Dragon Crisis! – Review

ZOMFG KAWAII DESU~ (sarcasm detected)

So, as every new anime season comes upon us we will undoubtedly have to deal with several harem anime, normally all very bland and generic. Dragon Crisis, however, is unique in the fact that the harem itself is TOTALLY POINTLESS. Why is this you ask? Well, simply put, within the first three episodes the hero and heroine confess their love for each other, oh yeah, spoiler. However, after this episode was created the studio probably thought “Oh shi… we done goofed!” as more and more girls are introduced into the story and the “love” of the main characters is completely ignored. Maybe I’m too old school, but isn’t the point of a harem anime to believe that the male lead could end up with any of the females, and to NOT have a true relationship with one until the very end? Anyway let’s continue…

Okay, story, picture today, but with moe dragon-girls and magical thingamajigs that can do a bunch of random stuff, like shoot sleep-inducing butterflies and turn people into werewolf-things. That’s the setting in a nutshell, and they never bother too much to explain how any of this exists or works. Anyway our heroic harem lead, Ryuji, and his cousin Eriko are somehow involved in this underground world of magical thingys (they’re called Lost Precious’s BTW, I know WTF?) and, rather illegally, come into the possession of a large case, which unbeknown to them, contains not a Lost Precious as they had believed, but an uber moe loli dragon. This girl instantly wants to consummate her undying love for Ryuji (well not to that extent, she’s only 14) for no reason at all. Story goes from there, relationships build, harem is constructeds, beaches, echhines, fights, heroic speechs, yada yada yada… you know the drill.

The girl’s themselves are all very stock and bland. Of course, we have our moe loli main girl played by…Rie Kugimiya?!?! and she’s not a tsundere?!?! APOCALYPSE NOW! Actually she does fine in her role, but it’ pretty much Louis, Taiga, and Shana without yelling. Next up is the shy girl with short hair (obviously) who has been infatuated with our lead for a long time, but is too devoted to her archetype to do anything about it. We have proper girl, who really only exists for about two episodes, so there’s not much to say. Next, werewolf girl, lol wut? anyway, she fills the strong masculine role in the harem who’s hard outer shell can be broken only by the leads douchey speeches. Then the true tsundere of the series, some blue dragon girl that no one cares about. Also, I guess you could consider his cousin but… eh, no thanks, my incest limit for the year was maxed out with Yosuga no Sora.

A Fanboys workout - 1. Tape Shakeweight to hand 2. ?????? 3. Profit!

Fortunately the art is decent enough to distract some of your attention away from the fail story, even if it’s sometimes too moe for it’s own good. The story, as stated before is very phail, and the characters aren’t much better off. Fans of this genre will probably find something to like, but for all the rest of us it probably isn’t worth checking our

  • Story – 3
  • Art – 5
  • Sound – 6
  • Characters – 4
  • Overall – 5

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