Kyousogiga – Review

And YOU’RE the main character

Do you like LSD?  If you do, that really sucks, because the people who created this show have unfortunately used up the entire world’s LSD, marijuana, and blow supply.

This show is… rather hard to explain.  When I first heard about this show, I assumed that it was probably a movie, or a long OVA, probably about 90 minutes at the most.   I was very wrong.   The first problem comes with fact that this is a single twenty-something minute  OVA, and has to fill in the entire plot of the show in that time.  Let me give an imaginary scenario.  Imagine if you had never seen a single episode of FLCL, then you watched episode 6.  It would stand to reason that you would have absolutely no idea what’s going on.  That’s probably exactly what it feels like when you watch this ONA.  It starts off, basically at the end of the movie that it should have been, and doesn’t spend a whole lot of time explaining what’s going on.  Rather, it assumes that you should be able to gather what you need about what has already happened while you watch what is happening.  It  really takes a few times watching it to figure out what’s going on, and even still you probably won’t get all of it.

The fact that this is based on Alice in Wonderland only very slightly helps you comprehend what’s occurring in this show.  The basic plot is pretty much ripped straight from that story: the main character, Koto, has somehow been sent to some crazy fantasy world and she is looking for a rabbit so that she can return home.  Everything else teeters on the edge of sort of making sense and being complete bullshit.  The story is also kind of clumsy in the way it sporadically skips from one scene to the next with almost no indication of who the people it’s focusing on are, but I guess that kind of goes along with the dreamlike world it’s set in.  The climax of this show will more than likely draw a classic “What the fuck did I just watch” moment for most people, but if the creators of this thought that anything else could come from a single episode ONA, then they’re crazy.

The characters are all as enjoyable as they could be for something this short.  Koto and her brothers are funny and entertaining to watch while they run around and cause destruction for whatever reason, but obviously character development is going to be pretty non existent in this.  For what they are, the characters serve the show well enough, but they’re little more than a means for this show’s animation to come out.

And the animation is pretty badass.  The “Mirror Kyoto” they inhabit is exactly like what I imagine a Japanese Alice in Wonderland would; lots of crazy fantasy creatures, flashy colors, and just straight up surrealism.  If this was nothing more than an attempt at making a unique looking show/short/whatever, then I say it was very successful.  You get  lots of weird random creatures walking about the city, and some pretty beautiful backgrounds and vistas.  There’s plenty of insane over the top animation too, particularly in the opening and the climax.  Like most OVAs the animation is a cut above most standard television shows, and combined with it’s visual style it makes for, if nothing else, an enjoyable visual experience.

This is a rather odd case of an ONA.  I really can’t see any reason why this wouldn’t have more episodes or be a short series like FLCL, or something of that nature.  The art and animation were done very well, but still they can kind of be distracting when you have to pay attention to so much other stuff that’s going on.  The most disappointing thing is how rushed it feels in it’s storytelling.  I know I’ve said this before, but it really feels like the last episode in a series that we didn’t get to see, so you’re forced to try to gather everything about the plot in one episode.  I’m sad that there won’t be anymore of this to tie everything up (or at least nothing that I can find), but still, I enjoyed watching it purely for the visuals and craziness of it.

  •  Story – 6
  • Art – 9
  • Characters – 7
  • Sound – 8
  • Overall – 7

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  1. I saw this available and quickly downloaded it, only to discover the video quality was weak sauce (do cool people still say that?). And if it’s not going to make any sense anyways, then I think I’ll wait for a better-looking version to crop up…

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