Aniblog Tourney Vistor Post Thing-a-ma-jig

In hindsight, I almost certainly should have waited to post my original “Vote For Me” propaganda post today, since this is actually the day that I’m “playing” so to speak.  Anyway, a lot of other blogs have had a post like this ready for their site when their turn in the tourney rolled around, so I assumed I should make one as well.

  1. I have seen every MST3K episode at least fifty times

  2. I can sing all of Alice’s Restaurant, because my family thinks it’s a good Thanksgiving tradition.

  3. I live in Mississippi, so consider the fact that I have a halfway-decent vocabulary astonishing.

  4. I am a badass.

  5. Pavement was better than The Smashing Pumpkins.

Actually, those are supposed to be posts that I’ve written and stuff…

  1. Mawaru Penquindrum Plot Map

  2. How to Film a Harem/Ecchi Anime

  3. One Year Anniversary 

  4. Bakemonogatari Review

  5. Orignal Tourney Post

So, yeah, obviously you should go to the Aniblog Tourney site and vote for me.


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  1. Good luck winning the Akutagawa Prize. AND the aniblog tourney!

  2. I voted for you! Good luck! 🙂

  3. That plot map for Mawaru Penguindrum is AWESOME.

  4. Anyone with the sense of humor to write point 3 in the top part deserves my vote.

  5. Pavement *IS* better than Smashing Pumpkins. That alone should give you my vote 😛

  6. Hey, great match. It was an honor going against you – I’ll be keeping up with your blog!

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