Guilty Crown Episode 10 – Quitters Never Last

Although I’d like to thing that Guilty Crown may actually be getting a tad better, I still don’t think it’ll improve too much in the long run.  I will say that the last two episodes are definitely better than the rest of the series so far, but that’s really not saying a whole lot; this show is still pretty damn lame.

But my God, did this episode have a weak opening.  It was the standard “assault these people at this time” mission that the show is so famous for, but there was no context to the scene at all.  It was just happening, no reason, no explanation, nothing.  Then Shu flips out about killing the kid and runs away, pretty much leaving everyone to die.  And that’s the opening.

Even though pretty much all of this episode is dedicated to Shu crying about how he couldn’t save the kid from the last episode and having crazy visions about the crystal stuff, it still didn’t really feel like he was being some crybaby pussy.  I still don’t understand why it’s such a foreign concept to Gai and Ayase that he’s upset about what he did, or rather didn’t do.  It was a lot like the first episode where Gai insulted Shu for letting the GHQ take Inori away, and doing nothing to stop them.  But all they do is tell him how much of a loser he is for not getting over it, and leave him behind.

And then we have the real standard action scene for the episode, oh joy.  It was a lot like all the other ones; Funeral Parlor wants something, infiltrates the base, and they kill people.  I’m beginning to wonder if the writers got really caught up in the Metal Gear HD collection when writing this show.  And how come everyone gets these matching black uniforms, but Inori alwasy has some fancy brightly colored costume on?  Maybe I’m wrong, but I assumed that the purpose of having black uniforms while infiltrating a base was to remain undetected.  So wouldn’t the scantily clad pink-haired girl wearing a phoenix costume kind of compromise that goal?  Whatever, I’m thinking way to much about this.

Shu also had a lot of random flashbacks about Lost Christmas and Inori/Pink Menma, or whoever she is.  The show couldn’t be any more obnoxious about the fact that she’s related to Inori; I mean, She talks to Shu in a flashback, and that guy that Shu’s mom is talking to says that Inori looks a lot like “someone”.  And the we have the “romance” part of this episode (It’s in quotation marks because it’s bullshit).  Apparently, Inori thinks that she’s in love with Shu, which we all know isn’t true because she’s just this shows version of Rei, and has shown no signs of actually having any romantic feelings for Shu, so why the hell would she now?

Uh, no, no you don’t

Speaking of romance, that scene with Shu and Hare was completely ripped from another anime, I just can’t for the life of me remember what it is.  I know that the whole “you just want me as a substitute for her” thing is from something I’ve seen before.  And Hare’s a loser, by the way.  She was fine with using her boobs to try to get Shu to notice her, but because She thinks that Shu is only using her as a replacement for Inori, she doesn’t want anything to do with him.  So it’s okay to win a guy over with you boobs, but not to be his rebound girl?  Sure, that makes plenty of sense.

And then Gendo here decides to try the Human Instrumentality Project again.

“I call it: The Human Instrumentality Project 2.0”

Some crazy shit goes down and the some weird storm (Rei) appears and people become rapidly infected with the virus and disintegrate into purple dust (LCL) as they are sucked into the storm.  Yeah, it’s the Human Instrumentality Project, without a doubt.  Damn, this show likes to rip stuff off doesn’t it?

The episode wasn’t great nor terrible, but Shu supposedly “quitting” Funeral Parlor is the exact same as Shiji “quitting” NERV: it’s not gonna last.  By next episode, Shu will be running back to Gendo- I mean Gai, and screaming “Let me pilot it!”- I mean “Let me use Inori’s void!”


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  1. all u do is pointing out bad things in the anime just because they arent your tastes , lame review

    • Yeah, it’s opinion based, that’s what a review is. I point out faults with everything I talk about, and you’re retarded if you don’t know that I’m being very facetious most of the time. Nice grammar BTW.

      Oh, and don’t take this personally, but I really don’t think ErogeLover is a good name for yourself.

  2. Wait.. .What did Vaccine D do, did it kill or save the soldiers?
    It was Segai (creepy dude) who ordered the soldiers and activated the stone, right?
    So Segai’s in kahoots with Keido (guy who stole the stone) with Lost Christmas 2.0 then…

    And I was right with Inori being an artificial human weapon thing.

    Sh*t’s going to go down next week.

    • I’m not really sure what it did; It’s a vaccine so I would assume it’d save them, but they looked pretty dead to me later on. I don’t really know why Segai would kill them if he was going to launch the virus in the plane anyway. And yes hopefully shit will go down next week, even if this show has to steal even more stuff from Evangelion.

  3. Chief Manyuu Breast Inspector

    It’s amazing how far they would be willing to go with this show. I think it might be an interesting series if it had multiple routes like the ones shown in Amagami SS or Yosuga no Sora.

    If I could develop my own alternate route of this anime we would have Gai shoot Shu in the head from as early as possible to steal the stupid genome off his dead body and become the new main character. He tells us only in this episode how it’s a theory he’d be more than happy to test out yet he doesn’t. F************************** u Gai.

    I like how Shu is going psycho about his botch up from last episode. Big deal really. You have this guy who didn’t say shit about his parlour colleagues killing off god knows how many soldiers and here he goes mental about being unable to help out a friend’s dying brother. Did I mention that “friend” sold him out? I’d like to take a look at this guy’s brain and see what kind of reasoning he makes before making such suicidal decisions.

    All that fking screaming…. It’s like Transformer Movie all over again. Somebody please kill off that main character. >.>

    Heart of a young artificial human is difficult to understand.

    Maybe in their language You’re a Monster equates to “I love you let’s get married” or “I wan’t you to have my babies”

    I’ll smoke what the writer’s smoking any day.

    This show will benefit alot by ripping off Madoka by killing off the useless casts one by one.

    • hey Dan was alot of things including a genius but not useless did you not see that punch to segei’s face

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