Fate/Zero Episode 14 – Season Two

Kind of late, but better late than never I guess.  Anyway, finally after around four months of waiting Fate/Zero makes it’s return to computer screens everywhere.  However, it didn’t really feel like it warranted the huge break in between the two parts of the series.  What I mean by that is, this doesn’t really feel like the start of a new season, and it probably isn’t supposed to (seeing as how it’s been called episode 14 everywhere I looked), but I still that the gap between the last episode and this one warranted something bigger.  This isn’t really anything to criticize, because it’s not like the show cut off right before they fought Caster and we had to wait to see if there would be another season, but still, another forty-five minute  episode would have been fine by me.

This episode contained a lot of action, which is fine by me, but some of it did seem a little over the top, such as the dogfight between Berserker and Archer.  Speaking of Berserker, it’s about damn time he finally came back – him and Kariya both.  Karyia and Tokiomi’s conversation was one of the few things in this episode that wasn’t all out action, and I was really glad that Kariya finally got to have some time in the spotlight.  Seeing as how he’s entered into the war for completely selfless reasons, it seems kind of odd how downplayed he’s been so far, especially with his badass Servant.  For a standard show, it would stand to reason that someone with such a noble cause would be the main hero, but Fate/Zero isn’t really a standard show, which is a good thing.  Maybe he’ll come into the show more now, especially since Ryunosuke is dead.

But other than a series of brief conversations between Archer and Tokiomi, not much else really happened in this episode.  Even though Caster’s master is dead, he could still technically find another master before all of this is over, assuming that the other servant’s don’t find a way to beat him somehow.  But I think it’s pretty safe to assume that Caster’s going to be out of the money pretty soon here, seeing as how it’s a kind of common trait in anime for a villain pull his biggest gun right before he dies.  That and the fact that I don’t think Caster could bear to go on without his oh-so-amazing master Ryunosuke.  Who will slaughter children and make artwork out of entrails with him?  Who could possibly find the same joy in the screams of innocent women having their flesh torn from their body?  Only Ryunosuke….

Anyway, there isn’t a whole lot to say about this episode, considering about half of it was taken up with Caster tearing shit up, Archer not wanting to kill him, and Berserker flying around on some demon-possessed jet.  This show has been plenty good so far, so I don’t really have a reason to believe that that’s going to change any time soon, I think I just felt that this episode was a little underwhelming as a big epic come-back episode, but perhaps that was just my presupposition of what it should have been.  Hopefully next week, we’ll finally get to see the first servant fall, even though it will be a little sad to say goodbye to Caster and all of his craziness.


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  1. Technically Assassin was finished off by Rider (or so the show led us to believe), so I think Caster would be the second or third servant to go. I say third because I do wonder if Lancer will have to be offed in order for Saber to use her finishing move on the giant beast. TT_TT At least, the end of the episode rather hinted that possibility, unless there’s some other way Saber can get her wound healed.
    Overall I thought ep 14 was a pretty spectacular return for the series, and a lot of interesting possibilities have been set up. I’m very curious to see how this showdown between Kariya and Tokiomi will go, and wonder if Kirei will be jumping into that fight before it’s over… >_> I still think he’s planning to make Archer his next servant.

  2. Lots of CG in this episode. However, it didn’t feel too misplaced, so I’m fine with that. Btw, UTW released a bluray batch for the first cours, which contains about 40min more content and another 30min additional info. Definitely worth watching.

    I’m kinda disappointed in Kariya. He isn’t really acting smart if he really wants to win the Grail to save Sakura. Until now, the only one he attacked was Tokiomi(and both times when chaos dominates). Guess he is only obsessed with his own personal vendetta right now and he loses sight of his real mission.

    Besides that, Caster’s end has come and since Gil doesn’t seem to bother wasting his time with him, it’s up to Saber to kill him, since she is the only one with an Anti-fortress Noble Phantasm. Also, as far as I have understood it, Servants will disappear after at the most 2 hours without a Master(except for Archer Servants, since they got Independent Action). Caster would definitely disappear, but his monster unfortunately wouldn’t, so it has to be eliminated before it destroys Fuyuki. Btw, Kiritsugu was only 60% sure that Ryuunosuke was Caster’s Master. He killed him anyway and luckily he was right. 😀

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