Guilty Crown Episode 15 – Survival Outweighs Equaltiy

Holy fucking shit, this episode pissed me off so much, then finally gave me some sense  of reality at the end.  I honestly cannot fathom what the fuck is wrong with these kids and why they simply cannot grasp the situation they’re in; it’s like they think everything is a fucking game or something.

So last week we were introduced to the Void Ranking System, which does what it says: ranks people based on  how useful their voids are.  But Shu doesn’t want to use it, why?  Because he doesn’t want to discriminate against people.  Cry me the fucking Nile River.  In case you were unaware, the situation for these people right now is far from ideal.  There is a huge-ass Wall of Death constantly moving towards you, the government has quarantined you to die of a deadly virus, people are rioting in the streets, and there has already been an attack on your school.  I’m sorry, but now is nowhere near the time to be thinking about how you shouldn’t discriminate against people in the school, because, whether you like it or not, some things are just more useful than others.

Let’s put it this way, if you were a general in the army, would you put all of your snipers on the front lines?  Would you give doctors bazookas?  Would you let infantry soldiers lead bombing raids?  No, you wouldn’t, because that’s fucking stupid, people work best where they’re best suited to.  So why on God’s green earth would you NOT rank people based on their Void power?  This is supposed to be a life and death situation, people’s pathetic desires of usefulness be damned.  Are you honestly telling me that you’re going to let all of these people with shitty Voids be treated like they’re as powerful as Inori?  That makes no sense, I honestly cannot think of a single reason that this wouldn’t be the ideal system, other than the obvious possibility of the lower ranked people being upset.  But who cares, they can’t help you survive; needs of the many are greater than the needs of the few.  And as assholish as that sounds, in the situation that they’re in, that would just be the cold, harsh reality.

And fuck Souta to the seventh level of hell.  I’ve always hated that obnoxious little prick, but this episode just pushed my hatred of him to a whole new hierarchy of disdain.  This man-bitch has the gall to complain to Shu about discriminating against people based on their voids to his face.  So, I wonder where he’s ranked?  Pretty low in case that wasn’t completely obvious.  He spends most of his time this episode complaining about how he’s being discriminated against and screaming about how he still want’s to fuck Inori.  Go fuck yourself kid, it’s a fucking life or death situation, if you want to live, get over yourself and let the people who can actually help, help.  I mean, would you rather be alive or useful?

But not only does he act like a spoiled child who didn’t get picked first in kickball, he decides to lead a group of other F ranked Void users on a mission to secure more vaccine for the school.  Now, while that may seem like a somewhat noble thing to do, anyone with half a brain can see that they’re only doing it for personal reasons.  I think it’s safe to say that they only want to be seen as more useful and that they only want to get the vaccine for themselves, because they found out that they would likely not receive any more due to shortages.  All of his motivations are completely self centered, which is only natural, but he’s such an asshole in covering them up by saying that they want to help everybody.  Bullshit.  Oh, and you know that guy in Funeral Parlor with the long white hair that’s had about three lines of dialogue?  He’s being held hostage; but enough about that, let’s move on.

Shu was pretty damn annoying throughout this episode too.  He constantly flip flops from one side to the other to fit in with whoever is in his present company.  Once again, this is a totally human response, but he’s the leader of this little rebellion now, and he can’t be waffling back on forth on such important issues just because he wants everyone to like him.  At least he admits to what he’s doing to Hare, and that he knows he shouldn’t be doing it.  Of course Hare couldn’t care less about what Shu’s saying because she’s too busy fantasizing about him, and tells him how great of a leader he is, due to the fact that he’s very quite.  Not really sure what that has to do with anything, but whatever you say.  Unfortunately the awkwardness of Hare smashing Shu’s head into her boobs is cut short when they have to go and stop Souta from being a dumbass.

So exactly how in the fuck is someone in a wheelchair supposed to shoot a bazooka?  I haven’t fired one myself, but it seems like those things would have a bit of kick to them.  But whatever, it’s Guilty Crown.  And then of course we have the death scene.  Now, why did Hare die?  Because Souta is a retarded asshat.  Anway, Hare uses the last of her strength to save Shu (rather original I must say) and gets infected by the virus.  Her death is one of the few times in this show that I could say “Yeah, that’d really suck”.  Not only did she die in front of Shu, but she pretty much disintegrated into nothing in front of his face.  I gotta say, I probably wouldn’t be too happy if one of my friends died like that in front of me.  But of course Shu has to have his revenge and finds Inori running through a barrage of bigass missiles (completely unscathed by the way) and proceeds to pull out her Void, in a rather rapey way.  So explain this to me, why did she have a problem with him pulling out her void?  You’d think she’d be very accepting of someone saving their lives, but I guess because Shu looks different she didn’t want him to or something.  Whatever, it’s Guilty Crown.  Shu blows the shit out of the Endlaves, and punches the shit out of Souta for being such a douchebag, before finally accepting that now is NOT the time to be nice to people, it’s the time to fucking survive.  About damn time.

My God, I just hate this show so much.  I don’t give a shit if Shu does become badass; at this point in the show, I just want it to be over so I can be through with it forever.  Oh, something I forgot, what in the fuck was the long-haired asshole from last week thinking?  I mean, he just walks up to Tsugumi, the girl whom he held at gunpoint, and talks to her like they’re old friends.  How in the hell does he expect her to react?  Everything is just so unbelievable in this show, from the utterly ridiculous action, to how completely unrealistic some of the characters act, it’s just a fucking mess.  But only six more episodes.  I can do it.  I must.  For the sake of the internet, someone has to tell the world how absolutely shitty this show is.  This is my crown of thorns that I must adorn.


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  1. I can sort of understand Shu’s whole emotional flip flopping but this show just has terrible pacing in general. I’m glad I took up Darker than Black (because of your review =D) to drown out what-could-have-been-awesome-but-is-now-like-watching-a-trainwreck show that is Guilty Crown.

  2. So it took 15 episodes of utterly unbelievable shit to become what Code Geass was at episode 1? Can’t they just let this show end like the trainwreck it is? oh well, I don’t give a damn anymore. There’s still Nisemonogatari to brighten my week..

  3. The way I see it, it’s like Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor, where people are trapped in the lockdown with no way out, no way of communication, very small amounts of food and water, and the government doing little to nothing to help them. Eventually, they’re gonna lose their minds and start making stupid, irrational decisions.

    That aside, what Souta did is beyond stupid and irrational. Like I can’t even begin to describe it.

    • Well, getting stir-crazy is understandable (kind of like what happened last episode with the whole mutiny thing), but it didn’t really seem like that this time, it seemed more like a bunch of crybaby teenagers wanting to feel important. And Souta really needed to get knocked around a bit.

  4. Aside from the most obvious of why these students bother going to school even now is beyond anyone’s guess. Maybe most of them live outside of Tokyo and don’t have homes to return to, possible but really likely? Only logical guess I can make out of this is that the school is located somewhere in the middle of Tokyo making it the safest place from the red wall of death. It could also be a logical reason to go to school because all the adults in this show who happens to be sane has left them to their own devices to survive. Teachers have abandoned the school, parents god knows where they are potentially already a victim of the red wall of death so where else can a student go to other than school? Of course if it was a Zombie invasion that’s another story as we see Komuro and his gang gtfo of school pronto.

    Just where the hell are these kids getting all their guns from? I mean I noticed it from the last episode where 2 douchebags at school pulling out a gun but now it’s like the whole school keeps track of their stocks of firearms, medical supplies and food. While one can argue that it doesn’t take a whole lot of skill to shoot a gun but you give them to a bunch of school kids and see how long they last against an army of death machines both on ground and skies as well as the impenetrable wall of death…. Yeah I seriously don’t think they’d last that long as capable soldiers. Other than the voids it’s doubtly they would have an edge on well pretty much anything against regular army.

    I’m surprised these students are still taking it fairly easy. You’d think they would have turned out like Highschool of the Dead where some of them either kill each other, rape someone or try to make an escape in a small group…. oh wait the last one was actually attempted by our brave moron Souta and co.

    It’s quite interesting that the Void Scouter has deemed Souta’s void as utter shit. Considering the implication of it’s uses for opening any sort of locks you’d think it’d be worth a shot to go up to the wall of death and shoot it to see if it would open up the walls. But nah we all hate Souta and he deserved his fat F grade. I honestly thought among Shu’s group of friends Souta would be the first to die in this series. Oh how I was wrong. Nope instead we get a Shirley Fenette scene with Hare where she takes one for the team Guilty Crown putting an end to the retarded Shu and allowing viewers to momentarily shift our general hate and disgusts for the series to concentrate our raging anger at the show’s equivalent of Matou Shinji, Souta.

    It’s understandable why he would want to attempt a suicide mission since we can guess everyone is stressed out from the whole situation of impending doom and the fact that Souta and co. is a group of failures that won’t get a vaccine. I reckon if it was either Yahiro or the former President Kuhouin that managed to land a F rank they’d get desperate too and try something equally stupid. Knowing Yahiro’s tendancy to backstab people at the best of times I wouldn’t put it past him to try something even more stupid. Perhaps we should be thankful that it wasn’t Yahiro who landed on a F but Souta who still did stupid things and got Hare killed. But I doubt none of us really want to see Souta breathing in the next episode of Guilty Crown.

    To be blunt I did see this awkward transformation coming. But I personally expected to see this after the whole incident with Gai sacrificing himself by being sliced by Inori’s void in his effort to save Shu. Sadly because this is Shu we’re talking about if it wasn’t a chic dying for his sake it had no effect on him. Gai finally died alas and Shu remained Shu. The recent transformation from naive dumbfuck Shu to heartless Shu was long overdue.

    But is this transformation necessarily a good thing? In all honesty what can we hope to expect from Shu at this point even with the badass transformation? Would we see even more retarded choices being made from Shu? Can we expect Souta to be publically executed for defying Shu’s orders in the next episode? Unfortunately none of us can tell as thankfully none of us are Oh My Shoe.

    Seeing as Inori’s void no longer even need Shu to move to cut things in half I just wonder is there even a NEED for other voids? They can send armies at him, he can stand still and cut them in half with one hand while the other caressing (Ayase/Tsugumi/Inori/Oops not Hare no more/Yahiro?) the girl of his choice.

    Oh the inconsistency how I love thee. In earlier episodes we see Ayase and Tsugumi almost getting gangraped in front of the entire school because they were unarmed defenceless girls and now Ayase comes out holding a bazooka in her hands. You’d think she’d have a handgun or two like Inori but nah Ayase pulls out the big guns whenever she feels like it. What we learn in this episode is that Ayase’s wheelchair as I suspected on earlier posts IS some ridiculous high tech shit able to withstand the kick back from firing a bazooka. We also gather from the show that mech/helicopter pilots in this show must drive rather slowly and have been scouted from pot houses as they are one hell of a shitty shots. We see professional army units failing to take down a bunch of kids with mechs not to mention a girl in a wheelchair.

    The training received by these military personels are further questionable when they fail to hit a truck full of said kids with a dozen missiles why? Because we can safely guess that Yahiro is over the driving age and has attained his license in middle east where cruise missiles are part of everyday driving.

    Overall what was the moral of this episode of Guilty Crown? Theres several.

    Don’t fuck with girls in a wheelchair they’ll pull out the big gun.
    Leave your (hare)m behind when you waltz into a city full of enemy mechs and flying missiles.
    When your lives are at stake leave the stupid people to die if they go on a suicide mission on their own.
    Badguys in anime are usually terrible shots you can afford to be risky. Look at Inori and Wheelchair for further example.
    Badguys don’t like to use airstrikes on good guys even if it would save them alot of time and resources.

    I end this post with a final note.

    Hare died yes and it was all Souta’s fault. It could just be my wishful thinking but next episode we may get to see a brutal execution on school grounds. But let’s all be honest. Shu needed to change. Hare’s death was sadly necessary to the show because Shu wasn’t homo with Gai enough to care. Besides if Hare didn’t die trying to save Shu, he’d have died and this show would come to an abrupt end. We would certainly not like that now would we? Also we must remember that had Hare survived to the end with Ayase and Inori still around we can only expect this to end in a similar fashion as School Days where the protagonist Makoto who is just as wishy washy as Shu kept jumping between girls until he ended up carved fun sized. It was the show’s neat way of reducing Inori’s (and Ayase’s {as well as Yahiro’s}) competition.

    Last but least.


    • Ah, good call with the Shirley scene; the show has been ripping off Gurren Lagann and Eva so much that I forgot about it ripping off Code Geass. Kind of felt bad for Hare though, she didn’t deserve to be the first one to die in my opinion.

  5. Unpopular opinions time, I’m not too thrilled about Shu’s transformation. I don’t think that having a ‘trash vs. treasure’ outlook on people does any good. What bothers me about this void ranking system is that they say that people with low grade voids stay low grade. There is no ‘if you want to survive, then get stronger’ at all. This is where Shu is different from Gai. Gai’s says was ‘the weak get selected out, so I’ll become stronger.’ Shu and Yahiro are pretty much like ‘if you’re weak, then sucks for you.’

    Second, Shu’s bi-polar personality is strange to me. He wipes out his entire confident childhood personality after an episode of PTSD, becomes a timid, awkward little schoolboy, and then, after losing his kind of new found crush gal pal, he becomes a cold, heartless bastard. Can people really change so much so quickly?

    Also, I think what Hare meant when saying that he wasn’t loud and said things softly and never got angry was that Shu was kind. Well chica, the guy you just died for ain’t kind no more. And it’s cause you’re dead. Whoops. Guess that relationship would have never worked out anyway.

    Finally, Souta, you’re an idiot.

    • I don’t think you can think of the ranking system in the same way as Gai’s ideals, due to the serious nature of the situation. It’s not saying the people are trash, or the people are weak; just their voids are. Say there’s someone at the school is an Albert Einstein type genius, but he had a pathetic void; now, that’s not saying that he’s weak or not good enough, it’s just saying they can’t use his tool as effectively as others. The Voids aren’t the really the people, I mean, Hare wouldn’t be considered “strong” by any standards, but her Void is incredibly useful… or was.

  6. There’s only one thing that could make this show even a minuscule amount better: Shu dieing a completely worthless and uncool death at least then the ending would have some value for the people who watched it.

  7. I happen to like this show T_T if you people don’t like it, here’s a thought… stop watching it! Jeez, all you people do is complain, it’s real easy just to push the big X in the upper right and get rid of whatever you’re watching you know!

    • I’ve invested too much time in this show to quit, and besides, it’s fun to make fun of this shitty ass show.

      • GuyWhoActuallyHatedCodeGeassButLikesGuiltyCrown

        Just like how i’ve invested too much time of my life (7 minutes probs) reading your shitty ass reviews.
        Anohana – 7
        Bakemonogatari – 9

        And this review (more like a complaint in my opinion)
        Is just wrong.

      • You’re suggesting that a “review”, something based solely on opinions, is wrong? So I complained about something I didn’t like, does that make my opinion wrong? No, because that’s the definition of opinion.

    • I Laugh At People's Stupidity

      typical fanboy/fangirl response
      “if you dont like it then dont watch it”
      sigh…people just dont get why there are critics in this world…we watch shit to judge it for the piece of shit it is…simple

  8. OP, you and I are on exactly the same page 😀

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