Fate Zero Episode 11 – Bring Your Own Booze

Isn’t it about time all of the kings sat down, had a drink, and just talked about their views on the Holy Grail War?  And isn’t it time for more Rider? Yes, yes it is.

This episode was… different.  I’m sorry, but I really can’t shake the feeling that the writers are stalling their hearts out to get to that mid-series mark, while letting as little as possible happen.  That being said, I still like this episode, because it finally gave some idea as to why some of the characters wish to win the War.

So, Rider invites Saber to a drinking party to discuss their views on what is going on with the war, and decides to invite Archer as well, to have all three kings present.  Archer is his usual pompous and snobbish self, even going so far as to say he can’t comprehend the vastness of his own wealth.  What an asshole.  He doesn’t even get up when Rider uses his Noble Phantasm.  Either way he really doesn’t do or say much other than making fun of Rider’s wine, showing off his liquid gold Patrón, and laughing at Saber’s reason for wanting the Grail.  And that’s pretty much what this entire episode is about; Rider and Saber’s reason for wanting to win the war.

Although most people (and myself as well) assumed that Rider only wanted to win so he could conquer the world, he actually only wants to be able to live in the present as a human.  It’s a rather normal thing to want, considering that the Servants really aren’t anything more than a magical manifestation.  When Saber tells him how selfish his wish is and how she wants to win to save her country, Rider tears into her ass.  It seems taht Rider tells her that a King who wants to protect their people so much that they act alone is not truly a King.  He claims a King must honor his people and lead them, not take everything upon himself.  Although this scene did kind of go on a little to long, it was still nice to see that Rider and Saber’s relationship evolve, or devolve rather.  It was kind of  interesting for Rider to disagree so vehemently with Saber, even to the point of claiming she isn’t fit to be a king.

Oh, and that Noble Phantasm.  If Rider can truly use this whenever he wishes, I really don’t understand how he can lose.  I mean, do they have like an SP meter or something?  Can Archer just hurl giant swords out of another dimension whenever he wants?  Please explain yourself, show.  If it’s really and “endless” army, like he says it is, someone better figure out how to stop it, or all my money’s going to Rider.  That desert thing was kind of out of left field though, but I guess it makes sense in the context of his power.

But I still want to know what’s going on with these back to back single scene episodes.  Every other episode has gone back and forth between a few different story lines at a time, and though I was kind of skeptical about it at first, I think they’ve done a pretty good job at balancing all of the Servant/Master pairs, save a few.  I don’t know, it just seems odd to stop having the episodes like they were so suddenly for no reason.  Well, other than that the end of the season is getting near and they’re dragging things out.


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  1. Well, this episode was more or less the climax of the second novel: the clashing between Archer, Rider and Saber way of kingship. They couldn’t exclude this scene. You know, online you can find many readers of the novels complaining that the episode was with NOT ENOUGH TALKING and that the pacing is TOO FAST.The dialogue between Saber, Rider and Archer was even longer, and if you check the preview for this episode in the prevous one you can see that they cut many lines.
    They had 2 options.
    1- divide the scene in 1 episode and half. Terrible idea: one episode ending in the middle of the discussion, or with Ionian Hetairoi in the middle of the second one.
    2- cut a lot and put everything in one episode.

    About RIder NP, the limit is his mana. He need a lot of mana to recreate reality.

    • If this part was really that important, it seemed they left a lot of stuff out, because Archer barely does anything, and Saber and Rider’s talk is really only about one thing. If there was that much more that happened in that conversation, then they shouldn’t have drug out the beggining of this episode, because it did take a while to get to the main point of their conversation.

      • Let’s see, There war a bit of dialogue between Kirei and Tokiomi, a bit about Gilgamesh wanting to kill Rider personally, a bit of dialogue between Archer and Saber with him making fun of her more… Things like this. Even more dragging, if you want. 😛

      • Eh, I could see why they left some of that out. Still, I would have liked to see some of Kirei and Tokiomi’s conversation in there. That is, if they actually discussed something important.

  2. Well, maybe you will see the consequences the next episode. In the cutted scene, Tokiomi ordered Kotomine to use a Command Spell to order Assassin to attack Rider. You see, Saber is weakened by her wound, Lancer is not strong enough to defeat Archer, and also they need him around to weaken Saber and defeat Berserker, the only Servant able to stop Archer (because Lancer can depower the objects grabbed by him with his spear), Caster is hunted by all the Masters. The only wild card is Rider.They know that he HAS TO BE powerful (after all, Alexander is a very famous hero), but they have no other information, so Tokiomi sacrified Assassin (for him Assassin is just a secondary pawn) to gauge Rider true power.

    • Wait he made Kirei use a command seal? That seems kind of important. And it does make sense that he wanted to see Rider’s power.

      • Well, Assassin is kinda dead, so Kirei having spent a Command Seal is not really important.

      • Doesn’t he have multiple assassins? Surely he wouldn’t send his servant to die just to gauge Rider.

      • No. he sent all of them. Assassin is a very weak Servant, and he was used mainly for spying. The only option to pose a real treat to Rider was to use all of them together, in a zerg-rush-like sucidal charge.

        “Assassin, as a Servant, wanted the Holy Grail as well. They should not be able to stand the fact that they were merely a chess piece in Tōsaka and Archer’s game – but, they were unable to resist the Command Seal.
        For tonight’s operation, Kotomine Kirei used a Command Seal. The order was “Victory no matter what sort of losses.” The Command Seal was an absolute order to Servants, and thus, they could only follow it.”

      • Huh, well if that’s true and assassin(s) really is/are dead, that was kind of a lame way to kill off the first servant.

    • Well, the NP of Rider IS overkill, and Assassin IS the weakest Servant. He usually attacks Masters because he is not powerful enough to fight Servants. This is just a replay of the end of the second episode. Kirei sent Assassin to die because he and Tokiomi viewed that Servant only as a tool: useful, but not really important. Kirei doesn’t desire to win, and Tokiomi real weapon is Archer.

  3. “Oh, and that Noble Phantasm. If Rider can truly use this whenever he wishes, I really don’t understand how he can lose. ”

    The noble phantasms get more powerful than that 😉

  4. I don’t remember who exactly said it, but it seems like they’ll redo this whole episode in the bluray version. First of all, I think everyone noticed, some faces looked totally… strange. Second, a lot of scenes were cut. Yeah, Archer talked a lot more in the novel. Notice, how they even cut the OP this time, I assume this episode could be around 30min in the bluray.

    • Yes, they cut 5-6 minutes.

    • Ugh, they could have easily put some of it in last week’s episode, instead of devoting the entire thing to Rin.

      • agree, not to mention the budget as well…

      • She isn’t even close to being a support character, and she gets a whole episode…and the awesome talking scene gets shortened. >.>

      • As far as I know, they discussed that, but splitting it in two parts would have killed the effect of Rider totally crushing Saber’s beliefs with his words and then with his Noble Phantasm at the end of the episode.

        Well, I’ll just wait until the bluray has been released to see the full awesomeness of this scene, as it was my favorite one in volume 2.

      • Well not necessarily, this episode could have had the same ending and just have been extended further if the beginning had happened last week.

  5. I thought this episode was rather cool. It’s not often you get a main character’s dreams blasted so thoroughly by another like that, who is also a good, likeable character. I’d like more details on Saber’s goal before fully agreeing with Rider’s assessment, but the argument overall was intelligent and engaging.

    And yeah, summoning a whole army… o_o I get that Rider is awesome, but that does seem a little much. There is a limiter in regards to manna (or something) supplied by the master, right? I wonder if any of that had an effect on Waver.

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