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Mawaru Penguindrum …I don’t even…

This show is so awesome, but it’s just so damn confusing.  I have now come to the conclusion that I am simply not smart enough to understand this show.  Just thinking about it makes my head hurt.  I don’t even want to think about thinking about the ending, because I know doing so will just make my head even more sad, and the real ending will probably (and hopefully) rape my mind to hell and back anyway.  I’m pretty sad that it only has four episodes left, but at the same time relieved that this show will hopefully explain everything that’s going on… or it could pull and Evangelion and not really tell us what happened for two years.  So here is my best attempt to summarize to plot of Mawaru Penguindrum.

The simplest plot description I could make

I dare you to make more sense of it.


Fate/Zero Episode 9 – Under New Management

Oh those Women, they’ll do anything to be with Lancer won’t they?  Even if they’re already married and they know he’s just manifested magic.  Anyway, I thought this was a really good episode.  It had some back story about Lancer, had Waver and Rider, and answered one of the questions I had about the Fate universe.  I had heard before that Servants are allowed to change masters and this episode did confirm that, though I’m still not sure if the servants themselves can choose to change, which is what I think Archer wants to do.

Just a day in the life

Although Lancer’s background scene was relatively short it was pretty enjoyable.  Although I’m sure I missed some of it, but what I gathered from it was that he ended up having an affair with the fiance of his leader, and was banished as a traitor because of it.  Then they were supposed to leave together but she got killed, or something, I’m not sure and I should probably re-watch it.  But actually it was all just a dream that Kayneth had, so I’m assuming that Masters have some sort of deeper connection to their servants.

When Kayneth wakes up from his vision about Lancer, his wife tells him that his wounds were very severe and that because of Kiritsugu’s attack on him he’ll never be able to use magic again.  But she offers to take his spot as Lancer’s master in order to win the Grail and restore his magical abilities, which Kayneth refuses to accept.  So, the bitch decides to break his fingers until he either agrees to give her control of Lancer or she’ll amputate his arm, and since Kayneth is still sane, he gives her the command seals.  While Lancer doesn’t want to change his allegiance from his original master, he does consent when she says that her only goal is to heal her husband.  Obviously that isn’t true, and it may even partly be due to Lancer’s charm power or whatever it is that she wants so badly for him to serve her.  Lancer even says that she looks the same as the girl that fell for him once before.

The part with Saber, Irisviel and Kiritsugu is virtually non-existent and only serves to say that Maiya is alive and Kiritsugu is going after Kayneth.  Waver and Rider occupy the rest of the episode.

Finally, Waver contributes something to he and Rider’s stake in the Holy Grail War.  Because he sucks at magic, he decides to send Rider along the river to take samples of water at certain spots on a map.  He uses his beginner alchemy kit from Toys R’ Us to test for residual magic in the river to try to find where Caster is.  So, Waver discovers that an entrance to Caster’s lair is at a certain spot along the river and he and Rider set out to go kill Caster.  When they get there the show turns on it’s censorship dial once again as Waver discovers all of the dead children’s bodies.  Although Caster isn’t there, Waver and Rider do discover that (the) Assassin(s) are/is still alive, making them the one the only group outside the church other than Kiritsugu and Saber who know about it.

Kirei and Tokiomi are shown in a brief scene which can pretty much be summed up by saying that the church is concerned about Waver and Rider knowing about Assassin(s), but they decide it isn’t anything to get too worried about, and simply decide to observe Rider more.  You know, although I did really like this episode, it felt kind of short for some reason, but maybe it’s just because Waver and Riders scene was such a big part of the episode.  Yet, a lot of pretty important stuff happened, with Lancer’s master changing, Waver and Rider learning where Caster is, as well as learning that Assassin is still alive.  One thing that everybody seems to be excited about is that Rin is going to be in the next episode, though I’m not sure how much the show can feature a child who hasn’t really been part of the main story so far.  Speaking of that, when the hell are Kariya and his scary-ass Beserker going to come back?  He has literally been in two, maybe three episodes.

Fate/Zero Episode 8 – Death Does Not Exist

Well, once again, Fate/Zero sets a bunch of pretty cool stuff up, then yanks the carpet out from under us.  Like the other time this happened, a bunch of people fight and in the end, it’s pretty much like it didn’t happen.  But there was a lot of blood in it, so we’re a step in the right direction.

While there are technically three fights in this episode next to nothing happens in Saber and Lancer’s fight with Caster, and most of the episode is spent on Kiritsugu and Kirei.  Kirei, also known as Wolverine, feels the need to come and join the fun, and while I suspect that he simply came under the churches orders to help kill Caster, Irisviel and Maiya decide that they need to take on a superhero mage-killer.  Not surprisingly Maiya gets the shit beaten out of her, because apparently she didn’t learn anything about fighting him the first time he attacked her.  Although Kirei tries to tell the two idiots that he (probably) just came to kill the child murderer, Irisveil decides that she wants some abuse too, and calls out her neon string falcon to help.

“Falcon, do a loop, barrel roll… scratch that – reverse barrel roll…”

And of course the show doesn’t have to courtesy to tell us what this thing is; all she says is that Kiritsugu taught her how to do it.  Although her magic bird manages to tie Kirei to a tree, that doesn’t do too much good, because instead of shooting him, Maiya sits there for thirty seconds and watches him break down the tree.  Then when he walks over to her she pulls her gun out, only to get kicked around some more.  Then Kirei moves onto Irisveil and questions her  about why they tried to fight him, but I don’t really see how he expected her to answer him when he was chocking her the whole time.  Then shit almost gets real when he stabs her with his wolverine claws and leaves her to die, which actually kind of caught me off guard.  But of course, the show delivers some back story about how Kiritsugu gave her some magic sword scabbard that heals her when Saber is near, and she lives to die another day.

You probably though Irisviel was dead… NOPE

Like  I said before, Saber and Lancer’s fight was really short.  Literally nothing happens beyond Saber making an opening for Lancer to destroy Caster’s book, and him cutting it.  After he does, all of Caster’s crazy tentacle monsters explode into blood and Caster gets really butthurt.


Then Caster pussy’s out and leaves in some big fancy blood explosion, and Lancer goes to interrupt Kayneth’s and Kiritsugu’s fight,  which pretty much consisted of Kayneth wandering around the mansion and some Kiritsugu back story.  In a flashback, Kiritsugu is show having his ribs removed, ground up, and put into bullets, which somehow does some magic something or other to a Magus, rendering their magic useless.  At first he just hits Kayneth in the shoulder, but then the mercury gantz ball stops the bullet which pretty much kills Kayneth fro the inside.

Just when it looks like someone may actually be killed, Lancer steps in and cockblocks the whole thing.  He appears, grabs Kayneth and jumps through the window, simultaneously flipping off everybody who wanted something to happen.  So Caster leaves, Kayneth get’s rescued, and Irisviel lives, so pretty much nothing happens.  It’s not like I just want everyone to die in a single episode, but I’m getting annoyed at this show constantly resetting everything to zero after these big fight scenes.  You know what? I’ll say right now, that no one will die before this “season” of the show is over, and it’s going to piss me off to have to wait until April to see the rest of the show.


Fate/Zero Episode 7 – Wild Gantz Appears

You know what?  I don’t even care that this episode ended on one of the most annoying cliffhangers so far, because I finally got see more of Caster’s crazy self.  Oh, and Rider being a boss.  But even if it did have Caster in it, it felt more like the first part of a really good episode.  It was still a good episode, don’t get me wrong, but I wouldn’t have minded it if it had been an hour long too.

Although most of this episode dealt with Kiritsugu and Saber, and took place primarily in one location, first we had some more Waver and Rider bonding time.  Like most other scenes with these two, it involves Rider not giving a damn about anything except wanting to conquer the world, and Waver flipping his shit because Rider’s acting like a retard.  But all Rider really wants are some pants to go along with his new shirt that he ordered so he can go out in public like Saber, and Waver promises that if he kills a servant he’ll buy him some.  Since this scene was in this episode I assume that Rider and Waver will also appear to fight Caster next episode and interrupt everything like they did the first time they went to a fight.  And I don’t think that Alexander, the King of Conquerors, will take to kindly to Caster killing children.

Most of the rest of the episode is dedicated to fight between Caster and Saber.  While Kiritsugu, Maiya, Irisveil, and Saber are talking about going to find Caster, Kiritsugu says that they probably shouldn’t get mixed up in everything and should attack the Servants as they go to find Caster.  He makes a valid point, because most of the masters would risk anything for an extra command seal, and would likely fight each other just to kill Caster, and Saber really isn’t in any condition to fight a lot of Servants.  But of course, Saber’s noble knighthood kicks in and she calls Kiritsugu a bitchy coward for not letting her fight.  But it doesn’t really matter too much because before they can decide anything, Caster shows up wanting to, once again make Saber believe that she is Joan of Arc.

Pedobear would be proud

Caster also has a bunch of kids with him, with whom he wants to play a fun, innocent little game. he wants to play tag with them, and if he catches them, he’ll crush their fucking skulls in.  I really wonder how much of the stuff Caster does is never shown or is just censored for television?  So Saber obviously isn’t going to let him kill a bunch of kids because of her and goes out to fight him even with her bad hand.  When she finds him, all the kids but one are dead, who runs to Saber only to rip off Alien and have a bunch of tentacles erupt from his back.

Oh my God, the second Caster let that kid go,I knew he as going to die in some really nasty way.  Then a bunch of the same starfish/tentacle monsters come out of nowhere (maybe from the other dead kids) and grope Saber everywhere.  Saber fights with the things for a while but can’t get rid of too many because of her arm.  But, don’t forget, this show features the rudest Servants every and Lancer decides to drop in to save Saber, as for the reason, that’s for you to decide.

Then the shows decides that no one wants to see Saber and Lancer fight a bunch of deformed starfish, and switches to Kiritsugu and Kayneth’s fight.  But what in the world in that giant Gantz ball that he has?  It’s cheating is what it is.  Come on, it can cut through pretty much anything and protect it’s owner by it’s own free will?  I call foul, sir.  So after Kayneth and his giant crazy ball of mercury break into wherever Kiritsugu is hiding, we learn that Kiritsugu actually does have some magical powers, but Kayneth says they are nothing more than petty tricks that aren’t worthy of a magus.  After Kiritsugu evades the Hax Ball he shoots it with an SMG to no avail, but then pulls out that big-ass single shot pistol, and the look on his face says he knows that he’s fixing to win.  But that’s it, the episode ends there.

If the next episode continues the way this one went it should be a pretty good one, and maybe someone will die.  But as much as I do want to see one of the servants bite the dust, I think I’d be sad to see any of them go.  Oh well, there can be only one.

Fate/Zero Episode 1 – First Impressions

Dropin' Names

Can you say, “Exposition”?  Good!  You just described the entire hour of what I just watched.  Now, don’t jump on me here, I won’t say I didn’t like this because it did nothing but explain stuff… for an hour.  I will say I didn’t like it that much because I never really cared for Fate/stay night, because it really bored me, as this show did, though definitely not as much.  I think this show is for people who have seen the first series, because I couldn’t tell you a damn thing about what I just saw, other that Rin was in it as a kid, Kariya wants to enter the 4th Holy Grail War so some girl doesn’t have to make a child to participate in the next, and people talked a lot.  My main problem with things like this, that have these vast expansive lores behind them, take more time explaining what everything is, how everything works, and who everyone is, than actually progressing their story.  I know exposition is kind of necessary for this, but at the same time, I don’t think it’s really a wise move to dump so much onto the viewer in the first episode.  However, this does seem a lot more interesting than Fate/stay night.  It explains a lot (LOT) of stuff and actually have very good character designs and artwork, which was one of the things that helped me get through it.  I’m may try to watch it, but I know plenty of other people will no matter what.

First Episode Here

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