in the hell does Kaito and all of the others think that Rinon is?  I mean, it’s already been established that he is stupid enough to think that Rinon is just some animal, but now everyone else is too?  Remon brings this thing out in public, in the middle of the day, and they still act like it’s a completely normal life form.  Speaking of that, how did Remon even get Rinon, and where was she keeping her this whole time?  That could probably be considered animal cruelty, that is, if Rinon was a fucking animal.  However, Ichika is equally stupid; how in the world does she know enough about the Japanese culture to pass exams there, yet not know enough to know that you don’t make pasta with soba noodles, or there is no such thing as chocolate curry?  And that whole conversation she had with Kaito about how he would react to a real alien would have probably been a little too suspicious for me, but of course, I’m not as dense as a two year old. Is Remon the only person who has a head on their shoulders?  Well, Tetsuro kind of knows what’s going on too, but is too obsessed with Kanna to notice that anything is up with Ichika.

Anyway, the first half of this episode is (finally) spent  on making their movie.  Although Remon said she’d handle the script, it’s very obvious that it’s really about Ichika and the real reason she said the script would be written each day is because she probably plans to make it about Ichika’s everyday life on earth.  God, does Ichika not think that this is strange at all?  They just happen to be making a movie about and alien girl landing in their town, she just happens to be playing the alien, and she just happens to be staying with Kaito?  Hmmm…. sound familiar Ichika?  Man, I really like it when the main characters are clueless to everything except how to breathe.  This segment is rather entertaining, not just because it was what I was expecting the first time I heard about this show, but because it’s a good break from all the love quadrangles and such.  It does quickly change back to the standard format of the show, with this episode dealing more with Kanna in particular.

Now, Kanna’s a nosy bitch, but at least she finally admits it.  She goes to his house on a rainy day, pretty much to make sure Kaito and Ichika aren’t having sex, and even asks Ichika when she’s going to be leaving.  But at least then she finally realizes how much of a jealous obnoxious bitch she’s being, and talks to Tetsuro, who came to find her because Mio told on her, about her feelings for Kaito.  Speaking of her, does she just not wear clothes when she’s home?  Both times they’ve shown her at her house she’s been completely nude, and I can’t really see some high school girl who walks around her home naked as a terribly shy person.  Anyway, I really hope they give her a reason for liking Kaito, because he doesn’t really seem like too amazing of a guy; he’s a complete idiot for one thing.  In most shows like this, they’d at least have a reason why the obvious second banana girl likes the lead, either because she’s his childhood friend, he did something for her that was really nice, or some other stupid shit like that.  It might not be very convincing, but at least it’s a reason.  At least Tetsuro kind of has a reason to like Kanna, as generic as it may be, but he’s not an asshole about it, he knows that she doesn’t feel that way so he shouldn’t force himself onto her, unlike what she’s doing with Kaito.

But we do get something somewhat unexpected this episode at least.  Although in most anime the girl with the crush on the main guy would never tell him, or at the very least wait until the last episode to tell him, Tetsuro decides to make things a little more interesting and spur the show along a little bit by confessing to Kaito for Kanna.  While that was kind of a douchey thing to do on his part, at least it gives us something to look forward to for next week.  So good for Tetusro, even though it’s entirely possible he’s just doing it to see if Kaito likes her, so he can either give up on her or pursue her more, at least it got something moving.  Hopefully Kaito doesn’t just blow it off and act all awkward for the entire next episode like Ichika did – the last thing this show needs is more awkward teen angst.

Hopefully next week Ichika will tell Kaito that she’s an alien, and the story will actually get a little more interesting form there.  It seems like she’s a little more open to the idea because of their conversation, but I don’t think she really has anything to be concerned over.   After all, we are talking about the guy who thinks Rinon is normal.  You know what, I bet when she tells him he assumes that she means an immigrant.  Makes sense right?  She’s a foreigner, she had nowhere to stay – she’s an illegal immigrant.  But seriously, why do the two main characters have to be such complete morons?  Kaito claims that he isn’t going to be able to survive the summer, just because Ichika’s boobs are going to be too distracting, he’s too retarded to think that Kanna likes her, and he thinks Rinon is an everyday animal.  I don’t really have a lot of hope for this guy, and I call bullshit on this guy knowing how to splice and edit 8mm film.  Is it too much to ask for a harem lead not to be a completely oblivious retard?


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  1. No chance of that (admitting extraterrestrial origins) happening, when the writers are hellbent on wringing every ounce of tension from that bugaboo. It worked for Carter’s X-Files for years & years.

    Once the jig is up, the show is over.

    • I’m just kind of using Onegai Teacher as a template for this show (for obvious reasons), and in that show, the guy did know that that the girl was an alien. But I think that her hearing about Kanna could be just the reason she needs to draw telling him out to the last episode.

      • Haven’t seen Onegai Teacher — do you truly recommend it?

        Perhaps the lack of familiarity with that show plays a factor in my judgment.

      • I saw that show about 5 years ago, so I don’t really know if it’s what I remember it being. From what I recall it was just a good romantic comedy amidst all of the other lame ones in the early 2000’s.

        I wouldn’t really suggest going back and watching it if you continue to watch this show, because you may be kind of put off by how similar the two are.

  2. well now it so clear that remon know that ichika is alien and next week we have the beach episode like in every romance anime

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