Rinne no Lagrange Episode 1 – First Impressions

 It’s the start of a new year, so it seems perfectly reasonable to start the winter season off with something that I really wasn’t sure about; you know, try something new and all.  But then again, maybe I just watched this because I honestly can’t think of anything else that I want to watch this season besides Nisemonogatari and Another, and the fact that it’s done by IG.  Well, technically it’s Xebec, but it’s a subsidiary of IG and beggars can’t be choosers (even though Xebec itself has had a pretty unimpressive track record).  And of course being from IG it looks pretty good animation wise, so I guess I’d advise to try to find a higher quality version of it somewhere than a standard web video, or wait until Viz begins their simulcast of it.

The plot right now is pretty much non-existent, which I guess is okay because it’s the first episode.  And not only that, it’s the first episode of a mecha anime, so there isn’t a whole lot of time to sit around and talk about what’s going on, they need the get that first episode fight in there.  Basically, all that happens is an overly happy girl named Madoka Kyouno is asked to pilot a robot by some girl with a really long name, and of course she accepts.  And they call the mechs “robots” not just once, but multiple times; now that’s pretty damn lazy.  Come on Nissan, you can’t even come up with a name for your mechs?  And yes, that’s right, Nissan designed the mechs, so it may just be one big marketing scheme to get people to buy their cars.

The characters seem kind of meh right now too.  And I know it’s the first episode, so there isn’t really too much reason to get into that but to me, it seems odd that every one of the main characters is a girl.  I’m not trying to be sexist or anything, but I just kind of assumed that the mecha genre was generally reserved for males.  But then again, having a female protagonist could be a good break from the standard routine of having a male as the lead.  I guess only time will tell though.

And didn’t it seem strange that Madoka won her first fight so easily?  I mean, that was supposedly one of the main villains that she was battling and she beat him with a suplex after about 30 seconds of fighting?  Considering that she had never been in it before, that seems kind of hard to believe.  But they did pull that classic “past connection” bullshit where she somehow is connected to the mech through some past something or other (it has something to do with her ass, no joke).


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  1. Just saw it.

    Not bad for a generic mecha show, tho I don’t have much expectations to begin with.

    Insipid start to the winter season, but I expect Nisemonogatari to carry the torch.

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