Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 3 – Successful Troll is Successful

Okay, so I’m still talking about this series because… well, I have to watch something other than Nisemonogatari.  But honestly, next weeks episode will probably be the make it or break it point for me continuing to write about it.  I just really hope it doesn’t just continue down the angsty teen summer romance line.   This show now more than ever really seems to be Ano Hana crossed with Onegai Teacher, with all the romantic triangles going back and forth and such.  While neither of those shows are bad by any means, it’s still kind of surreal to think that this director is so openly committing self-plagiarism.  So let’s say Quentin Tarantino makes a movie about Uma Thurman taking revenge on the people who tried to kill her on her wedding day, but she OD’s on coke forced on her by Vivica Fox and John Travolta has to shoot her up with adrenaline.  Sound familiar?  I really don’t understand how you could thing that cramming two shows you’ve already made together make it into something new, but as long as Remon continues to troll the fuck out of everyone, then I’ll probably stick along for the ride (And yes, I’m going to call her Remon even if MAL and everyone else in the world says her name is Lemon, because a Lemon is a fucking fruit, not a name).

We begin this episode by cementing Kaito’s status as an angsty spineless wimp protagonist, because those are rather scarce in anime these days.  Kaito continues to fantasize about Ichika, only now he’s being more realistic with his fantasies.  He imagines telling her that he “loves” her (since he’s known her for a whole entire day) and her laughing in his face.  A pretty reasonable guess as to what would happen if Ichika was a normal person.  So Kaito decides to sit in his room and cry about how he thinks he got rejected by Ichika the night before.  I don’t really know why he’s avoiding her at school, because she lives with him, so it’s just a matter of picking your poison really.  He doesn’t even have to balls to talk to her, and ends up writing notes to her through the door to tell her he’s skipping school.  Now, I know that he thinks he just got rejected, but for the love of God, you’ve only known her for two days at the most, it’s not like you had worked at improving your relationship to “couple” status a whole lot.  Anyway, Kaito stays home to cry and Ichika goes on to school.

At school, Remon begins to plan her tirade of ultimate trolling.  After Ichika tells her about Kaito, she effortlessly pulls information about what happened with Kaito from Ichika.  However, she isn’t content with the minute level of humor gained from this situation, and moves on to bigger and better things.  Over in the younger characters classroom, Mio and Kanna try to remember what they did, though they seemed completely unfazed by the fact that neither of them can remember anything they did yesterday.  Tetsuro comes in, equally fine with the idea that he may have short term memory loss, and hands Kanna a picture that Remon told him to give her.  Knowing Remon, there is only on thing this picture could possibly be, Kanna doing that erotic sex-pose-thing.  You truly have to admire a troll of her caliber; a troll who is willing to troll yet not be in the presence of the trollee when they are trolled is someone who truly appreciates trolling.  I think she and Mai would get along very well.  So Kanna has to keep up her tusndere appearances and flips the fuck out, still wondering what happens yesterday.

After class, Kanna leaves to go see Kaito, because she thinks that He and Ichika are having sex or something.  When she leaves, Mio asks Tetsuro if he’s okay with “it”.  Of course “it” means that he likes Kanna, but she never really comes out and says it.  Tetsuro never really owns up to it either, but still says that he’s okay with her feeling that way.  So while Kanna is a complete bitch to Ichika just because she thinks she and Kaito are banging, Tetsuro is completely calm (at least externally) about Kanna liking Kaito.  It seems like he doesn’t see any reason to pursue his feelings for her, because she obviously doesn’t feel the same way about him.  Now if only someone else could apply that same concept to her life.  Seriously, why does Kanna have to be such a idiot in this situation?  If Tetsuro can get over how he feels because he can read social cues and knows that there’s no point to it, why can’t this closed minded bitch do the same?  Remon shows up with a huge-ass 8mm camera and suggests that they go and follow Kanna and see what happens.

Kanna goes to Kaito’s house, and in a surprising turn of events, doesn’t bitch him out for skipping school, though it was probably due to the relief she felt when she found out that he wasn’t getting it on with Ichika.  At first Kaito invites her in, but his ever running mind imagines Ichika finding them together at home and her calling him a manslut, so he decides that they should go somewhere.  Kaito decides to go site hunting for their movie, and Remon, Tetsuro, and Mio, who have been watching the whole time, decide to follow them.   Meanwhile Ichika is having fantasies of her own and thinks that Kaito has discovered that she is an alien, and after seeing Katio and Kanna on the train, decides that they are going to report her to the authorities.  Now, if she is this paranoid about being found out by Kaito and the others, why in the hell was she so loosed lipped about her true identity in the second episode?  Oh plot holes, how I love thee.  So Ichika has a spaz attack and decides to follow Kaito and Kanna as well.

Kaito and Kanna continue on their faux date-thingy, with Remon and her lackeys following behind.  They do a bunch of random pointless stuff for a while until Mio asks Tetsuro to go get a drink with her.  Again, we are beat in the head with the fact that Tetsuro likes Kanna, and then beat in the stomach with the fact that he doesn’t mind it.  Finally Kaito and Kanna arrive at a standardly romantic bridge overlooking a sunset, and Kanna brazenly asks Kaito about Ichika, still attempting to establish the fact that she is a jealous bitch.  Kaito, however, tries to convince her (and probably himself) that he doesn’t really feel anything for her, because of how different they are.  Actually, he says that they “Don’t understand each other sometimes”.  Sometimes my ass.  Once again, I’d like to reiterate: He has known her for at the most two days.  TWO FUCKING DAYS.  Where in the hell does he get off, talking like they’ve known each other for months or something.  Although he’s just trying to justify why she “rejected” him, Kanna sees it as a go-ahead for telling him that she loves him.  She begins to, but unfortunately, Remon was trolling slightly too hard (well, way too hard, she as about five yards away) and Kanna stops halfway through, once again flipping her shit.  However, she does manage to get a jab about Kanna’s obvious feeling for Kaito in, so it wasn’t a total loss.

Remon runs away and Kanna chases her leaving Kaito alone.  He wanders around for a while before running into Ichika.  He once again starts to cry about how she “rejected” him and runs away form her like a pussy.  She then chases after him because she thinks that he knows she is an alien.  Oh misunderstandings.  After they both catch up with each other, they have a conversation about what they think the other knows about them, but it ends with neither of them really knowing what the other meant.  Instead, they just hang around for a while and talk about stuff that was apparently not important enough to show before they begin to go home.  At the station, Katio is filming Ichika (no doubt so he can jerk off to it later) and she conducts a fake interview with him, asking him if he has someone that he likes.  She runs through the list of girls that Kaito know, each to which he curtly replies “No”.  She then playfully suggests herself, and he freezes up like a complete social retard.  It seems people in anime aren’t too good at making jokes out of situations (well except Remon).  A ridiculously awkward moment occurs, bringing several gay babies into the world, and the episode ends with Ichika wearing a dumbfounded look on her face.

Honestly, what I wanted from this show was nothing more than a bunch of friends making a movie.  Esentially, I wanted it to be Super 8 without the alien, which is what Super 8 should have been in the first place.  Unfortunately, I’m obviously not getting that, but my hopes of that died pretty early in the first episode, so I can’t say it was very realistic to hold onto that hope.  But I know that I don’t want a bunch of high-school crush drama with aliens thrown in either.  I don’t really want to blog this show if it’s just going to be a summer romance anime, but I’ll end up watching it nonetheless.  After all, this show has Remon.  Remon, is definitely the best thing about this show.  It pretty awesome to see someone so blatantly laughing at these high school student’s crushes and such, not to mention that she more than likely knows that Ichika is an alien and doesn’t give a damn about it.  I’m sure she’ll continue to be a very successful troll throughout this entire series, so even if everything goes to shit, I’ll still have Remon to cling onto for dear life.

I would still very much like to know about Ichika’s plant, her race, and lots of other stuff that the show has failed to discuss, like Kaito’s “illness” which took a leave of absence this episode.  I think his illness is probably something caused by Ichika bringing him back to life or something, because she obviously killed him when she landed.  Maybe the technology they have to do that isn’t compatible with human cells or something, makes about a much sense as a teletubby with a plant growing from its head.  Speaking of her teletubby, Kaito seemed pretty relaxed around it, even though it looks like no animal on earth at all.  Seriously what goes through these characters heads?  Kaito has enough brainpower to decide not to stay at home with Kanna for fear Ichika might see him, but isn’t bother by Rinon, something that so obviously isn’t from earth?  Ichika thinks multiple times about how Kaito could have found out she’s an alien, yet doesn’t remember saying anything that would implicate such things at all?  These are the main characters people, sometimes you gotta take what you can get.  I’ll take Remon.


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  1. Wow. I love your review, it’s hilarious. I’m LMFAO over here.

    I’m with you in that Remon is the only reason I haven’t dropped this show.

    Something needs to happen with a quickness for AnoNatsu – something that I think is often called a “plot”. 😉

    • Why thank you very much. I’d like to believe that Ichika is going to reveal to Kaito that she is an alien, because she has killed/diseased him, and they are living together, so he kind of deserves to know.

  2. Didn’t care for the review….Most of the time, at least for me the majority of animes that i watch, the only thing driving the plotline is romantic interests. Ofcourse there are some good stories regardless, however the driving force for me is mainly romantic interests, and i loved this episode. It doesn’t really matter if they’ve only known each other for a whole two days. If i’m not mistaken, please teacher worked out that way too? And that was a really good anime. It was one of the first animes that i had ever watched outside of adultswim.

    • Yeah, Onegai Teacher did work out that way because it’s pretty much the same show, only in Onegai Teacher, their relationship continued to develop after they were forced to get married. And it does matter if he’s known her for two days; that isn’t love, it’s just attraction. Think about Toradora, they aren’t “in love” at all in the beginning, but they become closer as they continue to hang out with and help each other. That’s the whole point of a romance show, not to say “Oh I love you, you love me, let’s be in love for eleven more episodes!” It’s to see how they get to be together.

      • the mood of the characters is very rialistic and if you look you see they give us diffrent rialistic situation every episode which make this anime great and about the romance i think we will see how they get together in few episodes since it only the first episodes.what do you think?you also think they show us different situation every episode?

  3. On the other hand, my newbie, nostalgia-free status allows me to enjoy this anime and revel in the best character of Winter season, Lemon.* She seems to be one step ahead of everyone else, playing them like a marionette, all with a permanent smirk engraved on her face.

    (*Name rolls off the tongue better with an L, otherwise we’re just regurgitating Engrish without the mockery)

    • But there is no technically no distinction between L and R in the Japanese language, and L letters are normally pronounced with R’s, not to mention I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Japanese name with an L in it before. And since Japanese don’t normally use the letter L, except for foreign words, I don’t see how her parents could have named her that.

      Either way, she’s still awesome, even if she is a lot like a certain character from an anime that is rather… similar… to this one, but I guess if you’ve never seen it then it wouldn’t be that important.

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