Guilty Crown Episode 11 – A Christmas Miracle

Well, holy shit, I can’t believe it.  Given this shows current track record of lameness, this this episode can hardly be described as anything other than an early Christmas present from the folks at good ol’ Production I.G..  Not only is this hands down the best episode of Guilty Crown yet, it actually doesn’t have a happy, everything’s solved ending like this show has had so far, and that’s perfectly fine with me.

Hell, I’ll even forgive the show for pretty much copying Evangelion verbatim to do it.  And it really did rip off Eva, let’s compare, shall we?  First Eva: Shinji kills (or at least things he kills) Toji, he becomes distraught over this so much that he decides to quit Nerv, even though he is needed there.  However, because of an attack on Nerv, Shinji realizes how important he is to them and returns to save them.  Now for Guilty Crown: Shu kills Jun, he becomes distraught over this so much that he decides to quit Funeral Parlor, even though he is needed there.  However because of an attack on Funeral Parlor, Shu realizes how important he is to them and returns to save them.  Seems kind of similar right?  Not to mention the Human Instrumentality Project that this episode copies as well, but it wasn’t that similar, so I’ll just leave that alone.

As much as I was convinced that this episode wouldn’t really be as serious as I wanted it to be, I was wrong (and somewhat right).  Shit actually does go down here, although the characters that die aren’t really that important, but I’m also assuming that Gai isn’t really dead. Daryl kills his father and his mistress with his endlave, and Captain America himself, Dan, gets shot by Segai while saving Shu’s mom from him.  Really, it’s not like Dan did anything but act like a stereotypical American, and Daryl’s father was only in one episode before this, so who cares if they die.  They both die in about the first two minutes of the show, so it kind of tricks you into thinking that more characters are going to bite the dust.

That's what she said. And that's bullshit.

So, of course Shu has to come back into the picture somehow, so like always everything is blamed on him for not doing something right.  Exactly how in the hell would he have stopped the virus from being spread to all of the people in the city and to Gai?  How would Shu have helped the plane from crashing into the airport?  More than likely the answer is “he couldn’t have”, but that’s not good enough for the people in Funeral Parlor.  Obviously, Shu decides to help save Gai and Inori and recruits all of his friends to help him.  But he does this a little too easily, think about it.  He is asking these people to drive with him into an area affected by an airborne virus to save a terrorist organization, and he needs them only because he can use their hearts as weapons.  I can’t see too many normal people willingly going along with this plan to help save terrorists, whom GHQ have said are the ones who launched the virus, but hey this is anime.

And then we have Inori’s magical singing, that can apparently cures cancer.  I guess Shu’s mom somehow connected her singing to the broadcast antenna, even though she wasn’t singing into a microphone or anything so I don’t see how that worked, and it cures the people of the virus.  This was the point where I kind of felt let down, because I assumed she was going to save everyone from the virus, Shu would come to save her and they would be back in Funeral Parlor to save her.  Then I thought, “Well, if they’re going to have a cop-out solution to this episode at least it was done fairly well”.  Shu and his gang of weapons are plowing through barricades of soldiers, destroying mechs, and blowing shit up, all while Inori sings her sad ED song.  It almost kind of reminded me of the end of Eden of the East, where that gospel music is playing and Takizawa is blowing up the missiles with all of the airplanes, though definitely not as epic as that.  

Anyway, what was up with that scene with Daryl at the end?  He flips that jeep, at least twice into the air, while Shu is still on top of it.  Yet somehow, everyone is still alive, and Shu hasn’t been completely mutilated.  And I guess using someones Void gives you the power of a superhero, because Shu jumps 10 feet into the air and cuts Daryl’s mech with Yahiro’s scissors, then destroys two missiles with it.  Oh, anime.  

You know that random guy that’s been randomly popping up and saying stuff that doesn’t really make any sense?  Yeah, he finally decides it time to show up.  Just when I was sure that everyone was fixing to live happily ever after, this dude pops up out of nowhere, and pulls Inori’s void out.  Of course this causes her to stop singing and the Gate to Heaven, or whatever it was they were talking about begins and the Human Instrumentality Project is back up and running.  Unnamed Void Genome user then proceeds to attack Shu with Inori’s Void, but anime cliche #427 occurs and Gai steps in front of Shu and saves him.  Supposedly Gai is dead, which would be a really cool plot development, but I’m not really convinced that the typical leader character would actually die that early, after all this wasn’t made by Gainax.  Still, I assume that Inori has been taken for now, and it’s not like Funeral Parlor is in very good shape, what with them supposedly launching the virus and everything.

Even though I’v nit-picked about stuff in this episode, I’d be lying if I said that this wasn’t the most enjoyable, and somewhat surprising episode of the show yet.  I was really convinced that it was going to have a generic ending, and all of the seriousness they had built up was only because of the fact that this is the halfway point in the series and they need some big epic scene to keep people watching the rest.  But for the first time in it’s existence, the didn’t take the uber shonen path out, and actually had an ending that wasn’t a happy conclusion.  So I ask you, why couldn’t the rest of the show have been like this?  And will it continue the way this episode is going?


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  1. Good episode (finally), but I can’t stop thinking that this could have been so much better.. (less immortal-Shu scenes and smarter Void-exploiting.. with better music and so on..). I hope they will make at least a decent ending to this story arc.

  2. I’m surprised at this episode as well. Considering how painful it was to endure watching through the first 10 episode I would have to congratulate them on a job well done to their best Guilty Crown episode so far.

    In terms of the mechanics behind how Shu managed to storm a heavily fortified defense of the military. Is it just me or are his normal human friends seem like they’re fine and dandy even after they had their void drawn out simultaneously one by one? It could be just me but I always under the impression that once it’s drawn they lose their memories, goes into a deep slumber, and takes awhile before they wake up again. Instead they seemingly had their voids drawn one by one inside a moving vehicle with Shu being a boss by standing on top of it throughout the whole journey.

    It may be suggesting us that once he gets his head out of the gutter Shu can unlock hidden talents such as being able to memorize people’s voids and pulling them out even if they’re not standing in front of them within punching distance. Does it make sense that they’re able to get on top of a heavily rocking vehicle dodging missiles and gundams left and right? lol I think not.

    I was always under the impression that unknown to the viewers Shu cheated alot behind the scene in this episode and I’m not even talking about how he’s able to maintain perfect balance on a buggy despite being thrown up violently multiple times and apparently unscathed by all the attacks the military inflicted on it. Maybe Shu realized that he has two hands afterall and has secretly been using two Voids simultaneously in tight situations where the camera wasn’t viewing him.

    It might be a plausible answer as to how the creepy blonde guy who isn’t amazingly Daryl, can teleport around without a Void and draw out Inori Blade to cut up Gai promptly before vanishing the way he came. At times like this I just want to punch the guys who develop the idea and failed to show the audience how these things work. Are Voids able to be dual wielded? Do they become like a memory slot inside a Void Genome host’s memories so they can pull it out regardless of the distance? Does the Void Genome occasionally afflicts the host with the same Spider Man superhuman abilities allowing them to run up a building, close distances at high speed to lash out at gundams and shrug off various damages that would otherwise kill normal people?

    Still too much unexplained for me to really enjoy it.

    It would be nice if her milf mom could teach us (and her stupid son, I question just what age she was when she had him 12? Oh anime.) how the whole Void pulling out thing works along with all the other stuff I listed above.

    Eitherway it was definitely a nice change of pace. I’m looking forward to the next one which will hopefully explain more shit to us.

    • Well, since the show is just now getting serious (assuming it stays that way) I can understand why nothing is really explained just yet. Oh, and another thing about Shu’s joy ride of destruction, if he drew out everyones void, wouldn’t they have all forgotten what they were even doing there?

  3. On TV, when somebody coughs blood that somebody dies. haha.

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