Obligatory Aniblog Tourney Post

Actually, I hadn’t much planned on writing anything about this, but then the official announcement came out and they’re all like, “Write a post telling readers to vote for you”, which kind of sounds like asking people to click your website’s advertisements, but I guess that’s a little bit more serious than this.  But anyway, I’m participating in this thing, and decided to take this bone they threw me and tell you to vote for me, because, even if you don’t know it, I’ve implanted a tiny undetectable bomb in each of your computers that will detonate if you chose the wrong person (obviously whoever isn’t me) and blow you to smithereens.

I’m somewhere near the middle of the green section, up against Beneath The Tangles, an interesting type of anime blog (regardless of whether I believe in the owner’s religious convictions or not) focusing on Christianity and anime.  But dammit, it’s just my luck to get put up against someone who actually has something different going, while I just do review type stuff.


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  1. Hey, wait a minute! My computer’s going to blow up if I don’t vote for you??? But we’re in the Tourney too, oh no! 🙂

    Good luck!

  2. Since the bracket came out, I’ve been scoping out the competition (you), and I’ve found I really enjoy your blog! I think your voice might better appeal to anime fans than my own, so you might end up trashing me in the voting. Regardless, I’m a new follower! Good luck!

    • Actually, ALL the matches are killer…going through the brackets made me realize just how many good anibloggers there are out there. Getting out of the first round at all is a major accomplishment!

  3. You can’t just give up now. As someone once said in a show I particularly like “you have to awaken the Giant Killing within you.”

  4. I’ve got you going pretty far. Do NOT disappoint me.

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