Fate/Zero Episode 12 – Drop a Hint

Fate/Zero Episode 12

Oh man, one more episode until the mid-series break, and this last episode better be awesome.  Oh, and Berserker absolutely must make an appearance for that to happen.

This episode was pretty exposition heavy, but it was necessary exposition.  The first part of the episode was a pretty standard recap-type thing, with Kiritsugu explaining what he knows about each of the servants and what he plans to do about them.  But the one person he can’t seem to figure out is Kirei, because of how he’s directly attacked him, even though he shouldn’t have been able to leave the church.  Apparently, Kiritsugu also knows that Kirei was only really an assistant to Tokiomi, and he and Maiya both think that all of Kirei’s Assassins are dead.

Saber and Irisviel’s part in this episode was rather small in this episode, and mostly served to show that Kiritsugu has moved his center of operations after the attack on his castle.  I guess the place they are staying now is somehow significant,  because if I remember from the little bit of Fate/Stay Night that I’ve seen, that house and shed are also in F/SN as well.

Irisviel removing one of her senses was kind of odd though.  She said that because she’s sick for whatever reason, she removed her sense of touch because that somehow makes her better or something.  But how does losing your sense of touch render you unable to grip things, doesn’t that just mean you can’t feel?  People who get severe third degree burns lose their sense of touch on the burn area, most likely for years, but that doesn’t mean they can’t move their foot if it gets burned, remember Mr. Deeds’ foot?  Well, she’s not a human, so maybe the same rules don’t apply.

The rest of the episode deals with Kirei and Archer, and talks more about the lore of the series.  We finally get told, completely, what happens when a Master loses his Servant and vice versa.  Because Kirei is still alive, even after all of his Assassins are dead, we know that a Master will not die if his Servant does (Kirei also confirms this when he talks to Archer about it).  When a Servant is defeated, the Master’s command seals are taken and redistributed to another Master, who must then find a Servant of his own.  The only real thing that matters is if the servant is killed, then that Servant/Master pair is out of the war.  Kirei also says that if a Servant’s master is killed, the Grail chooses a new Master as well, but I’m not really sure if the new Master is chosen for the Servant, or if  the Servant is removed and the new Master must find another Servant.  I assume the later is true, otherwise why would Kiritsugu be trying so hard to kill Kayneth if his command seals would just be given a new Master for Lancer.

It’s good to know that even though Archer is a pretentious prick, he’s pretty smart.  After a lot of vague philosophical talk about Kirei’s perception of joy and happiness, he brings up the subject of Kariya.  Apparently, he’s been more interested in Kariya than any other Master.  Archer also talks about how Kirei definitely has a desire for the Grail, otherwise he never would have been chosen, and when Kirei tells him for the hundredth time that he has no interest in the Grail, the command seals reappear on his hand.  Then Archer pretty much says “Be my Master so we can win this thing”,  and it’s more than likely going to happen, it’s just a matter of when.  I mean, Archer has talked before about how he dislikes Tokiomi, he says he finds Kirei interesting, and very heavily alludes to wanting to be Kirei’s servant.

So far, Kirei hasn’t really been much other than an extension of Tokiomi’s plan, so if this actually goes how it looks like it’s going, then Kirei could be a much larger and more interesting character than he is now.  Through this first half of the series he’s done little more than stalk other servants and try to kill Kirei, having him revolt against Tokiomi by stealing Archer from him would definitely be a really awesome plot twist.  I’m pretty damn sure that’s what’s going to happen, but it seems hard to imagine Kirei doing something like that against the church.

This episode, in my opinion, was one of the better ones so far, enough so to make me okay with the fact that next week’s episode will probably be a cliffhanger.  Let’s not kid ourselves, there’s no way everything that stuff with Rider, Caster, and Saber that happened in the preview will be wrapped up in twenty something minutes; there’s going to be a cliff hanger, and we’re going to have to wait four months to find out what happens.  And even though it’s going to suck a lot, my experience with the Bakemonogatari ONA’s will finally be able to be put to use as crucial training for those four long months.


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  1. Definitely the episode of foreshadowing. Those who have watched/played/read FSN and FZ should easily get most of the hints presented in this episode. Btw, a bit of Kirei and Archer’s conversation was cut. Iirc, Kirei talking about the other Masters and Archer talking about Saber and Tokiomi was cut(instead he just grabs the chess pieces). In Archer’s opinion, the Master-Servant position is the opposite in his case. Tokiomi is the lackey and using a Command Spell is like begging the king to listen to his lackey once in a while.

    As I’ve said before, Kirei is one of the main characters in Fate/Zero as he gets most of the character development (obviously, since he gets many scenes and was the one whose thoughts were portrayed the most, besides Kiritsugu’s). Archer is actually someone who loves seeing others despair and suffer, that’s probably the reason why he is interested in Saber and Kirei. However, in Kirei’s case, he tries to help him out of his misery, probably because he finds similarities in his and Kirei’s nature. One can also hear that Archer might talk informal towards Kirei(like to the rest), but not rude.

    About Iri: she’s not really sick. I think it was clear she was lying to Saber. Her shutting down her sense of touch or not being able to grab something are two different things(as you’ve said before, it didn’t make sense lol). Oh, and I’m disappointed ufotable cut out the pep talk Iri gave Saber after Rider mocked her and left afterwards last episode.

  2. When a Master is killed, a new “potential” Master is chosen for the Servant, but the Servant have to find this completely unknown magus and form a pact with him (a good idea is to search between ex-Masters, as they told, because they have a greater potential to become Masters again). Also, a Servant with no Master consumes his energy very quickly, usually disappearing in some hours.

  3. Anonymous Servant

    Imo, her cutting off her senses only lightens the burden on her. (It’s related to Assassin’s death.)

    Also, the whole “pep” talk with Iri and Saber-chan… well, let’s just say Blu-ray… 😀

    • Yeah, they’ll explain more about Iri’s sickness in the next episodes..

      btw, the scene in the new base and shed was really nice.. especially for those who watched F/SN and were wondering about some unexplained details.. great job at adapting F/Z faithfully..

    • I think we can just say blu-ray for about half of the stuff in the show.

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