Guilty Crown Episode 21 – Apocalypse Now

Oh Lord, it’s almost over, this stupid show is almost over, and when it is, I’ll be able to make fun of it all I want.  I’ll finally get to talk about everything that didn’t make sense, how shitty the writing is, and all of that other stuff that made this series so stupid.  This episode was just a typical part one of the obvious two part finale here, nothing else other than that.  Lots of “We can do this” and “Make sure that you come back” quotes and other stuff like that littered the episode as well.  There was also a whole lot more Evangelion rip-offs in this episode as well, especially with the organization behind everything that’s been going on so far.  Oh, and why does Daryl have an arc reactor in his chest?

Harkening back to the old days of Guilty Crown, this episode had Shu doing what Gai taught him to do best: assaulting and breaking into places.  Yeah, you remember all of those episodes that wasn’t much other than Funeral Parlor attacking Building X in order to get/do X object/task?  Seems like Shu learned something form all of that stupidity.  Yet somehow, Gai, who’s able to destroy eighty-something percent of the UN doesn’t take the time to stop the five or so people that everyone else in the facility knows is there.  So obviously he wants Shu to find him for whatever reason.  Either that or this shows logic continues to suck.  And is Arisa dead now?  He used her when he made that big splitting-purple-cancer-crystal-exploding-bow right?  So, then she would be dead, wouldn’t she?

So the blonde dude (who’s name has probably only been said about two times) tells Shu about the organization that’s trying to advance the human race by destroying it, Daath.  Well, holy shit, what does that sound like?  Maybe I’m reading too much into the similarities of this show and a certain (much better) one, but that sounds an awful lot like Seele doesn’t it?  Same mysteriousness, same goal, same method of achieving said goal – why, if I didn’t have such respect for the writing staff of this amazing series, I might have to accuse them of copying that other show.  However, I know that they would never do such a thing.  Jesus, this parallelism with Eva is really getting out of hand – I don’t even think that we’re too far away from having Inori melt everyone into a giant sea of purple cancer crystals.  Oh well, at least their fight scene was pretty cool.

Other than that one instance of the show bragging about their oh-so-original idea of an organization that wants to end the human race in order to help it, this episode did very little to explain anything else that’s been going on so far.  I still don’t truly understand if Gai actually wanted for everything to happen the way it did, or if was all just inevitable.  He talked about how none of this would have happened if he didn’t wake up Inori when he did, and he didn’t look too happy about what he had done in that scene.  Why in the hell did Gai even lead Funeral Parlor in the first place; I still don’t understand what he could have gained from that.  The only explanation that I can accept is that he didn’t really want to have to be the partner of Mana, but was forced to under the circumstances.  After all, if this was all set up from the very beginning then why did Keido try to marry her, or whatever the hell he was trying to do, in episode twelve.  If everything was just going back to Gai, then why would awakening Mana in Inori be left up to him.  And still, what the hell is Inori?  I know that she’s a vessel for Mana, but where did she come from?  Is she a normal person who’s been chosen for this, or is she just some artificial life form made for it?

Unfortunately, probably none of that will be explained in the next episode, and we’ll just have Shu sacrificing himself to save everyone.  I still don’t think that this show will have the balls to go down the Evangelin route of having a completely horrible ending(not as in a bad ending, but just a horrible outcome), so other than Shu dying to save everyone he may end up living, though that’s highly unlikely.  Due to his absorption of the cancer, they’re pretty much spelling out that he’s going to die when this is all over, so that’s probably all we’re going to get after watching to see how this all ends.


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  1. I bet Shu is not going to die, I really don’t think this show has the balls to kill the main characters (terrible ones) they did have to bring Gai back after all. I really don’t like this show and all I can think about is how good it could have been. When I watched the first episode I was just waiting for this awesome series to keep going, but sadly it turned into this. I just don’t know what to say the first half was just totally pointless and this half sucks even more than the first. And lol I did have to laugh at the Arc reactor, wasn’t even thinking about Tony Stark when I see the whole stupid scene. Inori to me didn’t have good character development and her and shu’s relationship didn’t develop well to me either. I wouldn’t be sad if one of them died or anything, not like it was Eureka and Renton or anything.

    • Well, with all of his cancer-absorbing, I think it’s more than likely that he’ll bite the dust at the end of the series. After all, this show has ripped of Code Geass plenty, so why not take the ending as well.

  2. The thing about Keido marrying Mana in episode twelve bugs me too, because as explained in another episode, only some children treated in a special facility for that purpose, can be candidate for Adam, Shu is a special case since his mother was infected while she was pregnant… so was Keido teasing them ?

    I think that he may live too, his powers are changing every episode, eventually he will be able to cure everybody including himself, or maybe Inory will regain control of her body and absorb his virus – remember her blood worked for Gai as a cure – and obviously die after that ridding the word of Mana, then Shu ends up with Ayase.

    Hope to see Haruka dying cruelly, i hate her more than Arisa.

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