Nisemonogatari Episode 10 – Oh Yeah, Tsukihi’s Here Too…

Well, that’s it, there’s no way that this series can be wrapped up in one episode, and even if it is, it’s going to be rushed like nobody’s business.  There’s not really any excuse for it either, as there was plenty of stuff that could have been taken out to make room for stuff like this – stuff that actually matters.  And this whole series may be going strictly by the novel, but there are some times when you don’t need to do everything exactly the same as the original work, either because of time constraints or other reasons.  Did Sengoku’s scene in the second episode serve any purpose other than fan-serivce?  How about Kanbaru’s?  It was nice to see them, but you shouldn’t waste time that you don’t have.

Tsukihi finally gets more than three seconds of screen time, which is nice considering that this whole arc is about her.  Still, she didn’t really do anything to take my mind of the much more interesting characters that were introduced last episode, considering all that she did was talk about how much of a hard-ass Karen is.  At least Shinobu was in this episode, even though most of her screen time consisted of her obsessing over donuts.  But thankfully most of this episode actually spent dealing with Kagenui and her “Says Misaka as Misaka” servant, although it comes from a very unlikely source.

Oh, well, I guess he didn’t leave, awesome!  Maybe he’ll come back and do something interesting instead of just running away at the request of some teenage girl.  Or maybe he’s just here to have someone explain about our two characters.  Is that really all Kaiki existed to do?  He was created to give Karen her illness, which would have healed on it’s own anyway, and to give Araragi information in one scene?  Oh yeah, and he was indirectly responsible for Araragi getting laid, so I guess that’s worth something.  Maybe he comes back latter in the series, and I hope he does, because he behaves pretty much the exact same as Oshino, only he looks a lot creepier.  Apparently, Kagenui and Ononoki are real version of what Kaiki was pretending to be: some type of supernatural exterminator.  Also Ononoki isn’t really a human, which isn’t too hard to accept.  She’s Kagenui’s familiar/servant thing.

So what is Kagenui anyway?  Last week, Zammael made a comment about an urban legend about the devil; that he can’t walk on the ground.  And true to form, she still never touches the ground in this episode either. From standing on Araragi’s fence to riding on Ononoki’s finger, she makes it very obvious that she doesn’t want to touch the ground for whatever reason.  But if she’s an exterminator of the supernatural, then wouldn’t she be at least partially human?  I guess it’s not too odd to believe that she isn’t human, given that one of the people who was hunting Shinobu in Kizumonogatari was part-vampire, but it still seems odd that she’d take such offense to the supernatural living amongst humans.  Unfortuately, we didn’t get any more of an explanation about Ononoki and her crazy finger attack didn’t make things any more understandable.

And of course the big moment in the episode: Tsukihi isn’t really Araragi’s sister.  She’s been possessed by a phoenix, which I guess makes her not really Tsukihi.  But plenty of other people in this series were involved with supernatural things, so does that mean they aren’t really themselves anymore?  And because this Tsukihi isn’t the real Tsukihi, is she aware that she isn’t the real thing?  Is the real one dead and the phoenix is living in her place?  How long has she been like that?  Dammit… there is now way the next episode can bring everything to any kind of satisfying conclusion.  If we’re lucky, we’ll only have to wait three months for the first ONA episodes… if we’re lucky.


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  1. Thanks for the credit.

    Perhaps Kagenui is also an impostor of some sort — while she is a hunter of supernatural creatures, a “darkstalker” — she might not be telling the whole truth about herself and that is why she cannot walk on the ground. That may be revealed in the next or the remaining OVA episodes.

    Also I guesstimate that Tsukihi is replaced by a “phoenix” impostor, given that Koyomi noted all of her scars disappeared. But then again, the phoenix is an immortal bird that resurrects itself in the ashes of its former incarnation, so maybe the phoenix is a temporary state and the real Tsukihi will wake up next Saturday. 🙂

    • It seems like it would be that way, since when everyone else’s problems were solved they returned to normal people. But the way they were talking, they made it seem like the real Tsukihi is pretty much “dead”.

  2. Behold lowly humans! This is Shinobumonogatari! 😀

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