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Mirai Nikki – Sanity can go to Hell (Episodes 1-8)

Okay, this show is insane, straight up.  But it’s like Higurashi insane, where nobody wants anything more than to ax-murder people and occasionally indulge in the random slice-of-life or comedy scene.  Although most of the series is focused on the obvious horror aspect of the show, when it does take a lighter turn, it rarely feels lame or forced, which most other series that switch between being serious to humorous fail to accomplish.  But that doesn’t change the fact almost every single person in this show is completely batshit crazy.  People are blowing up buildings, pulling motorcycles out of nowhere, wearing gaint eyeballs on their head, making their cult followers rape someone, electrocuting people, and plenty of other weird stuff.

Yuno freaks the hell out of me, and if I was Yuki, there would be absolutely no way I wouldn’t have had a nervous breakdown and bludgeoned her to death by now.  I mean, she was going to kill his mom if she didn’t like her,  and I bet that she already killed her parents, because they probably didn’t liker her stalking some loner kid.  The series is also taking a rather fast approach at killing off the diary owners when compared to something like Fate/Zero, but then again, you can’t really compare those two in the same way.

But as good as the series is, you have to suspend your disbelief for a lot of this stuff.  I’m not talking about stuff like the diaries or Deus or anything like that, because that’s explained as reality in this show.  However, this show does still exist in the real world, so some limitation on things have to apply.  For example, how in the world does a 5 year old kid get deadly poison gas, and how does he know how to rig a package to open it?  Why would a 5 year old kid even be given a chance to become a god?  Where the hell did Minene pull a motorcycle out of a smoke cloud?  And most importantly,  Why did they kill off the crazy black-suit-eyeball guy?!?!?  He was so legit.


Mirai Nikki Episode 1 – First Impressions

Notice the presence of yandere

First Episode Here

“Holy God, Yandere!!!!!!”  This seems to be the reason about 90 percent of the people who are excited for this show are looking forward to it, because of the damn yandere.  Look, yandere’s aren’t as annoying and as constantly present as tsundere’s, but they’re both the same think over and over again.

Yukiteru Amano is a textbook loser loner, who spends a mojority of his life writing in his cell-phone diary about any little mundane thing he sees in life.  His other hobby’s include throwing darts, which he apparently keeps on his person at all times, and sitting in his room and thinking about his loser imaginary world.  His magic escape from reality is populated by a CG skeleton thing, named Deus ex Machina, and a little imp girl, named Muru Muru.  So one day when Yukiteru is nonchalantly chatting with Jack Skellington and the Ewok, Skeleton tells him that he wishes to play a game with Yukiteru.

Um… I don’t think that’s what that is

When Yukiteru wakes up the next day, he finds his diary already filled out describing things that he hasn’t done yet.  As the day goes on the entries made in his diary slowly come true, and Deus tells Yukiteru that he has given his diary the ability to tell the future.  As he continues to use the diary, he easily coasts through his days at school, as he knows the answers to the tests, who will talk to him and what he’ll see.  At first he thinks that having the diary is the greatest thing ever, as most people would, but one day he sees an entry that says he will be murdered by a street killer….


This is when Yuno Gasai makes her yandere appearance, stating that she too has a future diary, that predicts Yukiteru’s future (Because she stalks him…. because she’s a yandere).  Yuno helps him by telling him where he will die and making him go off the course of his future, essentially re-writing it.  They lead Jason Voorhees to the roof, where Yukiteru usese his dart skillz to destroy his diary, which causes the killer to implode on himself.

Go ahead, divide by zero, see if I care

After this, all of the player of Skeletors “game” are summoned to the Evangelion Seele room and are explained the rules of the game.  The basic idea is to kill everyone else by using the future diary to track their moves and see what will happen.  However, if someone changes their future, by altering what is predicted on the diary, everyone’s diary will change accordingly.  And then Deus is pretty much: “Hey, Yukiteru is the guy to beat, so you guys all better just kill his ass first”.

This was a pretty good first episode, but I don’t think it got everything right.  The game seems to start for no reason; literally the CG skeleton just randomly gives him this thing and says “Oh yeah, we’re playing a game now, so you better serious the fuck up”.  It seemed to really rush into what it’s about, which isn’t a bad thing, but it all just felt sort of unexplained.  I guess it’s kind of like Eden of the East, with using the phones to track the other players and having a lot of mystery surrounding the players and the game itself.  The art was well done except for the CG Deus ex Machina thing.  Japan, you suck ass at CG stuff, stick to 2D stuff, we’ve got 3D covered over here.  It seems like a good and interesting story, but maybe that’s just because I really want it to be a new Eden, but I’m not so sure that’ll happen.

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