Guilty Crown Episode 14 – Lord of the Voids

See what I did there?  Two references in one, boom bitch.  Now… Jesus Bastardizing Christ, what is wrong with these kids?!?  I can understand being scared an worried in this situation, but for Christ sake, at least have a little self control when thinking about KILLING someone.  Things in this show just get more unbelievable and ridiculous as it goes on.  But hey, at least now we’ve got the inevitable Gurren Lagann plot device out of the way, so now we can move on to the plot… right?

The episode starts out with all of the students in school gathered at an assembly asking Kuhouin what they should now that the wall has been put up.  Obviously, having at least some intelligence in her, she says that they can’t really do anything, but wait for help, which the students don’t like very much.  But really, what in the hell are you supposed to do in that situation?  If I recall correctly, the students are there by choice, so it’s not like they have to listen to what she says if they don’t want to.  Anyway, they complain about her leadership for a while and about how, being a bunch of highschool kids with no supervision, they should take action and shouldn’t just sit around and do nothing… yeah, makes sense.

The school hands out vaccines for the virus- wait what?  When the hell did that happen, where did they get them?  Whatever, it’s not like you can expect consistency with this show anyway.  So while watching what’s happening with the other students and the president Tsugumi makes a remark about how Kuhouin isn’t really cut out to be in charge of everything, since she hasn’t really said anything besides “We’re waiting for my grandfather to come save us”, and Souta gets all pissed off because she’s, as expected “trying her best”.  I don’t really see how that has anything to do with if she’s a good leader or not, but, whatever you say.  He goes on to say that Tsugumi isn’t hot for absolutely no reason (which is bullshit), and she after doing the little Japanese-eye-middle-finger-thing, you know what I mean.  So out, way the fuck out of left field, the show decides to have a backstory for Tsugumi… for all of about five seconds.  Inori asks Tsugumi if she’s lonely, and she gets all flustered, saying that even if Funeral Parlor is gone, she’s always been alone, so it doesn’t really matter to her.  Then there’s some quick flash of her playing as a kid and she says not to worry about her anymore.  I guess the show was listening, because they sure as hell don’t bring it up again.

While all this going, the generic assholes for this episode are plotting to leave the school by learning information about the outside and gaining support from people who want to leave the  school.  Once again, exactly what’s keeping them there, I have no idea, but they sure don’t like the idea of letting her tell them what to do.  One of the assholes even suggests to just go ahead and “do the uppity bitch now”.  Yeah, it sounds kind of rapey, but get ready, because there’s a lot of rapey things in this episode.  But he’s not talking about “doing” doing, he talking about killing, as revealed by a gun hidden in the other assholes jacket.  Once again, what the fuck is wrong with these kids?!?  How in the hell can you justify shooting a student council president because she doesn’t want to leaving the school?  What the hell is wrong with you?!?!?!

After that little scene we see Shu’s little entourage meeting outside, where Tsugumi give Shu a device that can gauge the power of a persons Void.  Shu scans everybody, and then they realize that he’s never used Tsugumi’s void, and another really rapey scene occurs. Picture this with out any pretenses: Ayase and Hare both grab onto Tsugumi’s arms holding her in place, and reassure her that it only hurts for a second.  She protests her concerns about what is about to happen to her, but they pay her no mind.  Shu stands up and apologizes to Tsugumi before reaching for her chest.  We see a look of horror on Tsugumi’s face and then a loud scream.  Um… yeah…

But enough of that, we’ve got people to kill.  We see a group of people around the inner area of the wall, and hear an announcement from the government.  They’re planning to decrease the quarantine zone, and shine a red line onto the ground where no one is to cross.  But when it appears, several people are already in it’s way, and they promptly get pumped full of lead.  Then the wall moves forward, slightly decreasing the size of the zone.  Yet after seeing this, the students STILL want to leave, now even more so.  That makes absolutely no sense at all.  If I heard that a bunch of people had been gunned downed by the government when I was in a quarantine zone with a deadly virus, I would want to leave the school even less than I already would have, not to go out adventuring in a world where people are rioting and killing each other.  But they still want to have their damn re-election.  Some crazy mother fuckers over here.

Segai decides to douche it up again and sends a message to the school saying that anyone who turns in a member of Funeral Parlor will be allowed to exit the gate, and we know how that normally turns out.  The assholes run around the school looking for anyone who may be in Funeral Parlor, whom they believe can be identified by a tattoo on their back.  So naturally, everyone they suspect are girls.  A bunch of guys corner Inori, but she kills the fuck out of them, even though we don’t get to see how she did it.  The also gang up on Ayase; four guys on a handicapped girl, real nice.  Tusgumi comes to help her, but the assholes capture them both and bring them to the student council president election.  They claim that Tsugumi and Ayase are members of Funeral Parlor, and everyone knows that you can only tell if they are by seeing if they have a tattoo on their back.  So in another rather rapey scene, everyone starts screaming and going crazy with some douche putting a gun to Tsugumi’s head, and several others attempting to rip Ayase’s shirt off.  That is until Shu’s left testicle descend.  He tells everyone to stop, and they obviously listen to him because they saw him destroy a damn mech.  Shu then says that he can prove that turning Funeral Parlor members in won’t help them.

We cut to a new scene and see the asshole with the long hair pulling up to the magic red laser line.  The mechs take aim at him, but he says that he has members of Funeral Parlor with him.  Shu (carrying Ayase) and Tsugumi appear and walk towards the mechs, and are of course shot up like target practice.  Gee, I wonder if they’re really dead.  Nope, (now, didn’t that surprise you?) it was just a plan created by Shu to show that they wouldn’t be free even if they did turn them in.  Tsugimi then shows off her void that was used to make this plan possible, a doll-making scanner thingamajig.  Rather convenient, huh?  It seems this show has a real knack fro writing convenient plot devices.  Actually, I don’t care, because the only thing I was thinking when she copied herself was: “Tsugumi catgirl orgy would by my first priority”.  Everyone seems to be content with this display, except for one asshole, who pulls a gun on Shu.  But fortunately, Shu’s right testicle descends just in time and he grabs the long hair asshole’s void and throws it at the guy knocking the gun out of his hand.  As you would expect, everyone votes to have Shu as there new leader and we have our new Simon rip-off.  

Then in a quick little scene at the end, Yarhiro suggests ranking the students based on their Voids, and Shu looks kind of freaked out about it, even if it is a logical thing to do, given their situation.

Man, I don’t even know what to say about this show anymore.  After all this time, there is still no plot progression or clear idea about what is going on.  I desperately want to know what’s up with this school though.  First, where the hell are the adults, and if there aren’t any, then what in the Holy Mother of God is keeping these people there?  Do they really not have anything to wear other than their school uniforms?  If you want to go home, then go home, I don’t get why everyone is making such a big deal about their leader when they don’t have to listen to her.  And do you really think that after a bunch of terrorists attacked them that these kids would be a little more concerned with what’s going on outside?

I’m getting really sick of Inori too, which is a random thing to bring up, but I’m tired of her.  Even after all of this time, she’s still a lame Rei knockoff.  But even after all this time, almost nothing has changed about her and she’s still as boring as ever.  At least in Evanglion, Rei was meant more as part of the story than an actualy character (considering the “Rei” that’s in most of the series dies).  On that note, I have no idea why the Rebuild movies are trying to give her emotion.  But Inori really sucks.  Hard.


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  1. I usually don’t bother when I see no comments, but you sir where on a fucking row on this one. I suppose when you give up on the inconsistencies/misaccountability you tend to ignore what an omega-level-cluster-fuck of a mess this is. And yet, we’re all too eager to see how this ends. Oh the irony…

    Nice Review. Will check back next week

  2. HAHAHAHA!!!! You are HILARIOUS! 🙂

    I really couldn’t agree with you more on all this. WTF. I mean…. Where are all the teachers? They must be dead or something? I mean, why is the student council making all of the decisions about what the student body should do during the apocalypse?

    And… all the rapey stuff (BTW, I never heard that word before, but now it will be part of my vocab forever)… The bad-guy students need to either get more or less violent. The way they’re acting they just seem like little rich pansy bitches who watched too many gangsta movies. Like, if they’re gonna rape and kill, then do it already and stop with the damn “elections”. I mean, it’s not like Shu won’t be able to pull out the perfect “stop-the-misguided-youth-without-permanently-maiming-or-killing-them” void at the crucial moment, right?

    And, yes. Inori sucks. She’s just kind of bland. I mean, I suppose there’s going to be some deal about her void changing from a big ass sword to a teddy bear that will save the world or something when she realizes that she’s “in love” with Shu. She’s cute as pie, but so is every anime main-chara female. Bleh, she needs to start doing something cool besides being hot and singing the same damn song over and over. Hehehe.

    • Seriously, for as big a “celebrity” as she supposedly is, she has sung that same song a thousand times. Maybe it’s like that Pepper Ann episode where she has that piano that plays Greensleeves as a demo song, and everyone thinks she can actually play the piano, but she can’t play anything but Greensleeves… God, I’m so weird.

      Anyway, as far as Inori’s teddy bear void (lololol) goes, it’ll probably be just as OP’d as her other void and just be a convenient plot device to kill the evil government in the last episode.

      • Yep. She’ll sing that damn song again, Shu will pull out the the bear, and they’ll hold it up to the bad guys and her song will activate the bear. Then there will be a big “care-bear-stare” moment and the virus will disappear and the bad guys will all turn nice.

        Why? Why? Why am I still watching this series? Don’t I have anything better to do than spend 20+ minutes every week facepalming? 🙂

  3. You forgot to mention how Shu’s hot mom is in a tight suit being mind-controlled to run the GHOST Squad / Endlaves or w/e.

  4. One by one Shu is taking all the girl’s void virginity. It’s almost like making Pactio with the entire cast of girls (and boys) in the series. I look forward to the day Shu pulls out something from Segai or his hot milf mom who in my opinion is the best female character in the show.

    I’m sure whoever is behind the whole idea of setting up those mobile walls around Tokyo and killing off people slowly by mechs watched too many thriller movies. If they’re going to “purify” Tokyo by killing off everything that lives in the zone they might as well have been more efficient and bombed the fuck out of the place. If they wanted to be flashy theres also the option of using that Deathstar laser beam from earlier episodes. I hope they try to make some kind of explanation as to why they haven’t nuked Tokyo yet and decided to drag out their little death games pointlessly wasting away their resources.

    We’ve seen Inori equipped with a handgun several times and one time she pulled it out to kill off Yahiro only to be stopped by Shu. This makes me wonder why Tsugumi and Ayase don’t have any firearms on them while a random highschool douchebag with no connection with the military or shady business have a handgun on him as his “trump card.” I also figured Ayase was made out of tougher materials. One of those frail katawa shoujo but actually a 9th dan kung fu master that can beat the crap out of punks despite being restricted on a wheelchair. I’m kind of disappointed she’s not a humanoid typhoon on wheels. Considering how ridiculous this anime is I half expected her wheelchair to be high tech shit that’s able to fly around and shoot missiles.

    The douche leader of the anti Kuhouin party…. somehow reminds me of this one dude from Highschool of the Dead who happened to be a teacher that “re-educated” his students to become super sluts that bends over on his whims. Maybe he had no intentions of leaving in the first place and wanted to seize leadership to create his utopia of highschool sluts.

    He also makes a fine point of telling the students that nobody has seen Ayase and Tsugumi before in their classes. It could be just me but I’m sure Tsugumi’s different uniform might have given that away from the start. But hey I could be wrong for all we know the school ran out of girl’s uniform so they sold her a summer uniform (provided what she wears is a uniform in the first place. If not good for Tsugumi she’s the only one who decided not to wear a uniform in the face of these events.)

    So err… when douche number 2 lifted up Ayase’s shirt did anyone find any black tattoo? If so I clearly missed it lol.

    People instantly back off when Shu the guy who cut a mecha with his void sword steps up to the plate. I wonder why the douche troupe thought it was safe to make a move on Ayase when she has access to those artificial legs (Katawa EMI legs MKIII). Not that they would know how those voids are being pulled out by Shu but it should still be on their minds that she used it to fend off those terrorists.

    The episode ends alas with a final stupid idea from Yahiro to create a new social ladder that depends on people’s void energy reading to differentiate between Useful people and Useless baggage. Thus we create a new word, Voidism. If Yahiro’s plans were to create distrust, social hierarchy and mistreatment of the majority by the minority then he’s doing a perfect job. Besides this school needs more chaos considering they haven’t been driven up with despair and madness that their government is going to kill them off slowly bit by bit instead of nuking them off the face of Tokyo.

    Other brilliant inconsistency.

    Shu’s hot milf mom can control multiple mechs and she does so by killing off a horde of innocent people. Last I remember she was on the run from the government and the military. Did she forget Segai nearly blew her brains out only to be saved by an angry Captain America with his fist of justice? She better have a pretty darn good reason for doing what she’s doing but then we might never get told about her unknown circumstances because this is Guilty Crown.

    • Your comment made my day, but unfortunately, I don’t think any of the things that you raised questions about will ever be answered. This is Guilty Crown after all -The Geass/Eva/Lagann ripoff with no plot, shitty characters, and mountains of unexplained bullshit.

      • If only it did answer all the inconsistent bullshit that goes around behind our eyes. Instead the producers decide to bend their own plot logic by giving Shu the ability to pull out a void without even making eye contact with Douche kid number 2 when he threw the pink bat-arang at douche Leader’s handgun. We could be good little fans and say “Oh I bet Shu’s power is evolving!” but really it came off as a little random when all this time he was always restricted by those same rules that applied everytime he took void virginity from people.

        Nope Guilty Crown is guilty of creating unnecessary bullshit that goes unexplained for no apparent reason and won’t hesitate to create some more even if it destroys the bullshit they finally explained and made sense of (aka How Voids work with your pal Mr.Werkz)

        When Tsugumi pulled out the Void Scouter I instantly thought it was a tool to measure the power of a girl’s boobs. Sadly I was mistaken. While I can be biased about this but considering Hare’s void is something that reconstructs/heals things I fail to see how that would compare against Ayase’s gundam boots and Tsugumi’s Kagebunshin no Mahou shoujo Wand. I could be wrong but I’d go with Tsugumi and Ayase’s boots any day if I was to participate in a battle against unmanned eva-wannabes. Yet according to the boob power level scouter it reads Hare’s void is superior. The type of utility is so different…. how does it even begin to compare let alone apply numerical value? I still think the numbers represent breast sizes… or appeals. But whichever it is, Tsugumi has yet again invented something completely useless to waste another 5 minutes of air time with dumb useless crap that we don’t really need to know about.

        I think most of us are wondering by now


        There’s actually a very simple yet logical answer to your question. Ask yourselves if you were a teacher in a no man’s land that’s about to get nuked or in this case be raped by walking steel giants of death. Would you feel like coming to school and teach/supervise brats cos it’s your job? Or would you say fuck kids I’m out of here, and plan your miraculous escape via sewerlines? I would say among everyone featured in this show the teachers are by far the smartest creatures that inhabit Guilty Crown’s Tokyo if you ask me. A complete no show.

        Fun yet useless fact number 12 from episode 13.
        Ayase had a mad crush on Gai for giving her “legs” (in the form of walking eva incarnation of terror).
        Shu pulled out a pair of legs for her by taking her void virginity
        Did Shu unlock the hidden Ayase route?

        Tsugumi’s void copies bodies and she can control them however she wishes…. If I may be a bit of a pervert…. will we see a hentai doujin featuring an army of Tsugumi orgy team?

        As much as everyone would like the series to try and explain half the dumb crap they throw up with each episode I think it’s safe to assume we may never get any answers. Unless they did a crappy filler episode that back tracks all the leading events and reveal bits and pieces of unexplained parts to fill the 30mins gap. Personally I wasn’t pleased by it.

    • Man, you’re absolutely awesome, and I’ve already called first for the Tsugumi orgy. But if logic does apply in this show, and the teachers have GTFO like they would in real life, why the hell are the students sticking around like their school’s a damn military bunker? The girls wants to see her parents again? Go see your parents, who the hell is stopping you?

      BTW, The scanner can’t represent breast sizes, because Inori’s “rating” is over 9000 and she barely has B’s. Maybe it tells how much Shu wants to bone said girl. Inori, Hare, Ayase, Tsugumi (in order of decreasing “power”)… I think that’s what it really is.

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