Nisemonogatari Episode 7 – Half Awesome, Half Meh

So Karen’s Arc is finally over, after only seven episodes.  Unfortunately, the ending was nowhere near what I expected and wanted it to be, but that may be a bit premature, seeing as how the series isn’t over yet.  In my opinion, the ending to this arc was very anticlimactic, and it seemed even more so after the first part of the episode.  Oh, and does anyone know if this twelve hour delay was just a one time thing, or is it a permanent change by Crunchyroll?

Now, what exactly is Karen?  Their fight was probably even more ridiculous than Kanbaru and Araragi’s in Bakemonogatari, but Kanbaru had the rainy devil monkey arm and Araragi was part vampire.  So how is Karen this strong, even though she’s been weakened by the bee?  I mean, she’s punching Araragi through the air into overpasses and shit, are we sure she’s really human?  Both Kanbaru and Araragi’s absurd strength was at least somewhat explained, but not so here.  Obviously, I know it’s supposed to be taken with a grain of salt, but her strength still seemed really odd to me.  Hell, she was even surprised when he didn’t die from one of her attacks, guess she was really pissed off about him kissing her.  That being said, it was epic as all hell even if it was really ridiculous, but I guess so is Araragi being swung around by his intestines and spraying pastel colored blood.  I’m always down for some badass Shaft fight scene, but perhaps they should have saved some of that animation for the real climax of the arc.

As is to be expected, they have some really good (albeit confusing) dialogue about why Karen is so fixed on finding Kaiki.  I’m not going to lie, all their talk about strength, justice, and being right is really confusing, or at least it was to me.  The main thing that I took away form it was Araragi telling Karen that even if she is right about Kaiki being evil, she can’t just go around using that and the needs of others to do what she wants and call it justice.  But who knows, sometimes I just have to go back and watch the episode again just to catch everything that they’re saying, but Bakemonogatari‘s re-watchability was one of the things that made it so good.

I’m still kind of annoyed at how unimportant the first three episodes of this show are, because Kanbaru, Sengoku, and Hachikuji have all been completely unnecessary so far.  Hachikuji’s the only one who’s even appeared a second time, and even then there was no real purpose to her being there other than to take up time in this rather slow show.  The source material is obviously partly at fault, but it’s not like everything has to match the novel exclusively.  For example, I would have liked to see Araragi and Shinobu trying to find Karen (even if it’s only for more Shinobu) instead the episode just starting with him talking to her.  The same with Senjougahara and Kaiki; they’re both just kind of standing there, there’s no real entrance or anything, which felt pretty rushed.  But it’s not like this show doesn’t, or rather didn’t, have any spare time to use for that.

Then we have the final climax of the arc, and to me, it was pretty damn anticlimactic.  I was kind of expecting some kind of fight, especially after Senjougahara “arming” herself with the pencils and everything.  I also thought that Kaiki was probably some kind of supernatural being, or at least somewhat similar to Oshino.  Araragi even said he reminded him of Guillotine-Cutter, which he definitely was not.  Kaiki even made a remark about Araragi feeling unnatural and that even his shadow seemed ominous.  Needless to say, it seemed like a fight was coming, but all we got was more talking.  But above all of that, I was at least expecting something more than Senjougahara saying “Hey asshole, leave” and Kaiki answering, “Yeah, sure”.  I think they built him up a little bit more than what he turned out to be, though the show isn’t over so I really hope that he comes back, otherwise he’ll have been a pretty big waste of a villain.  I guess the idea is that he’s just some ordinary guy, with almost no connection to the supernatural element in the series, who’s trying to make some easy money.  Now while a realistic (in fact he was pretty polite) villain isn’t really a bad thing, it just didn’t seem right compared to how creepy and ominous they made him seem throughout the show.  Was that really the guy that Senjougahara was so afraid of that she kidnapped Araragi?  That guy that calmly talked to them and fulfilled her request?  Surely he’s going to come back, because that doesn’t make any sense.  In a way, I suppose their conversation could have been their “battle”, and while it was good, it still left a lot to be desired, especially after such a long arc.

Even the solution to Karen’s illness was pretty lame.  So is that it, it’s just going to go away?  He kissed his sister to help her only to give her enough strength to run away?  I’ll bet that Shinobu probably knew that it would go away in time, but also knew that Araragi would do anything to help his sister.  I wouldn’t put it past her.  Well, even if Shinobu did trick him into doing that, at least he got laid when all was said and done.  But you’d think with Araragi being Araragi he would have definitely put some effort into talking about what happened, or at least said something about it.  Whatever, they had sex, there’s no way in hell they didn’t, Senjougahara all but said, “We’re going to have sex after this” twice. You go Araragi, you finally get something for all of the shit you’ve gone through with everyone.


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  1. Best part of the episode? Without any doubts Shinobu teasing Koyomi…:D

    • They really aren’t giving her the screen time that she deserves. Any of those scenes with Hachikuji, Kanbaru and Sengoku could have been replaced with more Shinobu.

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