Nisemonogatari Episode 11 – Final

Well, way to go Shaft, you made a completely awesome last episode that made me willing to wait for the next series or OVA or ONA or whatever is coming out next.  Oh yeah, Kizumonogatari, that’s going to be fucking awesome, but I’m still ready for the next chronological story.  Though this episode was good it did feel like it was really rushed, or at least the appearance of Kagenui and her monster-girl seemed rushed.  Even though they were entertaining, it felt like it was a waste to just have them show up for that one scene then leave simply because the plot called for it.

I’m almost certain that I didn’t understand everything Shinobu said, but from what I gathered, the phoenix had possessed Tsukihi’s mom, and when she had Tsukihi, she was already a phoenix-girl-monster-thing.  That would mean that Tsukihi was always a fake person; that the same Tsukihi was always Araragi’s sister.  I don’t really see Kagenui’s opposition to it though.  It’s not like she’s hurting anyone, she isn’t voluntarily deceiving her family, and it isn’t even her fault.  So I don’ really understand what the big deal is.  And really, how are Karen and Tsukihi not related to Araragi?  It would be different if they looked like they came from some other parent, but they look exactly alike – they look like brother and sister.  Either Araragi’s mother and Tsukihi and Karen’s mother were sisters or that is one of the most random occurrences ever in the history of the world.  It seems kind of unfair for the artists to cheat the viewers out of suspecting that they aren’t related simply by drawing them to look exactly alike.  I know him adding a suffix to their names was kind of a hint, but it seemed to go against the evidence of them looking very similar.  It’s probably just so they can have wincest fan-service and not have it considered taboo by their viewers.  Hell, even Araragi admits that this was their plan all along.

This episode felt much more like Bakemonogatari than any of the other episode too.  In my opinion, one of the things I liked most about the first series was that it was comical, while still being very dark a lot of the time.  I think that for the most part, Nisemonogatari lacks the darkness that Bakemonogatari had.  In Bakemonogatari,Senjougahra was overtaken because her family had fallen apart and had been roped into the occult, Kanbaru had a fucking crazy devil arm that wanted to murder Araragi for being near Senjoughara, and Hanekawa’s (hot) dark cat side would have killed Araragi if Shinobu hadn’t been there.  InNisemonogatariKaren gets a sickness that will go away on it’s own and Tsukihi is immortal.  Perhaps what I really mean is that the problems in the first series seemed to be a lot more serious than in this one, which was kind of disappointing to me.

But anyway, this episode was much more like that, with a badass older Shinobu and a badass fight scene.  They even have a really good conversation during the fight, though Kagenui’s “Don’t force your opinion of “right” on other people” sounded rather hypocritical, coming form the girl who’s trying to kill Araragi’s sister for just being what she is and all.  Unfortunately, the fight suffers the same fate of insane censorship as Kanbaru and Araragi’s fight from Bakemonogatari.  Yet, as much as they interrupt the fight  with those annoying “Red Scene” frames, they have no problem showing Araragi’s stomach being pulled apart like Dale in The Walking Dead.  Although the censorship was annoying, it was still a very good scene, even though I would have really liked to see Shinobu kick the Says Misaka as Misaka girl’s ass.

But then, as soon as it arrives it’s over.  We get a glimpse of Senjougahara with short hair and a rather predictable “To Be Continued” notice at the end of the episode, telling us that Shaft is doing all they can to procrastinate the release of more series.  So, was it as good as the original?  No, but how could it be?  Bakemonogatari was something completely different than most people had ever seen before, at least in terms of presentation, so it’s not like you can recreate that feeling.  It’s like Rapture in Bioshock 2; it just isn’t as amazing as the first time you saw it.  My only problems with this series was it’s somewhat excessive amounts of fan-service and that it never really felt quite like Bakemonogatari.  However, that could have been completely the fault of the source material, and has nothing to do with the creative team behind the series.  I still think that they could have combined more of the novels and do away with a lot of the pointless filler here – hell, even Senjougahara is barely in this series.  But I know that Japan loves to milk their franchises, so it’s something that I just have to expect form anime.


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  1. “My only problems with this series was it’s somewhat excessive amounts of fan-service and that it never really felt quite like Bakemonogatari.”

    Somewhat excessive fanservice and bakemonogatari? Why never.

    • Unfortunately, you can’t hotlink those images. And yes, there is fanservice in Bakemonogatari. But did Araragi have a Toothbrush orgy with his sister in Bakemonogatari? Was there an entire scene in which two characters are bathing together?

  2. Solid conclusion, if somewhat rushed like you said, to a satisfactory sequel to one of the greatest series of alltime in anime-dom.

    I enjoyed the revelation of Kagenui’s history with the other onmyoujis, Oshino and Kaiki, and moreover, how they seemed similar in certain ways, yet dramatically different. Where Oshino offers solutions for a price, Kaiki cheats his customers for a price, Kagenui appears to follow a rulebook but only on her terms. This angle could’ve been played up a bit more, mined a bit deeper to sound out NisioIsin-type rhetoric.

    The leitmotif of Nisemonogatari – impostor – seemed to be resolved in that brief philosophical discussion en passant: Oshino values both the original & the fake equally, while Kaiki privileges the fake over the original. Kagenui seemed to be the common sense position, but her resolution with Araragi seemed a concession towards her old club members.

    • I would say that, whether Kagenui respected Araragi’s opinions or not, she allowed Tsukihi to live, because regardless of what she thinks about her, Araragi still considers her as his sister. Seems like she conceded more towards Oshino, as to him, whether something is real or a fake, it still is, and has worth in and of itself.

      • Yes, and this is my opinion/review of Notakublog:

        Your blog would be much better off if you focused on those elements of the story, rather than repeatedly stubbing your toe on the bedpost just because it’s there. It’s easier to complain than to analyze, I gather, and more self-indulgent than reflective.

  3. You understood Shinobu incorrectly. What Shinobu was saying is that Tsukihi’s “life” is similar to the phoenix, which is why Kagenui lied about her being a phoenix and made use of that lied information as an excuse to kill Araragi’s sister. Instead of phoenix, Tsukihi is a supernatural bird (a crook, I think that is what the series said) that inhabits a mother and reborns herself, just like how a phoenix, when dying, goes back into the flame and is reborn. The mother is basically a symbolism for the flame.

    And about your complaint of Nisemonogatari in contrast to Bakemonogatari, i think that, first, the author of the series wrote the content that the anime was true to. Second, this anime is about fakes instead of monsters, so that’s why Shaft had to end the arc around this point. The Nisemono arc ended; in true to its title, Shaft ended the series before starting the next one. That’s why Shaft extended Bakemono’s monster arc to fifteen episodes and ended Nisemono at eleven episodes. Otherwise, once we start on the story without the sisters, it wouldn’t make sense if the story is not Nisemono-related.

    Here’s a good analysis if you scroll down the page and read about what Nisemonogatari arc is all about in the light novel.

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