European Vacation – The Boring Way!

I’ve already watched this movie about a thousand times in preparation for this.  Yes, as is the tradition with almost all high school graduating classes, mine is also planning a trip to Europe; a trip which I will obviously be partaking in.  Anyway, we honestly have about a 50/50 student/parent ratio, and we’re going on one of those “No Free Time Ever” type of tours, so I’m afraid this won’t be as fun as it could be.  After all, it’s not like going to Europe is an everyday thing, so I don’t really want to spend my time there running around seeing all of the generic touristy stuff like Big Ben and Parliament the entire time.  Also, we’re suppose to start the moment we get there, so I’m going to be jet-lagged as fuck.

So, because I’m not lugging my laptop around with me everywhere I go (I’m not even sure they’d let me if I wanted to), I will pretty much be without access to the internet for ten days or so.  So that means I’m going to be missing two episodes of Fate/Zero, which also means a huge-ass marathon when I get back to catch up on it, so at least I have that part of it to look forward to.


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