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Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 1 – First Impressions

Maoyuu Boat

You know, it’s been a while since I last saw a medieval fantasy style anime, and even longer since I’ve seen one that was actually good, so I guess I was kind of looking forward to this show.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty generic as far as the fantasy aspects go, but I’ll take what I can get.  Although it was kind of a shaky start and confused the hell out of me at the very end, I think it has potential to be okay. Maybe.

Well, this show is about about an unnamed Hero of a war between demons and humans.  After fighting his way through assloads of demons, the Hero makes it to the lair of the Demon King, who, as it turns out, is a king only in title.  Instead, it turns out shes some love-struck girl with tits that would probably suffocate her in her sleep is she turned the wrong way.  Even though Mr. Generic Hero is set on ending the war, she informs him that in actuality the war is helping both humans and demons alike, and that ending it would do more harm than good.  She goes into a long explanation about the economical and social advantages the war brings to both there people; poorer areas are receiving war funds that they can use to keep their people from starving, large exports of goods are bought and sold to supply the soldiers and both humans and demons are completely united in fighting the war.  So yeah, you can probably expect a lot of people comparing this show to Spice and Wolf, which is kind of justified I guess.  Both have very similar themes and settings, though this world has a little more fantasy in it than that of Spice and Wolf.  


Although the Hero still wants to end the war, he now knows that it wouldn’t really help anything, and even if he did, both sides would find an excuse to keep the war going because of the advantages it brings to them.  Instead, the Demon King offers him a alternative; the only problem is, I don’t really understand exactly what the hell it is.

She wants to marry him… or something, and have him take her… somewhere…  I don’t know, surly I wasn’t the only one who was confused by exactly why she wants to do, or just exactly how she plans to help stop the war without disturbing the prosperity of both parties.  Maybe it was just the sub I watched, but I had a really hard time following her plan, that is if she actually gave it.  And then they start saying how they’re going to have to do stuff that will be horrible and, wait, what?  I don’t get it, what the hell are they going to do?

Well, beyond not really understanding exactly what the hell is supposed to be going on, it was fairly decent.  The concept that a war is actually necessary to a people is fairly interesting and unique, though it does seem kind of rediculous to ignore the fact that you can’t just keep throwing soldiers at the other side as fodder to help the normal citizens of your Kingdom/Country to live easier.  For one thing, it’s pretty shitty, and second, it’s not as if you have an infinte supply of able bodied  people to go off and die, so you’re going to run out eventually.  Some of the comedy is kind of weird too, because a lot of it seems like it wants to be somewhat serious.  After all you’re handling the financial and social effects a war has on people. But there’s a scene where the Demon Queen is essentially humping an improvised body pillow of the Hero, and… yeah, that was kind of out of place.The animation and artwork were fine, though the main character is so bland looking and has such a boring personality that I’ll be lucky to remember he exists by this time next week.  I’ll probably watch the next few episodes so I can see exactly what this whole journey of theirs is supposed to be about, and to see if they can make economics even as remotely entertaining as Spice and Wolf did.


Shakugan no Shana III (Final) Episode 1 – First Impressions (Yuji is gone BTW)

This picture does not correctly represent her Tsun to Dere ration... It's more like 900 to 1

First Episode Here 

Okay, so after this it’s over, right?  Cause’ I feel like a loser for actually liking this show, and I don’t want to have to wallow in self-loathing any more once this is over.

So, at the end of the second season, Shana and Yoshida did a typical bitch thing by making Yuji pick one of them over the other.  The final scene showed Yoshida crying, supposedly acknowledging she’d been rejected, and Shana turning an smiling happily, supposedly at Yuji.  But OH, HOLY FUCKING SHIT, NOPE!  Although she did see him, he vanished and disappeared from the city that night.  That was a serious what the fuck moment for me, and I was actually kind of surprised at it, though it did seem kind of like a dues ex machina just to have a new plot line.  But hey, at least they managed to do something different this time, unlike the second season, which was more or less a rehash of the first.

So yes, Yuji is gone, and like any Torch who disappears, everything he owns vanishes and no one remembers him (except the main characters of course).  I always thought that was bullshit, like what if Bill Gates or Barack Obama or anyone important got turned into a Torch?  Would everything they ever done disappear, would the butterfly effect kick in and blow up the world?  Anyway, because Shana and Yoshida got their letters that they sent to him returned to them, they think he is still alive and are determined to find him.  But because the director wanted us to understand even less of what is going on, it is shown at the beginning that Yuji is in fact alive, has long hair, and is fighting Shana for whatever reason.  But did I mention Yuji is gone?  Because this episode sure does, and if you din’t know Yuji was gone the first fifty times they told you Yuji is gone, you will by the last time they tell you that Yuji is gone.  I really hope this season will do more to Yuji as a character, because he always felt kind of like Harry Potter, in that, lots of cool shit happened to him and because of him, but he was never really that interesting (until the end of the series that is).  So maybe that’ll be the angle this time, because a couple of times you hear Yuji talking to something and it asking him what he thinks and what he wants to do.

But GOD DAMMIT, now I have to watch more of my mediocre guilty pleasure anime, because I’m just that much of a loser.  It actually seems like an interesting plot this time around, even if it does kind of seem stolen from The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.  But, if you’re gonna steal, might as well be from something good.  Comment, rate, all that jazz.

Oh yeah, fuck the Endless Eight to hell, fuck it to the seventh level.

PS. Did you know Yuji is fucking GONE?

Persona 4: The Animation Episode 1 – First Impressions

Guns were cooler

First Episode Here

Ha, it’s funny ’cause the character’s supposed to be “You” and his name is Yu Narukami, I see what you did there.

So, more than likely you’ve played Persona 4, possibly multiple times, so I don’t think the story is anything you’re all too excited about.  The first episode sums up the almost 4 hour tutorial-type-thing in the beginning of the game and because of how much it covers, it feels kind of disjointed.  Like the game, it starts of with Yu (lololol) as he moves to Inaba to live with his uncle while his parents are away at work.  In this new town creepy gas-station employees want to touch his hand, no one gets to eat dinner, and your homeroom teacher everyone in his class is a whore.  So, as if his life wasn’t messed up enough, someone gets murdered on his first day of school, and he finds out he can go inside of TVs.  Then TV world, shadows, personas, yadda yadda, yadda, SSDD.

So yeah, the first episode covers a LOT of the game in a short time, and obviously skips over some of the more unnecessary things, like Dojima and Nanako’s relationship, but not Junes, ZOMFG JUNESSS!!!111!1!!ONE!11  Also, the dude who directed Angel Beats did this, which seems like kind of a weird match-up to me.  But I guess having someone who knows what they’re doing is never really a bad thing.  The music is taken straight from the game; same songs for same situations and so forth.  You could say it’s kind of lazy, but technically the whole thing could be considered lazy, because the story, character designs and everything else were already set up to be made.  One thing that was kind of stupid was the day-to-day calender transition thing that they actually use in the anime, that is kind of lazy.  And they have the stat pentagram on the eyecatch too.  Really? Is it that necessary to cram the fact that “THIS IS BASED ON A GAME” down the viewers throats?  The artwork is kind of weird too; characters look sort of different than their in-game model (below) and it really didn’t look too polished, unlike the game.

I personally don’t feel any need to watch this because I’ve played the game, know the characters, know the story, and know how it ends.  If the artwork were a little better, I guess I’d watch some more of it, but for the reasons I just listed, I don’t think that would change my views too much.  And now I must go play the game again, because this made me remember how awesome it was.

Whores derp

C3 (CubexCursedxCurious) Episode 1 – First Impressions

Whip-its, Zooties, bring em all!

First Episode Here

Let’s give a summary at the speed at which this show moves.  Haruaki gets a box, from his dad, really heavy, puts in basement, wakes up at night, naked girl, came from box, named Fear, tsundere, generic best friend come, girls don’t like each other, Haruaki goes to school, Fear goes to town, comes back, comically attempts to clean the house, fails hard, she’s sad, Haruaki’s mad, generic reconciliation at the end.

This show is on speed, coke, lsd, and any other illegal substances you can think of.  Hell, I bet this show has even done Charlie Sheen, and it’s not even available.  What I mean by all this is that everything moves at a 500 mph pace, and the first episode could have honestly been split into 2 or more episodes if they were thinking straight.  It seems like a rather normal ecchi show with a typical magically appearing girl (DearS, Chobits,), but for whatever reason the main character (who really is barley in this episode) seems very apathetic that his dad just sent some magical girl-in-a-box to his house.  I think it’s supposed to be because his dad sends him stuff all the time, and the townspeople also seem to understand where she came from. Oh, and at the end of the episode he says the he knows she isn’t human… completely unaffected by the fact that his has been sent a magical non-human box-girl by his father.  Also whoever animated this show really like blue and purple, because it seems every scene in this show is completely saturated with the colors.  I don’t really know what to make of this; obviously it won’t be anything terribly special, but it at least seems like it wants to get to where it wants to fast, and with this type of “mysterious appearance” genre, there’s going to be a bunch of crazy stuff happening.  However, it really needs to calm down and just explain the basics of what the hell’s going on, or what the hell she is.

A Channel Episode 1 – First Impressions


Well, there are just TOO many Lucky Star jokes to make, but I’ll start off by saying that are the yuri-fags who would’ve payed thousands of dollars to see KonataXKagami will probably cream their pants when they watch this… because one of the main girls is a RAGING lesbian.  This is a school-girl slice-of-life dime-a-dozen anime, and it doesn’t do too much to change the genre at all, and quite frankly isn’t that funny (but hey, Lucky Star sucked the first few episodes). The main characters are Toruu (Konata), Nagi (Kagami), Yuuko (Miyuki), and Run (Tsukasa), and yes, for the most part, they all behave the way that their respective LS counterpart does, except Nagi isn’t a tsundere.  The basic story is that Tooru is such a lesbian, and wants to scissor with Run so bad, that she transfers to her high school, wards off potential male suiters with a bat, and wants to kill Yuuko because her boobs are bigger.  Also, one thing I noticed is that their homeroom teacher looks like a female Protector from Etrian Odyssey, and that girl that sits beside Run (not Nagi) has Brock eyes, which was probably the only thing I thought was funny throughout the whole first episode.  To be honest not much happened in the first episode, except that Tooru doesn’t hate the other girls as much, but I’m sure she wouldn’t be too upset if they died in a car crash.  Wasn’t too funny, Opening was meh, and Run borders on mental retardation for reals.  But, I gave Lucky Star a chance, and I ended up not hating it as much as I thought I would, so I guess it’s only fair to do the same for this anime.


Steins;Gate Episode 1 – First Impressions

1.21 Jigawatts?!?!?1

Witness Mindfuck HERE

Well, I’m sure it comes as no surprise to anyone who has seen Chaos;Head, but the first episode of Steins;Gate is hella confusing. Like Chaos;Head, this anime starts off with some characters you don’t know, some news-worthy event happens and someone dies. Basically, the whole first episode is a setup for  the “text message to the past” hook of Steins;Gate, and it works quite well; In my opinion being confused about the first few episodes just makes it more interesting, and is a much better way to introduce a plot that the standard “here’s what’s happening” way. The first episode follow the main character (God knows what his real name is, they call him Okarin) as he attends a seminar on time travel. While there he meets a girl who claims he tried to tell her something a little while ago, though he can’t remember even meeting her. Later he hears a noise coming from the floors above him and discovers her stabbed to death on the eighth floor. Mindfuck then ensues and she’s alive at the end again, presumably because he (unknowingly) sent a text to the past to his friend saying she had been killed.  One thing that deserves to be stated is the use of lighting in this anime; everything is very over or under-saturated with light, and it creates a kind of mysterious atmosphere. No opening and ending themes so far, and, personally, I hope it stays that way.

Hanasaku Iroha Episode 1 – First Impressions

"Please, Yubaba, give me a job!"

Well, Spirited Away has finally been adapted into an anime; no not really, but it does have a bitchy old lady who runs a bath house where the main character is forced to work. Hanasaku Iroha is about a girl named Ohana, who lives with her loser mom and spends her days hanging out with Kouichi, who obviously wants to bone her, but it’s the rules of anime that lead characters can’t read into anything that could potentially be romantic. So, one day, Ohana’s mom and her fat boyfriend decide to run away together, because the boyfriend is in debt (so legal). Instead of actually taking responsibility as a mother, her mom dumps her on her Grandmother, whom she has never met. Just think of the Grandmother as Ohana’s Yubaba. There are a bunch of other characters introduced, all who seem to have preconceived notions about Ohana.  Also, there’s another bitchy girl who hates Ohana because she doesn’t understand the concept of work, or something stupid like that. I’m actually looking forward to watching this; I very much like character driven works, and I can’t see this series going anywhere other than that route.  Also something I thought was strange is that this is a 26 episode series, and I can’t really conceive how they can fill up that many episodes worth of stuff, but who knows, they may surprise me.

Watch The First Episode ——> HERE <——-

Nichijou Episode 1 – First Impressions

Lol, wut?

God bless, I don’t really know how to describe this show, but I’ll try. So, we’ve been treated with another slice-of-life comedy, that quite honestly, I liked a lot better than previous attempts (K-on, Hidamari Sketch). I think it’s because this is pure nothing, just things in life and how we always put such huge emphasis on things that are completely insignificant. Like the sausage sequence, which takes the “Three Second Rule” to the extreme, and Yukko wondering if the principal knew his jokes were bad, but he still said them on purpose.  Most everyone can relate to having some deep introspective opinion on something so stupid and trivial; just today I spent the better part of half an hour wondering how the music industry chooses the next Justin Beiber, and played out scenario after scenario in my head of how it could happen. This anime seems to exemplify what life really is; a collection of things that we find interesting or appealing to ourselves. Well, didn’t mean to get all philosophical, but couldn’t help it. Also the show is really crazy, in a good way I suppose, and it has that bare-minimum art style that seems to have been adopted by every slice-of-life anime since the dawn of time.  Some parts were actually pretty funny, and believe I even chuckled a few times, (quite a feat, my toleration of humor is rather stout, takes a lot to make me laugh).

Watch it up in Here

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