Fate/Zero Episode 15 – Women Can Be GAR Too

Once again; a lot of action, not much dialogue amongst the characters, and some things that didn’t quite make sense in this weeks episode.  But still, it’s Fate/Zero and it was still really good.  At least now both Caster (may his insane soul rest in peace… or wherever he goes back to when he dies) and Ryunosuke have been officially dealt with and now the rest of the servants can finally get back to the real War without having to worry about giant octopi that eat planes and stuff.

There’s one thing that I kind of forgot about for a while that I think is worth mentioning.  For the longest time the fact that this show takes place in our reality kind of slipped my mind.  Well, it takes place in a semi-reality; we don’t really have mages colleges and the like.  And if mages are an open commonplace thing, I would think that seeing the way that this world really worked with the use of magic would be interesting to see.  But still, all this stuff that’s going on has got to be pretty shocking, and I doubt that all these people, no matter how used to magic they are, probably don’t really know much about the Holy Grail War.  And for that matter considering that the Magus college that Waver was attending is a real institute open to the public, exactly how much to the normal residents of this world know about magic and the way it works?

Other than Caster’s death one of the other big things that happened this episode was Kariya’s supposed “death” by the hands of Tokiomi.  First of all, he was fucking set ablaze and was burning alive for at least thirty seconds before throwing himself off of a god-damn two story rooftop.  The possibility that he wouldn’t have really died is probably less than zero, and the likelihood of him having such minor burns are even less than less than zero.  I guess his weird magically sick body protected him from that, but an explanation for that really needs to be offered.  It was kind of surprising that Kirei didn’t kill him and from what I assume, tried to heal him instead.  Perhaps all of his conversations with Archer are paying off and changing him from the stoic Wolverine fan that he is into a much more important character in the show.  I think that going against order that were probably given to him by the Church or Tokiomi is a good way to start becoming your own man.

And finally we have Saber’s big epic ray-gun laser-beam Noble Phantasm.  By the way, what the hell does “Anti Fortress” mean?  It’s used to destroy castles or something?  Anyway, her not even telling everyone else about it once again asserts her almost selfish pride that Rider and Archer look down upon so much.  It’s not as if her having pride is necessarily a bad thing, but she was willing to put everyone else at risk and attempt to solve the problem another way.  That’s like digging a ditch using a hoe because you don’t want to ask your next-door neighbor to borrow his shovel.  Just like Rider stated earlier, she was willing to shoulder everything herself and not receive assistance from anyone until it was forced upon her.   And Lancer continues to be a badass in this episode.  It probably sucks giving up half of your weaponry in a war like this, but he was willing to do it if it could help Caster be stopped.  In my opinion he’s really much more worthy of the title of “King” than Saber.  It’s kind of a shame that there really is no chance of him actually winning the war.

With all that solved, it’s finally time to get things moving in the real battle stages of the war.  Two Servants have been eliminated, and now there rest are ready to duke it out.  But more than anything I’m looking forward to Archer and Kirei teaming up, because I just know that it’s going to happen.  Everyone knows that it’s always cool to see the underling of an organization usurp his leader, even more so when he usurps him by stealing his super-powerful legendary magical Servant from another dimension.  Kirei and Archer need to get together ASAP.  No homo.


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  1. Oh, normal people don’t know about magic, that’s why Risei and Tokiomi were so eager to kill Caster and his Master. Magus Association control and conceal magic. Tokiomi is the owner of the land, so it’s his responsability is something like this happen.

    Here you have more info: http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/Mage%27s_Association

    The Association and the Church will need to manipulate some memories and mass media to cover this, yeah. That’s why Grail War is supposed to be secretive.

    • So, if the Magus Association controls the influence of magic in the world, I take it that the college itself is a rather secretive thing, and probably isn’t public knowledge?

      • Exactly. There is a “fixed” amount of power in this world, so if more people could learn magecraft, the power itself would weaken and become useless.

        Note, that Kajiura arranged one of the most famous themes in this episode(“The Sword of Promised Victory”). Basically, it’s Excalibur’s theme. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed to hear her arrange. I heard better versions before, though the soundtrack of FZ in general is quite good.

        Btw, Kirei has a natural talent for healing magic. He started to learn it after his wife deceased. Though it’s normally forbidden for the Church to learn magic, Kirei’s division is an exception.

  2. Almost all offensive NPs are divided in three categories.
    Anti Unit (Lancer spears, or Berserker ability to use any weapon as his NP) NPs are used to fight individuals. Usually they are not very showy, but efficient.
    Anti Army (Rider chariot, Rider Reality Marble, or Caster book – that can summon an army of monsters) NPs are used to fight armies. They are more powerful, but more tiring.
    Anti Fortress (as Excalibur) NPs destroy a giant target or a very large group of people in a single strike.

  3. Kariya survived because magic, no really. Truth be told he’d have died for sure if Kotomine didn’t save him. He was just barely hanging onto life there. If you’re really curious you can read the scene form the novel (It’s translated).

    • I think that if I read the novel now I would be too inclined to spoil the rest of the show for myself, but I’ll probably read it after the show is over.

      • Normally, I watch things first before reading the book it is based on. Otherwise I’m complaining too much about things that were left out or changed. Like in this episode Gilgamesh’s flashback of Enkidu’s death… well, maybe they’ll include it in the next episode or put it on the bluray(wildcard excuse).

      • Hm, seems like my comment before wasn’t posted(otherwise, the comment above doesn’t make any sense. Can you delete it, please?).

        That’s what I wanted to add:

        Normally, I watch adaptations first before reading the book it is based on. Otherwise I’m complaining too much about the things the producers left out or changed. Like Gilgamesh’s flashback of Enkidu’s death in this episode… well, maybe they’ll include it in the next episode or add it with the bluray release(wildcard excuse).

  4. Spirit of Kings

    2 servants??? Who’s the other one???

  5. Saber’s bottomless reservoir of stupidity when it comes to chivalry is annoying and barely acknowledged in-show. Her not mentioning she can one-shot caster is worse than digging a ditch with a hoe when you have access to a shovel. It’s like 3 people fighting a lion bare-fisted and one of the people never mentioning they are caring a gun. Without Excalibur they couldn’t kill the monster and if the monster reached the shore it would kill who knows how many people. Is Saber’s pride (and no, there is no loss in honor to request your ALLY to remove your handicap to get the job done) so vast that she would allow the death of countless people? Really Saber? If you want to have the medieval equivalent of phone-sex with Lancer talking about chivalry, fine, but do it after the battle.

    For all Saber’s alleged self-sacrificial nature, she cares more about her honor than the well being of others. Another huge example of this is when she lets Lancer rescue his master when she had no obligation to do so and it could have gotten Kiritsugu killed. At first I disliked Kiritsugu because of his cowardly tactics but now I think he’s the only voice of reason in this show.

  6. Loved this episode, and can’t wait to see what direction the show will take next. I thought this was one of the rare times all the teamwork didn’t come off as cheesy.
    I also believe Kirei intends to make Archer his Servant, and I imagine he’s going to use Kariya and Berserker in some way. I’m very curious to see how Tokiomi can be defeated though, since he’s such a high-level mage. (BTW, props to the show for not letting Kariya win just because of his determination and deeply personal motive.)
    Also anticipating what Kiritsugu’s next plan of action will be.

    • I think that Tokiomi’s supposed overconfidence may be his downfall. I highly doubt that he expects Kirei to betray him, but with the Archer X Kirei team-up seeming like it’s going to be a sure thing, he may be throw for quite a loop if that actually happens.

    • As much as I love Kariya, I’m inclined to agree with you on him losing to Tokiomi, at least in their first confrontation. Determination > Everything, is little cliche in anime

  7. Saber doesn’t want to use Excalibur because she wants to finish her fight with Lancer fairly. Their previous duel was interrupted and Knights Chivalry blah blah blah, she wants to find a way for them to kill the monster and for her to beat Lancer on even terms. Stupid, but in-character. She’s not the type to ask an opponent to weaken themselves for the sake of a temporary alliance. And she probably was thinking of a way to not get the monster to kill everyone too.

    Kotomine’s more confused at this point than anything. He’s healing Kariya on a whim rather than as a part of his plan.

    • Regardless of chivalry and whatnot, she still put the lives of herself, the other servants and masters, and hundreds of other people at risk because of it. It would seem saving all of them would be a much more chivalrous thing to do, in my opinion.

      • To be fair, none of the servants nor masters would really be threatened by the monster. It’s too slow and attacks indiscriminately. She probably hoped to find another way but in the end, what she did was pretty silly nonetheless.

  8. I think Kariya stands a chance to kill Tokiomi with that bastard’s help.. and great op as always.
    cant wait for gilgamesh vs rider’s fight

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