Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 1 – First Impressions

Maoyuu Boat

You know, it’s been a while since I last saw a medieval fantasy style anime, and even longer since I’ve seen one that was actually good, so I guess I was kind of looking forward to this show.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty generic as far as the fantasy aspects go, but I’ll take what I can get.  Although it was kind of a shaky start and confused the hell out of me at the very end, I think it has potential to be okay. Maybe.

Well, this show is about about an unnamed Hero of a war between demons and humans.  After fighting his way through assloads of demons, the Hero makes it to the lair of the Demon King, who, as it turns out, is a king only in title.  Instead, it turns out shes some love-struck girl with tits that would probably suffocate her in her sleep is she turned the wrong way.  Even though Mr. Generic Hero is set on ending the war, she informs him that in actuality the war is helping both humans and demons alike, and that ending it would do more harm than good.  She goes into a long explanation about the economical and social advantages the war brings to both there people; poorer areas are receiving war funds that they can use to keep their people from starving, large exports of goods are bought and sold to supply the soldiers and both humans and demons are completely united in fighting the war.  So yeah, you can probably expect a lot of people comparing this show to Spice and Wolf, which is kind of justified I guess.  Both have very similar themes and settings, though this world has a little more fantasy in it than that of Spice and Wolf.  


Although the Hero still wants to end the war, he now knows that it wouldn’t really help anything, and even if he did, both sides would find an excuse to keep the war going because of the advantages it brings to them.  Instead, the Demon King offers him a alternative; the only problem is, I don’t really understand exactly what the hell it is.

She wants to marry him… or something, and have him take her… somewhere…  I don’t know, surly I wasn’t the only one who was confused by exactly why she wants to do, or just exactly how she plans to help stop the war without disturbing the prosperity of both parties.  Maybe it was just the sub I watched, but I had a really hard time following her plan, that is if she actually gave it.  And then they start saying how they’re going to have to do stuff that will be horrible and, wait, what?  I don’t get it, what the hell are they going to do?

Well, beyond not really understanding exactly what the hell is supposed to be going on, it was fairly decent.  The concept that a war is actually necessary to a people is fairly interesting and unique, though it does seem kind of rediculous to ignore the fact that you can’t just keep throwing soldiers at the other side as fodder to help the normal citizens of your Kingdom/Country to live easier.  For one thing, it’s pretty shitty, and second, it’s not as if you have an infinte supply of able bodied  people to go off and die, so you’re going to run out eventually.  Some of the comedy is kind of weird too, because a lot of it seems like it wants to be somewhat serious.  After all you’re handling the financial and social effects a war has on people. But there’s a scene where the Demon Queen is essentially humping an improvised body pillow of the Hero, and… yeah, that was kind of out of place.The animation and artwork were fine, though the main character is so bland looking and has such a boring personality that I’ll be lucky to remember he exists by this time next week.  I’ll probably watch the next few episodes so I can see exactly what this whole journey of theirs is supposed to be about, and to see if they can make economics even as remotely entertaining as Spice and Wolf did.

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  1. yeah i had no f*cking clue what the plan was either, at least the show cant be worse than a generic slice of life/school life show.

  2. The show did not give her plan. It will slowly be revealed in the future. Honestly, I think they did make a mistake using the stupid “let’s go to the otherside of this hill and explore unknown” as a metaphor for searching for a way to achieve a properous world of peace.

    Also, my impression from the manga is that the Maou’s idea of a good way to spend time is not to go explore the world, but to thumb through books in her library with her Yuusha.

  3. The similarities to Spice and Wolf are deeper than just characters and the economy theme. The main characters share the voice actors of their Spice and Wolf counterparts.

    I thought it was weird that the hero would so readily agree to serve the Demon King because she proposed a plan too vague for even the viewers to understand. It’s certainly not beyond the ability of a demon to, you know, lie to further its own ends but the hero goes along with it without much questioning. A lot of the plot premises seem awfully dubious such as the war being a good thing. The war is inferred to be highly damaging to both sides but people consider this sustainable? Millions would die from starvation if the war stopped? Did they just not have an economy before the war? They even said humanity would be destroyed if the war ended which begs the question, how did society function before the war? Another puzzling scene was Maou showing humans burning down a hut and killing villagers to stop the spread of “demonic sickness” but she was relating that to a food shortage somehow. Wouldn’t incidents like that end if the demons weren’t around?

    I was anticipating this show but I don’t think it will live up to Spice and Wolf. Spice and Wolf offered a mature character driven story with a nuanced romance between the two main characters. Holo and Lawrence were developed characters and their journey together served no greater purpose than to achieve their life ambitions (as opposed to the story forcing them to go on some kind of mission). What we have in Maoyuu is a questionable setting with a protagonist that’s so much of a generic stand-in character for the viewer that he doesn’t even have a name. The female lead was madly in love with the protagonist before she even met him and the protagonist tags along presumably because of her hypnotic boobs.

    The weak characterization aside, the thing most jarring and most likely to make me drop the show is it’s jump between seriousness and ecchi humor. It’s like the show doesn’t know if it wants a serious story based on economics/romance (spice and wolf) or lowbrow ecchi humor and moe characters. It’s too early to make a verdict but it’s going to take more than “Have we mentioned how large Maou’s boobs are? Like super huge! lol” to keep me hooked.

    • Unfortunately, I don’t think they’re going to let anyone forget how big her boobs are anytime soon, and despite it’s few attempts to be serious I doubt that it could really offer too much with such boring leads.

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