Guilt Crown Episode 13 – Hell’s Gate

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Okay, with this episode, I can now say that this anime has some of the most stupid pacing I have ever seen in any television show.  And I had actually had some hope with all of the stuff that happened in the past few episodes that this show would get better.  Not good, there’s no way in hell I could call this show anywhere near “good” after all of the shit it’s pulled.  This show can only possibly achieve “mediocre” in my eyes if it has an amazingly awesome ending, which it won’t, but that kind of goes without saying.

We start this episode with a half-way decent setup; Gai has really died, the city has been destroyed, and GHQ has initiated a quarantine over a large portion of the city, including Shu’s school.  After all that we get a new opening, which is just as meh as the first, except there’s an older more serious looking Shu, so yeah, I’m not letting up on my Gurren Lagann jokes yet.  Anyway, Ayase and Tsugumi have taken refuge in the school as well, posing as students.  While roaming the school grounds Ayase falls out of her chair trying to pick up a track shoe (for whatever reason) and a couple of obviously asshole-ish people appear to offer their “assistance”.  Of course, Ayase can’t swallow her pride for a fraction of a second to let anyone help her back into her wheelchair, so she starts acting like a bitch to them, as she often does.  They talk like assholes for a second, then one of the assholes reaches for her chest, only to be stopped by Shu telling him to stop.  I’d like to point out that people like this don’t fucking exist.  What the fuck kind of high school boy would try to grope a paralyzed girl who fell out of her wheelchair?  A fucking rapist, that’s who.  What is the deal with all these generic douche bag guys in anime who just have to pick fights with girls?  Come on, if you picked a fight with a girl in real your ass would get made fun of so much.  Well, Ayase bitches some more about having anyone help her, and everyone leaves, with Tsugumi talking about how hard she’s taking Gai’s death, and about the future of Funeral Parlor.  Yeah, you got me there screenwriter, I really thought this was the end of everything.

So, Shu and all of his classmates have a meeting about how they need supplies, how long the quarantine will last, etc.  They begin to talk about how riots have begun in the city and how there have also been fights in the school, and that’s when Shu’s spastic friend (who’s name escapes me) has the most amazing idea ever: to have a cultural festival.  A fucking cultural festival.  The writers of this show have got to be out of their mind, a main character just died and we decide to do this shit.  Maybe I’m the only one who thinks so, but I think that Gurren Lagann handled this situation a little better.  I think Simon would have flipped his shit if someone suggested having a party after Kamina died.  And yes, that really is the main focus of this episode; everyone having a party to try to cheer themselves up.  Now, while that’s a pretty lame idea for an episode, just wait, the “villains” make it even better.

There are a few moments where we see Segai talking to a few people and commenting about making things more.  Obviously we are given no clue as to what he’s talking about, but you kind of come to expect it in this show.  Daryl also decides to make an appearance in this episode to, probably to show that he’s still alive more than anything else.  So, he has “infiltrated” the school and is posing as a student, even though he doesn’t make too much of an attempt to act like one.  Tsugumi runs into him and makes him carry some stuff for her while he continues to be a pompous douche, even when she gives him a candy apple.  Come on man, candy apples are awesome, you can’t not want one of those.

About this time all of the preparations for the festival are beginning and we’re introduced to our “villains” for this episode.  I use quotation marks because they’re really just a bunch of pathetic losers.  So they all gather on the roof of a building nearby the school looking down with disgust on the festival that they’re planning, and decide to attack them because they’re having too much fun.  Are you fucking kidding me?!?!  Who the hell do you think you are, the fucking Grinch or something?  How much a pussy do you have to be to be upset that a bunch of high school kids are having fun at a festival?  That is one the most pathetic excuses to attack something I’ve even heard in my entire life; we don’t like them having fun, so we’re going to kill them.  I mean, it’d make sense if they were going to ransack it for food or supplies or something, because it’s kind of retarded to be doing something like that in the first place, but doing it just to be assholes?  Just… wow… that is some amazing writing right there.  So here’s the plot for the episode.  A bunch of crybabies are going to attack a festival that a bunch of kids are having to make everyone feel better.  Give me just a second, I need to go cut myself to release some of this adrenaline.

Okay, I’m back (took me damn near an hour to wipe all the blood off my keyboard).  So where were we?  Oh yeah, Shu talks to Ayase (who had recently bitched Tsugumi out about her not being useful) and she once again whines about how she isn’t worth anything, Gai is dead, blah blah blah.  But then, The Grinch Gang crashes the party and Shu begins rolling Ayase away from the mayhem.  She stops him and tells him how much she still wants to help, even if she can’t use her Endlave, and look what starts happening, the void-circle-thing-a-ma-jig.  It turns out that Ayase’s void is a pair of bionic legs (why she can’t leave them on all the time, I don’t know).  She and Shu both kill the “terrorists”, everyone cheers (even though they kind of overlooked the fact that Shu’s power’s have been exposed), they strike a cool back-to-back pose the episode’s over… or is it?

Tusgumi manages to get the television signal back and turns it to a GHQ announcement.  And look who it is, good ol’ Commander Koudou (thought he was dead, but whatever you say).  He announces that he is now the acting leader of Japan and says that no trace of life can be found in the quarantine area.  He then says that it will be put under lock-down for the next ten years, and we see a big-ass wall rising around the perimeter of the quarantine zone. Ooooh.

Man, what a complete waste of an episode, and not just because of the stupid ass plot, but because of all the shit that happened last episode.  I mean, did they not feel the need to explain any of that, or am I just an idiot who didn’t understand all of that stuff.  The only attempt that this show makes to explain anything is Yahiro asking why he can hold his own Void now, to which Shu replies “My powers changed… I think”.  Is that really the only thing they could come up with to explain any of that?  You know what, I’m willing to bet that less than fifty percent of that shit that happened is explained by the end of the show;  $20 dollars right now, who’s in?


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  1. I would so bet you $20 right now, but I’m betting for the same thing as you – that 90% of the “explanations” will never happen and that most of the loopholes will just continue to be ignored. Oh well… maybe someone will come along who’s willing to disagree and happens to have $20. 😉

    And oh yeah… I’ve got a message for you. The grinch who stole the apocalypse is running a candy apple stand at booth #23. Who wouldn’t want a candy apple, right? Isn’t it the best thing to clear your mind of all that end-of-the-world, bodies all over the place, crazy deadly virus stuff? And, even if candy apples aren’t your thing, I’m sure seeing girls in maid costumes with cat ears will have you right as rain in no time. Hehehe.

  2. Now, after watching this episode, i seriously think code geass R2 was awesome. But I won’t drop this for the trainwreck entertainment..

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