Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 7 – Waiting for the Aliens

Man, the lives of these kids are just one big bowl of awkwardness aren’t they?  And the more this show goes on, the more I really want Kaito and Ichika to go die in a hole together, because they’re both so lame and forgettable.  Kaito is truly the cookie-cutter definition of a rom-com harem lead, and Ichika is just boring as shit.  But hey, at least she’s an alien… or at least I thought she was.  Honeslty, why do any of these girls like Kaito?  Kinoshita and the Rape Girl, who’s name I don’t recall, also both leave after being supposedly heartbroken.  I can kind of understand Kinoshita, but to the girl who was crying because Tetsuro didn’t let her rape him, go fuck yourself.  In reality, they only really served as a way to get Mio together with Tetsuro and Kaito together with Ichika.

The episode finishes of the beach arc, but unfortunately next week they’re going to a damn festival.  Again, how original.  Anway, most of this episode consists of Kaito and Ichika being stupid and lame, Remon getting Kanna drunk as shit, as well as Tetsuro continually getting harassed by that seemingly rape-minded girl from last week.  And goddamn, she sure was determined to catch Tetsuro, so much so she was willing to chase him into town from the beach.  Maybe some people don’t know this, but if you chase after someone and they continually run away form you in fear, then they probably don’t like you very much, especially if you’re a girl who’s pretty much throwing yourself at a boy – then he really doesn’t like you.  But as retarded as she is, she sure can read social cues fairly well, and she made a pretty intelligent observation about Mio, who, by the way, is a nudist.

First – hot.  Now onto everything else.  All my questions about her walking around naked in her house are answered, yet so many more have been created.  Exactly why does she need to be a nudist?  What does that add to the show, other than the obvious answer of fan-service.  That is seriously one of the weirdest plot devices to progress a relationship that I’ve seen in my entire life.  It’s supposed to give her a reason for being shy and somewhat withdrawn, but doesn’t that go against the very nature of nudism?  And for that matter, why would these parents raise her that way?  Now, I’ve never been a nudist, but it seems a little rude to force your child to follow along in such not-so-socially-acceptable (acts such as nudism) that could very likely have harsh social repercussions in their future.  I know nudism is supposed to be more about being natural and one with nature and shit, but in our modern world, you kind of have to wear clothes, so I don’t really see the point of it.  And she has to wear clothes to school and everywhere else she goes, and I’m assuming that her parents do as well, so does that mean that the only time that they’re naked is when they’re all at home together?  So do they just get home and throw off their clothes the moment they step in the house?  The dad walks by with his junk hanging out and greets his teenage daughter while she’s undressing by the front door?  I’m not gonna lie, that’s kind of weird.  But to each his own I suppose.

Other than Mio confessing to Tetsuro and being a fucking nudist, this episode was pretty meh.  But any scenes with Kaito and Ichika as expected to be bad so I can’t really complain too much.  Remon does attempt to apologize for that by getting Kanna drunk off of her ass and dressing her up like her own doll, but that can only balance out so much of Kaito and Ichika’s stupidity.  I mentioned before about how almost nothing in the series would be different if Ichika was just a foreigner, and by now no one can deny that fact.  There has seriously been no sci-fi stuff in the series since the first episode (and kind of the second), she has never used an ounce of her alien technology that she has in that bigass suitcase, other than to spy on Kaito and Tetsuro, and she’s an idoit.  Now, this wouldn’t annoy me so much if that element to the story hadn’t even been introduced in the first place.  Ichika has really got to be one of the most boring aliens ever in an anime, where the hell is Haruko when you need her?  But speaking of that, isn’t Ichika insanely strong?  Remember in the first episode when Kaito couldn’t even move the suitcase but she could carry it just fine?  Holy shit, maybe she is like Haruko, maybe she’ll pull a bass guitar out of that suitcase, put on a bunny suit and have a fight with a giant hand wearing a cowboy duster… but probably not.

However, at the end of this episode, there was a small suggestion that some alien stuff just might be coming.  After being squashed by the ass of the rapist girl, Rinon wakes up and starts flipping his shit for some reason.  At the end of the episode, he is seen standing by Remon, again flipping his shit as we cut to what I assume to be a spaceship flying though the sky.  That’s foreshadowing if it’s ever existed.  So hey, at least sci-fi stuff… might… be coming.  Oh, but not before we have some fun at the festival, that’s a lot more important.


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  1. Seems like Rinon’s tragic accident in the previous episode sent the ship away from the Earth or something. Heh.

    While I agree with most of your complains/criticisms of the show, that the MC is meh and the alien gal is not so alien, and friggin’ retarted, etc., I said the same over at the otakuness blog and some fanboy lit into me for expecting originality. Heh. Claimed the show’s strength was in its execution. Well, I shit you not.

  2. Well, I guess some people like watching the same thing over and over again. Execution? Eh, the animation and aesthetic stuff is fine but everything else is really falling apart. It’s getting more and more generic as it goes on with the only hope of salvation being the fact that Ichika is an alien. But I honestly couldn’t care less about her or the fact that she’s eventually going to go back home.

    Now, all I can really ask of this show is: (1) Alien Stuff (2) More Remon Then maybe it wouldn’t be a total waste of time.

    • i think the alien stuff will start in episode 9 at least and about remon we have funny moments of her every episode so you will get more of her

  3. I agree with what you’ve written.
    Everyone likes each other but it’s too damn hard to say anything. Also everyone is permanently jealous of the other, oh how fun…
    Just give me a break.

    Maybe it would be easier to like this but almost all the characters have zero personality. Ichika and Kaito are the definition of boredom.
    Ichika just go back to outer space and collide with the nearest comet or something.

    I also don’t know why everyone keeps liking Kaito. He looks like an 8 year old boy who will never go through puberty.

    They keep comparing this to Ano Hana but that series was more interesting.
    I mean there’s a guy wearing a wig+dress running around the forest at night.
    There was more brilliance in that one episode than in these 7 whole episodes of Ano Natsu.

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