Guilty Crown Episode 9 – Plot You Say?

Like a boss

Oh, excuse me, did you want to start having a resemblance of a plot and character development?  Well be my guest then.

Maybe it’s because the show had nowhere to go but up after last weeks episode, but this is definitely one of the shows best episodes so far (although that’s not really saying a whole lot).  Unlike most other episodes that had Shu and the Gang gallivanting off to save some random who-gives-a-shit,  this episode focused almost exclusively on Shu, and the fact that he has, apparently, changed.  I say apparently because although he has been taking a less whiny approach to his missions these past few episodes, he hasn’t really done anything on his own, but in this episode, he has the balls to order Funeral Parlor around and fight a bunch of mechs to save some boy.  Maybe he’s a pedo along with his Oedipus complex.

I was all set to tear into this show’s asshole because of this shit right too, but surprisingly I didn’t have to.  I thought that surely, they’d do their generic little embarrassing shopping thing, maybe have to buy some underwear for Childhood Wannabe Girlfriend #74,345 (also known as Hare), and Gai would call Shu to help him blow up some shit.  However, to my surprise this didn’t happen.  Instead Shu’s drug dealer friend shows up and takes Shu to see his dying brother so Shu’ll have pity on them and give them some money.  Even though the guy who turned Shu over to the GHQ wants his help, Shu still want’s to help him for whatever reason.  And I guess he took a few testosterone pills before school that morning, because he calls Ayase up and is all like “Bitch, come get my ass, we got a dying kid over here”.  But you know us Americans…

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t here this phrase all too often over here in the states…

So yeah, us ‘Mericans ain’t lettin’ no Japs get away and good ol’ Dan here upholds that tradition very well.  Anyway the mechs attack and Shu uses Yahiro’s garden clippers to fight them, and that’s when the shit… sort of… goes down.

This part kind of made me jump, because I thought that surely they wouldn’t hurt this diseased kid, and regardless of what it looks like, they really don’t.  Seriously, how did that not just completely crush his body?  The dark magic crystal things?  That’s only on one side, that wouldn’t keep the rest of him from being crushed.  Them the mech adsorbs his grape jelly crystals for whatever reason.

Evangelion Unit 01 v2

But why, why, why, can the pilots feel the pain of the mechs??!?!?  This isn’t Evangelion where there’s a reason they can feel what their Eva’s feel, so that means that someone had to go out of their way to make sure that the people piloting these things, who aren’t even in the mechs, could feel the pain that they should be feeling.  That makes so much sense, for real.  I have an idea; let’s put a bomb inside of the soldiers who control the IED defusing robots, that way, they can feel what their robot feels if they mess up.  According to this show, that would be completely logical.  After that, Evangelion Unit 01 v2 goes into berserk mode and tears everything up, flaunting the shows budget even more.

Rebuild of Rebuild of Evangelion

Now the show finally starts to try to have some more character development, but too bad it’s about someone who dies in the next two seconds.  Shu gets sent to some shroomed up dream world before the virus came to Japan and sees Yahiro and his brother Jun.  Basically, Jun is tormented by seeing the brother that he loves so much turn into such a monster just to help him, so Jun asks Shu to kill him.  And apparently Jun’s crystal stuff that took control of the mech was him, because he begins to attempt to kill Yahiro as he’s talking to Shu.  So, Shu cuts his red life ring or whatever that was (like a boss) and kills Jun.

It seems Shu’s practicing his creepy face for his guest appearance on Mirai Nikki

And then the gay ass cliffhanger with Shu telling Yahiro that he killed his brother.  He looked creepy as fuck while he did it though, I’ll give him that.  I really don’t know, about this show anymore.  I’m still pretty damn positive that it’ll go back to being it’s boring lame-ass self after this, but if it continues to go in a darker direction, then I could actually see it getting halfway decent.  Let’s see if you can actually keep the minuscule expectations I have set for the next episode.


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  1. I still think this show will be a giant trainwreck.. Not even Code Geass in its craziest episodes was like this (and I actually liked how CG ended..).

    Anyway, nice to see something different from the usual final-battle-no-explanation-no-plot-episode..

  2. The most interesting part of the episode is the virus.

    I didn’t expect that the Crystals could transfer consciousness to an inanimate object.

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