Nisemonogatari – Concerns and Expectations

Okay, I’m sorry that I’ve been so obsessed with the Monogatari series on here for about a week, and since the first episode of this will be airing tomorrow, and I’ll be talking about the show then as well.  Now that I think about it, I probably should have done this a while ago… whatever.

So, if you’ve been following this show at all, then you know that it was recently announced to be simulcast on Crunchyroll, much to everyone’s surprise.  It’s not really any big deal to me that a show gets picked up by Crunchyroll, because there’s no way I’m going to pay them $120 dollars a year to watch the one, maybe two shows per season they pick up that I actually want to watch.  Especially when I can just download the show for free (Have a problem with piracy? Click here).  Now, when I first heard about this the only thing I think was “Oh, shit, that means that no fansub groups are going to do this”.  Now, I don’t really have a problem with Crunchyroll’s subs or anything, but we’re talking about Nisemonogatari here; it isn’t exactly going to be any easy thing to subtitle.  I don’t know if the same “Put text everywhere” mentality carried over to this show, but I think it’s safe to assume that it’ll probably be like it’s prequel.  So, I have no idea how Crunchyroll plans to do all of that, or how well they’ll do at the actual dialogue either.  It’s kind of a shame, because GG Subs did an amazing job with the original series but obviously they won’t do this now.  We can only hope that either Crunchyroll doesn’t screw the translation up, or that GG will swoop in and save the day if they do.

It’s also supposedly been sub-licensed by Aniplex USA (They have a page up about it, but it just says to watch it on Crunchyroll), so we can only pray that this means a state-side home release, but hopefully not some bullshit $400 import box – fuck that shit.  Who knows? Maybe if this has been licensed, they’re also working on the rights to Bakemonogatari, or maybe even already have them.

But among all these concerns I have, there was one thing I discovered about five days ago that shot my excitement for this show up about ten times what it already was.  So I was looking it up on MAL one day, and I see this.

Needless to say, I instantly had to change my pants.

In case you were not aware, Shinobu is a fucking boss.  And not only is she a main character, but she’s fucking talking again (that’s the reason I circled the VA, I don’t even know who that is).  So, finally, Shinobu is going to stop pouting and being a bitch to Araragi and do something again, and be a badass while doing it.  I could only guess that she’s going to kind of take over Oshino’s role and help Araragi figure out what to do with all of his “patients”, or she could just have finally forgiven him for what he did to her.  Either way, she’s fucking back, she’s fucking talking, it’s going to be fucking awesome.


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  1. So, no fan-subbers will do Nisemonogatari only because Crunchyroll is airing English subs TOMORROW?

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