Guilty Crown Episode 16 – I Guess He’s Evil Now

So after Shu’s shocking revelation last week that people inside a hostile government quarantine zone could possibly die, what does he do?  He becomes an emo prick.  Now, I know everyone will rush to say “How could he treat the lesser people like that?” or “Why is he acting like such a douche?” but it’s like he said himself, there is no way that everyone can be treated equally and fairly and survive as well in a situation like this.  Though you might not want to believe it, sometimes you have to make sacrifices.  Let’s think about this; we have a bunch of high school kids, quarantined from the rest of civilization and soon to be killed by a giant ever-moving wall of death.  So what are these kids to do?  Hold hands, give everything away to the rest of the looters and rioters, and wait to die?  Call me crazy, but that doesn’t seem like the ideal situation to me.  So the only solution left is to buckle down and try to live, by whatever means necessary.  You will have to make sacrifices, but if you want to live it’s just something that you have to do.  You could really split hairs with the way Shu is behaving, but it doesn’t really seem like he’s acting this way out of some thirst for power, he’s just their best hope for survival.

But with that being said, Shu is still kind of a bitch.  Although he’s not really a complete tyrant by any means, he still isn’t the nicest we’ve seen him all series, especially when he finds out about what Voids can really do.  I’d also like to point out that pretty much everything that’s happening here (both good and bad) is because of Yahiro.  He suggested the Void ranking system, which helped them secure power, but also caused them to discriminate against the weaker students.  He was the one who suggested that Shu become president and rallied everyone behind him.  He was also the one who convinced everyone that Hare died because of some new superweapon.  In reality, he’s the real problem right now, and the more the show goes on, I’m beginning to think more and more that he’ll eventually become a villain.  He’s been an asshole throughout this entire show; he sold drugs, betrayed Shu, deceived him, and is obviously manipulating him and changing him into a complete jackass.

That one guy from Funeral Parlor who had about three lines in the fourth episode also returns, but his only purpose is to say “You’ve changed!  You’re bad now!” to Shu, which doesn’t really work too well, because Shu is, for the most part, just as meek as he’s been throughout the rest of the series.  The only exception to that being the situation with Souta, but that was obviously completely personal.  He even tells Inori that he doesn’t really want to be the way he is, but he has to do it because he’s their biggest chance for survival.  I don’t really understand why Shu cares if Arisa leaves or not, because (other than her void) there’s no real reason for him to give a shit about what she does.  Is it just to reinforce his new evil persona?  That’s also been a not-so-gradual decline these last few episodes.  When Shu first learns that the destruction of a persons Void can kill a person, he is shocked and angry at Yahiro, but then randomly turns evil when his stupid-ass brain figures out “Wait, if people’s Voids can be destroyed by accident, then they can be destroyed on purpose too!”.  So he’s now all of a sudden evil and consumed with the pleasure of holding peoples lives in his hands?  Sorry, but I’m calling bullshit on that, he hasn’t behaved in any way, shape, or form that would suggest that.

I also find it hard to believe the level of organization these kids are able to achieve.  I mean, Jesus Christ, they’re scuba diving in wrecked ships salvaging goods and filling quotas of vaccine.  How the hell do they even know how to operate that stuff?  They have a secret service walking around with infinitely powerful weapons and students stand at attention when Shu walks by.Really, if you had a bunch of kids running around with magical weapons that could do all sorts of crazy shit, there is now way hell that you’d be able to maintain order there; it’d be a balls-to-the-wall free for all battle.

Actually, for the most part, this episode was pretty good.  The moral dilemma of those in power and the sacrifices and expectations they must bear is always really interesting, and along with the setting and situation of everything made it pretty realistic.  Throughout the episode I was constantly thinking to myself, “Yeah, that’s really shitty and unfair, but what else could you do in a situation like that?”, and it was probably one of the few times that I’ve ever felt something realistic form this show.  But Shu’s random character swing from morally troubled leader to some evil psychopath just didn’t really seem to convincing to me.  Who knows, maybe he’s not like that in the next episode, and I hope he isn’t, but that really didn’t sit too well with me.  And Inori might as well be renamed Instant Plot-Device, because she seems to just do whatever the hell the plot calls for her to do.  She apparently is now Shu’s C.C. (though she obviously isn’t as cool) and is going to do whatever she can to help him with his plan of world domination or whatever.


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  1. Can someone explain to me what’s the deal with the Schuhrer’s mom? Or any of the character?! Their interactions and motifs just don’t make any kind of sense….

    • Sorry, but I don’t think that even the shows writers know what’s going on with the characters right now.

    • I think Keido (the new president) predicted that Shu would make a Void Kingdom or whatnot
      and that the quarantine zone is just a way of pressuring Shu so that Shu could grow his powers.

      Shu’s mom is apparently cooperating because it’s all Cross’ (Shu’s dad) will.

      And they revived Gai.

      • So, why do they want to bring Gai back to life, how does he help anything? I’m sure they’ll have some ridiculous contrived reason for his resurrection just like they did with Inori and Mana that whole End of Days episode.

  2. ok. you skim through the suggestion that a new genomic weapon was made, you FINALLY Find out the truth, you’re initially against it, then you do a 180 to shut the voice of reason up? could have been done so much better. Now inori who prior to now freaked out when dark-shu pulled her void out is now killing people like she’s been evil all this while? what happened to foreshadowing? Killing those students at the stairway was slightly understandable (self-defence – I just loled), but now? -_-”

    Its horrible. and yet I still watch it. Maybe anime doesn’t need money for production. because this cluster-fuck of a mess is just not sustainable. But it has to end, and I’m curious to see how this shit goes down.

    PS: Any chance sales were bad and their budget dipped, thus the rush up?

    • I don’t really think that budget restraints would have anything to do with the writing, and they have an all-star creative team behind this shit, so money probably isn’t there biggest problem.

      • Yeah….about that. an all star creative team, with an eviable budget, came out with this? Man, how do you do that AND STILL HAVE A JOB? I thought we just passed through a recession….

        Anyways, they clearly had anyone who could spot plotholes out of the target demographic. I don’t know if this counts as one of those “its soo bad its good”. I really don’t know.

        PS: They brought Gai BACK!!?! //ShutDownRage

    • I think it may end up falling into a “So Bad it’s Good” category, considering that the ending will probably be some complete and total bullshit cop-out plot device, though it’ll take a lot to top that episode 12 clusterfuck of stupidity. But if they manage to do that, then they deserve some kind of recognition.

  3. Great inconsistency from every corners of hell that is Guilty Crown. You know by now I’m sure I’m probably watching this show just to see what NEW inconsistency they throw up on us all. I’m sadly not surprised that they don’t explain fuck all on this episode either with it fast approaching the end in next few episodes. It makes me wonder if they’re dragging it out as long as possible to end the series with a equally bullshit cliffhanger ending and leaves us with an even bigger bs catch us on next season of GUILTY CROWN II !

    But anyway I hate to be captain obvious so let’s stop the ranting there.

    Souta is alive…. Seriously what’s wrong with Shu? You’d think he’d have been killed off by now by being publicly executed in front of the entire student bodies to set an example what happens to the anti Shu regime and have his severed head hanging on the school clocktower.

    Shu’s mom is…. I don’t even know what she’s doing anymore. Her character/behavior/mannerism/motherly affections are so wishy washy I’m beginning to think she suffers personality disorder like Inori. They are blood related afterall so I can’t say I blame her but damn if only Guilty Crown explains just wtf is going on!

    Yahiro. Probably the true mastermind of everything and anything right now. We always knew he was the most evil prick in the show and he lives up to his fame by using everyone and anyone. Yahiro is like Lelouch without a Geass and I have my money bet on the possible ending where he’ll backstab shu in the ending the way Lelouch died just to sate his “revenge.”

    Ayase/Tsugumi… Well knowing Shu it was probably never gonna happen and for those who actually believed for a second in the last few episodes that Shu unlocked the Ayase/Tsugumi route guess again. I used to say that there aren’t any characters out there in the anime world that is possibly worse than Uchiha Sasuke in terms of being the most retarded emo prick but I think it’s time we ask Sasuke to step down from his throne and hail the new king of assburger Oh My Shoes I mean Ouma Shu.

    Inori is as we thought suffering from personality disorder just like her biological mother who is suddenly with the “Let’s kill everyone in Tokyo (Including my son) nice and slowly” Team. I could be wrong but I’m starting to see a slight resemblance between our yandere heroine and another yandere heroine who even has similar hairstyle and shares hair colors with our Guilty Crown’s C.C. Namely Gasai Yuno from Mirai Nikki. While nothing ever goes explained in this show it’s probably a good guess Inori is becoming Mana or IS Mana who happened to be a perverted incestuous yandere to start with. I’m starting to think Yuno is just another clone of Mana.

    Shu…. I don’t even know where I want to begin. Though it makes me wonder with the way Shu has majority of the students under control does he seriously have a way to save the majority of those students? Call me crazy but in all honesty I think he’ll be insanely lucky if he actually manages to get out safely by himself with maybe Inori while leaving the rest of the students to fend for themselves. How this crappy show got the budget for a 22 episode series (while truly awesome series like Angel Beats only lasted for 13 episodes) is beyond my comprehension. 16 Episodes in and Shu still don’t have a flying clue what he should do as a Leader instead relies on his Best Friend Yahiro who is still able to convince Shu that he’s the most reliable one out of his “friends” even after he betrayed his trust like a bazillion times. We figured that he’d be somewhat evolving after Gai “died” but nah Shu is still Shu. It’s like that stubborn pikachu that doesn’t want to evolve cos it’ll look fat.

    as for Mr.Gai from the Dead….? Dude he was cool when he died alas. It was a nicely executed heroic death. Now that he’s coming back to life I honestly wonder why…. But with the way Shu is turning into a psycho it won’t be an exaggeration to say Guilty Crown desperately needed someone of Gai’s caliber even if they had to use plot armor and every bullshit they had in stock to resurrect him. Quote from Fate/Stay Night comes to mind. “People die when they are killed.” by Emiya Shirou but nope Shirou is wrong on that one today. In Guilty Crown dead people come back alive, they have the technology to do that~

    Yet they have no medical technology to heal a girl restricted on a wheelchair. No instead they place them on a Eva because that technology is far cooler looking.

    • My God, everythibg you said is beyond perfect. It sumarizes every emotion I feel for this series. This show is truly becoming one of the best “So Horrible You Have to Watch It” anime ever. Assuming that the show stays the way it is, it’ll have a completely retarded ending, and this anime will rightfully claim that title.

      You have to really know what you’re doing to write such utterly ridiculous characters and plot lines, if you can even call anything in this anime a plot. At this point, I hope they do have some crazy off the wall ending, because that would make far more sense than trying to explain all of this bullshit that has happened.

      • I just noticed something else too now that I think about it. Maybe all pink haired crazy yandere perverts are into guys who are meeker than meek because if we take a look at Gasai Yuno we must also take a look at her love interest who happens to be…. oh hello there mr.meek number 2, Amano Yukiteru. As Inori is a distant clone of Yuno it leads me to believe Yukiteru could actually be related to Shu. Random useless fact, both have hot single milf moms.

        I’m not that good to predict the next bullshit that comes out of the writer’s ass but if I made a intelligent guess what will happen in the future of our most beloved shit show Guilty Crown it would be that Shu will realize the girl he fell in love with has turned into Mana, proceeds to call her a monster and push her away and yet again create further complications once more by trying desperately hard to avoid the incest route. Notice he suddenly freaked out/backed away when they were alone together at one scene and he was going about “All I need is you Inori” to which she replies in yandere tone “You really want me?”

        Makes you wonder just how the guy can’t accept the concept of incest yet has a boner for Inori who is more or less a carbon copy of his blood related sister.

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