Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 4 – Ichika the Yandere

Angst, misunderstandings, and more angst; seems like this show has it’s plan and it’s sticking to it.  I’m still kind of holding out hope that this series didn’t forget that the main characters are supposed to be making a movie, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be taking a backseat to everything else in the show.  I still don’t fully understand how Ichika can be so intelligent, yet have such an utterly ridiculous imagination.  How the hell does she even know all of this stuff?  She just transferred to the school a few weeks ago, yet she knows enough about earth school subjects to help Kaito pass his final exams.  That better get explained, or I’m calling some bullshit.

So after Kaito indirectly “confesses” to Ichika, she pulls a complete bitch move; simply walks onto the train and leaves him there without giving him even a word of an answer.  Come on, that’s pretty rude, surely they have manners on whatever planet she’s from.  So as you’d expect, She and Kaito worry and angst over the situation the whole episode, and don’t even really resolve it in the end, but they sure do fantasize about it.  Honestly, Kaito has got to have some kind of disease where he completely removes himself from reality enough to replace people in his fantasies with real humans.  Oh, and Tetsuro isn’t gay, just so all you yaoi fangirls know.  But seriously, he’s talked to Ichika when he didn’t realize that he actually was, he’s hugged Tetsuro thinking that he was Ichika, and he’s announced his plans to repair their relationship for the whole world to hear.  I really hope this is because of his beehive cancer, otherwise I’d say he has some serious mental problems.

They each ask their respective friends (Kaito – Testuro and Ichika – Remon) what they should do about their “hypothetical” situation.  Really, does anyone ever think a “hypothetical” situation is really hypothetical?  Tetsuro tells Katio that he shouldn’t rush her decision, and Remon, as expected of her, pretty much says “Answer him, you dipshit”.  Seriously, “A boy told me that he likes me, what should I do?” well, how about fucking answer him?  Remind me again how she’s so smart?  I don’t really see how Kaito has any responsibility regarding any of this, after all (as shallow and premature as they may be), those are his feelings, so why should he have to do anything? Either way, Ichika was the one who brought the whole thing up, so everything ultimately falls on her.

Later, after Kaito has decides to tell her everything was a misunderstanding and attempt to return their relationship to what it once was, some nympho looking girl pulls up beside him and whisks him away to go shopping or some other girly thing.  However, when Ichika sees this, she instantly assumes that they are going to have sex, not a single alternate thought goes to her head.  Kaito with a girl?  They’re going to fuck, what else would a guy and a girl do?  Now Ichika shows her true yandere side.  This isn’t any of her business, she doesn’t even know the girl he’s with, but it is now her mission in life to find and stop these two from their inevitable sexual intercourse.  But only because she promised his sister she would look after him.  Now, I’m no mind reader, but I think if Kaito’s sister left him alone with a girl only a year older than him, she was probably well aware of the possibility of the two having sex, so I don’t really think what Ichika’s doing is related to doing what his sister said.  And call me crazy, but I don’t think that that’s her only reason for going after him.

Kaito and Big Boobed What’s Her Name do a bunch of standard anime shopping stuff (including lingerie shopping, oh, so funny), as well as to go see High School of the Dead (in a theater) before returning to her home to, obviously, have sex.  At least that’s what Ichika assumes.  So she teleports behind him, which would scare the shit out of any normal person, and attempts to drag him out of there.  But, lookie here, more misunderstanding; the nympho girl is really Tetsuro’s sister who’s having a fight with her husband because she deleted something from her Tivo.  Now, I can really get behind that, one time my mom deleted a  Dexter episode that I didn’t watch, and I was ready to tear the fucking house apart, but I digress.   So Kaito and Ichika somehow overcome their differences by studying together and everything seems happy and wonderful as they head into their summer together.

First off, if you’d like to read a much more detailed review of this episode, you can go check out Kelfio’s post on Otakuness.  So one thing that’s really becoming noticeable is how unnecessary Ichika being an alien seems.  At the moment, nothing about what she is matters to the plot, in fact, the fact that she is an alien is kind of distracting at this point in the series.  Although she mentioned to Remon about how she’ll have to return home after she’s found her magical-special-final-episode-place, that could work the same if she was simply a foreigner.  I really hope that the series actually does something with that, because it could bring this show up form being a standard teen summer love drama.  I’m not quite expecting some FLCL aliens to start popping up out of nowhere, but if you’re going to have sci-fi in the show, at least make it part of the plot, and not just her reason to leave.

Kanna really seemed a lot better in this episode too.  Considering how obviously she wants Kaito’s junk, she reacted fairly well to them making up, though Tetsuro claimed it’s because she’s dense.  She was even pretty chill when she was just talking to Kaito during P.E., and didn’t really seem uptight like she has been in the rest of the episodes.  But really, after three episodes of being paranoid about he and Ichika, it’s pretty weird to see her so accepting at the two of them spending more time together.  It might not be consistent with how she’s been acting, but I like this version of her much more than the bitchy obnoxious version.  I also found the lack of Remon to be disappointing.  She was in it, but she didn’t really have that much to do, other than to tell Ichika to not be such and idiot and give Kaito an answer, and to look a lot like Taiga when they’re swimming (I’m not so sure voluptuous is the right word).  I really want to know what her deal is; she HAS to know that Ichika is an alien, but she doesn’t really seem to give too much of a shit that she is.

I’m still wasn’t really buying the whole romance angle, but now that Kaito has pretty much returned their relationship to normal, it seems like is going to progress as it should.  They’re going to keep hanging out as they shoot, or attempt to shoot the movie, they’ll fall in love, Ichika’ll have to leave, but she’ll come back, and everyone (except Kanna) will be happy.  I’m all for that as long as they don’t have Kaito continually being an angsty teen love sick pansy around Ichika the whole series.


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  1. Heh, funny. Almost Scamp-like. Try coining that “Big Boobed Whatsherface” from now on.

    Lemon is the only thing this show has got going — but that’s her secret. She can’t turn into Urkel and take over the show, cuz that’ll kill her charm.

    • Well, being the best part of the show, or rather the most interesting part, I hope she’s going to have more of a purpose than to say “Oh, by the way, Ichika is an alien” whenever the plot feels it’s convenient to. I mean, I hope she actually has a reason not to tell anyone about her other than she thinks it’s fun.

      • @notaku it seems like the real story of this show with the filming movie start in the next episode becouse the summer break start now what do you think?

      • I still don’t really think making the movie will be too big a part of this show, that is when they actually start making it.

  2. Oh, and Tetsuro isn’t gay, just so all you yaoi fangirls know.
    Dammit. 😐

  3. I saw wild tiger appear in the screen.

  4. the high school of the dead refrence was funny in this episode

  5. Speaking of shout-outs, I put a link to yer blog here in my AnoNatsu review. I’ve got no idea if I’ve followed the proper protocols (or if there are any), but I thought I’d give you a heads up.

    AnoNatsu has been 4 episodes of downhill, IMHO. I even wrote my review late because yesterday, doing my physics homework seemed more fun than trying to review a cliche high school romcom that willfully ignores everything that could have been interesting about it (aliens, space-cancers, loli-bosses, movies, etc).

    We’re a third of the way in here, and I’m *still* “Waiting for Summer”. 😉

    • I don’t really know if there is a proper protocol either, but thanks, I should probably put some to yours as well.

      Anyway, hopefully now that this four episode long prologue thing is over, the show can really start now…. hopefully.

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