Guilty Crown Episode 12 – Mind Sodomy

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So, um, did anyone else get a “final episode” feeling here, or was it just me?  With all of the Evangelion style mind rape, Gai pulling a Kamina on us and Shu saving Inori, I just kind assumed it would equal the end of the series.  But I guess… not?  I have absolutely no idea what’s supposed to happen now, but I assume it will involve a little bit of Gurren Lagann ripping off.  Other than that, no clue.

The episode starts out exactly where the previous one left off, and begins as Shu chases whoever the hell this guy is into some unexplained something-or-other.  There, the guy tells Shu that he has to remember everything that has happened if he want’s to follow them so much, and thus we begin Shu’s journey of recollection.

We flash back to the summer before Lost Christmas to Shu and his older sister Mana by the ocean.  That’s kind of an odd name for a child, even a Japanese one.   And if you didn’t notice, Mana looks exactly like Inori.  Anyway, after Shu flips out because she took him to some spot to look at the ocean, he spots a body on the shore below.  They go to his aid, and lo and behold, it looks a hell of a lot like someone named Gai.  Mana/Inori gives Gai mouth-to-mouth, and Shu gets turned on watching her do it, which is kind of weird, but nothing compared to what comes next.  After Gai wakes up, Mana decides instead of giving him twenty seconds to collect himself, that he has obviously forgotten his name and dubs him Triton, because he came from the sea.  Actually, I think it was just another Evangelion reference.  So Shu continues to reminisce about the summer they spent together,  how much fun they had and how he and Gai/Triton became best friends, until the show decides to dump some more what-the-fuck sauce on top of you.

But apparently, just having fun wasn’t enough for Mana.  She begins to talk to Shu about how he would feel if she got married to someone, and suggests Gai/Triton.  But everyone knows that having your best friend go out with your sister is just plain weird, so Shu says that she can’t.  This is where we get into more of the “…wha…” stuff.  Mana tells Shu that she doesn’t want to marry Gai, but rather wants to be with him, and proceeds to make suggestive remarks to him and finally makes out with her little brother.   As if that wasn’t enough, we flash to Gai/Triton who confronts Mana about the virus she has, which he claims is making her crazy.  So, thankfully, she isn’t voluntarily throwing herself at her brother, or at least he made it seem like she isn’t, but still, what the hell is so special about Mana and what the fuck is Inori?

While this whole flashback sequence is taking place, a lot of other odd stuff is happening inside the big crystal pillar.  They finally begin to give some insight on what the hell is going on, but it honestly doesn’t make any sense.  People babble on about rebuilding the human race or something, you know, kind of like the Human Instrumentality Project?  Then they talk about using Inori to form some kind of contract with Mana to rebuild humanity, you know, kind of like how Rei bonded with Lilith to  cause the Third Impact?  And I’m sorry if I’m making too many connections with Evangelion, but I can’t help it, it’s just too obvious.  Either way, not to much of the stuff that’s happening makes a whole lot of sense, because you’ve never heard of any of this stuff before.  At least in Eva, when it got to the end, you had heard small details about Seele, the Human Instrumentality Project, what Rei actually is, and tons of other shit, but here, it’s like watching End of Evangelion without having seen the rest of the series.  They never even think to mention what the hell is so important about Shu’s sister or even if  she’s human or not, and the only think they say about Inori is that she is indeed not human, and somehow created from Mana.  So, she’s pretty much Rei.

We also finally get to see what happened during Lost Christmas, which has an almost humorous ending.  Gai/Triton asks Shu to meet him at a church so he can tell him about what’s happening with his sister.  However, Mana shows up first, and gives Gai/Triton a gun and tells him to shoot at a star, but the gun was rigged to misfire or something, and Gai/Triton gets hurt.  So, Mana uses Gai/Triton’s blood as lipstick, Shu walks in on everything that’s happening, he pushes Mana away, calls her a monster, and she explodes, causing Lost Christmas.  Confused?  That’s not even the half of it.  When she does explode, we see people miles away getting disintegrated by the virus in a violent flash of light.  Now cut back to Shu and Gai/Triton, they emerge from a pile of rubble, completely unharmed, Gai/Triton takes one look at Shu, says “I’m going to get strong” and leaves.  Yes, leaves, just walks away, leaving Shu to handle the fact that his sister just exploded by himself.  That scene was hilariously stupid, and let’s not forget, about two seconds after Gai/Triton walks of screen, a couple of police come to aid Shu, so why in the hell wouldn’t they stop the other kid that’s walking away from a mountain of rubble?  Solid writing at it’s best.

But we’re still not done with all the craziness here.  About halfway through the episode Gai and Ayase crash the party, though wherever that is, I’m not entirely sure.  So no, Gai is not dead (at least not yet anyway) and he begins to talk with Shu about all of his repressed memories about what happened with his sister and the Second Impac- I mean, Lost Christmas.  So, because of more unexplained stuff, Gai claims that they have to stop the evil Gendo rip-off who’s name I don’t recall from getting married to Mana though Inori or something.  I’m sorry I can’t offer any better explanation of what’s going on, but it really doesn’t make any sense at all.  The only possible thing that I can think to talk about was that red chain thing.  It was the same thing that Shu cut when he killed Yahiro’s brother, so apparently this think is the manifestation of their life, or at least that’s I can think of to call it.

Now the fight with a bunch of eyeballs on purple crystals begins and Gai tells Shu to pull out his own void.  So Shu pulls out Gai’s void and gives it to GAI.  How in the Holy Mother of Jesus does that work?  You’ve spent the past eleven episodes showing that when someones void is removed they become unconscious, because technically you’re taking out their soul.  So how in the hell does just holding someone’s hand while you draw it out negate that?  Explain goddammit.  Whatever, so Gai shoots his gun (which cause peoples voids to manifest) at Inori and Shu grabs the sword and cuts her free.  Then good-ol’ Grave Keeper guy kills Gendo because he failed to do whatever it is he was attempting to do, and Gai rushes at Mana only to get impaled by a bunch of crystal spikes.

Then, in a rather cliched scene, Gai tells Shu to stab Mana through his body, so he can at least kind of be like Kamina.  Shu follows his command, kills Gai and Mana, and he and Inori get absorbed into some magic bubble that protects him from the huge Purple Tower of Babylon collapsing onto the  city.  He and Inori cry and the episode is over.

What the fuck… I don’t even… Christ…

Jesus, I don’t even know what to say about this, because I have no idea what’s going to happen now.  I assume Shu is going to take over Team Dai-Parlor and find out that Inori is actually and Anti-Spiral.  Gurren Lagann jokes aside, I really can’t deduce much else from what happened in this episode.  I mean, it was kind of nice to actually find out who Gai is and (kind of) find out about Inori and Mana, but everything else isn’t explained in the slightest.  I mean, it wasn’t that it was hard to grasp or anything, there’s no way you could grasp it because it was all complete bullshit and none of it had ever been mentioned before.  Next episode will probably be like Gurren Lagann episode 9, with everyone grieving the loss of their leader, Shu pouting, and Inori’s going to be frozen in some crate somewhere.  I suppose I have to finish this thing, I’m this far into it, and I’d much rather not understand a damn thing that’s going on than for the show to go back to how it was in the beginning.


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  1. Simply worst episode ever and probably worst anime of the season?

  2. Wow really guys? I think you’re just hating on the fact that it has similarities to Gurren Laggan and that’s the only thing that you can see. So far I’m really liking the show, the characters are actually interesting to watch. I’ve given up watching anime for almost a year now now but this series kind of got me back into it. I’m looking forward to me

    • I’m not “hating” on the fact that it’s similar to Gurren Laggan (The real similarities will come next episode). If you can’t tell, I’m not that serious of a person, all of the stuff about Eva and Gurren Laggan is just joking around. I’m just pointing out similarities because they’re there. And I don’t know what you mean by interesting characters; Gai is dead, Inori is still just an outlet for fanservice, and most everyone else is a generic archetype. Shu is the only character who is vaguely interesting, but that’s just because of how he’s connected to everything.

  3. They actually explained why Shu was able to give Gai his own Void.

    Daath said that “Shu’s memory shackles are undone and he is in his new King Mode”.

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