Fate/Zero Episode 13 [Mid Series Finale] – Four Month Cliffhanger

Okay, surely I can’t be the only one who thought that this episode was kind of a let down, you know, with it being with the finale and everything.  I did like seeing more of Caster and Ryuunosuke, but this episode spent too much time doing nothing just so there could be a huge cliffhanger at the end.

Pretty much all of this episodes followers Caster/Ryuunosuke and Rider/Waver, which while I enjoyed because I haven’t seen much of Caster and Ryuunosuke in a while, I felt it was kind of odd to have them discussing their opinions on God and humans for such a long time in a finale of a season.  So, finally we see Ryuunosuke and Cater find their crazy human art work in ruins after Rider burns it in episode 9.  Obviously, they are upset because all of their hard work of placing the mutilated corpses of children in a beautiful display has been reduced to ash, and Ryuunosuke begins to go off about how cruel God is.  Then they have their big discussion about what God thinks of humans and the world, and they both come to the conclusion, that God must enjoy seeing them torture and kill children because he allows them to do it, or something like that.  They’ve get some pretty nice circular logic going on and Caster claims that he will show Ryuunosuke something he could never have imagined.

But enough about insane child murders, it’s time for Waver and Rider.  Everything Rider does makes me like him even more than I already did; he’s Alexander the Great, has a badass Noble Phantasm, and doesn’t even care that his Master is a loser.  After he and Waver go into town, Waver pretty much says that he doesn’t think he deserves such a good servant.  After all, Rider is confident, fearless and strong, while Waver is nothing like that.  Waver even tells Rider that he would have rather summoned Assassin, to which Riders responds “That’d be no good… you’d probably be dead”.  But even with Waver being a whiny bitch, Rider is still nice to him, and explains to him that they really aren’t so different.  Although Waver thinks that he is weak, he was willing and determined enough to take part in the War, which Rider says means that his ambitions are just as great as his own.  And when Waver claims that he was and idiot for ever thinking he could win the War, Rider claims that he himself is and idiot for dreaming to see the ocean for 2000 years, so in fact they are more alike than Waver thinks.  Ah man, gotta love Rider.

So finally the show decides that’s it’s done enough wasting time and that it needs to give the viewers a reason to watch the next season, so they get on that really quick.  with about five minutes left in the show, Caster begins his big, evil finale scene in an attempt to show God that they understand his view of entertainment.  Saber, Irisveil, Rider, Waver, and Lancer all come out of the woodwork to witness Caster using his magic book to do whatever it is he’s doing.  Speaking of that book, isn’t that his Noble Phantasm, and didn’t Saber cut it last time they fought?  So it shouldn’t work right?  I guess he has multiple spell books or something, because that’s kind of a plot hole if that is the same book that she cut before.  Any way Caster creates an epic huge-ass squid/octopus thing with his insane amounts of mana and disappears inside of it.  Saber and co. decide that they have to deal with it immediately, and devise a plan to have Lancer pierce though it to kill Caster before the thing becomes self sufficient. So Rider takes of into the sky, Lance takes his position, Saber runs across the water jumps into the air raises her sword and!!! Credits

Bull… shit.

And so, now we must wait four months just to see the beginning of a fight, that may not even be concluded, because this doesn’t seem like the type of show to kill off a character in the very first episode.  Once again, kind of lame way to end the season, but I’m not that mad about it, because I know that there will be more and the conclusion of the second season will be (or at least better be) epic.  At least there was some good character development between Rider and Waver, and, if you want to call it that, some between Ryuunosuke and Caster as well.  It was kind of odd to have at this point in the series, because you’d expect this to be all out action, but still if you’re not going to do that, at least spend the time on something good.


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  1. You see, as soon as the second season starts, characters are gonna drop dead like flies one~ by one~ by one~

  2. This is not really a first season end (as they decided this during the airing of the first episodes), is more a season stop to keep the quality good.

    Oh, and the book is just alive, so (as seen in episode 8 if you look closely) regenerated itself. Gae Dearg just canceled the summoning spell (as that’s is what the lance does) once it impacted on the book. and as only shuts down the noble phantasm while in contact with it (as shown in episode 4) afterwards the book was back to normal.

    • Wait, doesn’t his lance premenstrual damage whatever it touches? So why did it regenerate. Speaking of that, isn’t Saber’s arm still crippled from where he cut her?

      • Red spear = anti-magic
        Yellow spear = cursed wounds that are very difficult to heal

        Lancer crippled Saber’s arm with the yellow spear at the end of their duel.

        When Lancer used his red spear against Saber, it went straight through her magical armor. (AKA it nullified her magical defense.)

        His red spear was used to pierce Caster’s magical book, severing his monster-summoning spell. As Caster likely didn’t have the energy left to start a whole new set of spells and keep fighting these two Servants, he decided to just escape while he still could.

        I’m guessing Caster was able to fix his magical book. Probably with magic. XP

      • If that’s true then Saber should still be injured right? Man, she’s been with a gimp hand for a while now.

  3. Correct, Saber is gimped since episode 4. She could kill off Caster easily if she had both arms. And as mentioned before, the book regenerated itself, as we can see shortly before Caster starts whining and swearing. Gae Dearg’s(the red lance’s) effect is only active as long as the blade of the lance touches its target.

    At least we’ll see all the Servants(except for Assassin) in this battle, as one can hear it in the preview. 🙂
    Volume three(we’re right now at the beginning of volume 3) is really short, compared to the other volumes. Many battles will occur in this volume and finally(after they got a lot of character development during the first two volumes) many characters are getting killed off.

    Oh, and isn’t it only three months? I thought the second half will start early in April.

    Btw, according to some sources, the full episode 11 is supposed to air on January, 2nd. Might be interesting to see what scenes were still left out and what scenes were added.

    • Well, I said four because it sounds more dramatic; depending on when it starts in April, it could be around 3 1/2 or 4 months, because there’s still a week of December. A full episode 11 would be awesome, maybe an hour long like the first? If as much stuff as I’ve heard happened during that conversation I’m glad that they aren’t waiting until the DVD release to show it.

      • For your information(if you read this actually), UTW just released ep11 uncut. Gil gets a lot more conversation, the short discussion between Kirei and Tokiomi was shown and the art was slightly improved. However, some things like a short scene from Assassin’s past or Iri’s pep talk are still missing.

        Iirc, the two parts of Act 8 were 40 minutes long in the sound drama, without OP or ED. I don’t think ufotable will add a lot more scenes to this episode anymore. That’d be a pity, since this episode could be at the least as long as episode 1.

      • Awesome, I’ll go check that out.

      • One sentence was missing. The sound drama was 40min long, the anime episode however is only about 30min(with OP&ED) long. That’s why I’m disappointed that this episode is… well, too short. There should be enough content to make it a “double” episode like episode 1.

      • Oh yeah, I obviously take back what I said about 3 weeks ago, when I said that this episode could be around 30min long on the bluray.

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