Fate/Zero Episode 10 – Kids These Days…

Oh, Rin, if only all 6 year old girls were brave enough to ride a train into a city at night to save some girl who was kidnapped by a crazy child murderer by using magic hax.  But joking aside, this was an okay episode, though it seemed kind of out of place in this series. I know that Rin is a major character in Fate/Stay Night, but it seems kind of odd to have a whole episode devoted to her saving her friend in this show, unless she somehow becomes a major character later on in this series.  Plus, I haven’t seen F/SN and will not watch it until after F/Z is over.

But it really seems like they’re drawing stuff out to the end of this season now.  This would have been acceptable as a part of an earlier episode, but it definitely shouldn’t have taken up a whole  episode this late into the season; I mean, there’s only three episodes left in the season.  You could argue that it did have some character development for Rin and some between her and her father, but let’s not forget, that doesn’t really matter in this series.  Rin is NOT a main character, so I don’t really see the need to put this much focus on her, other than to drag out the series so they can have a good cliffhanger at the end of episode 13.

This episode doesn’t even really have a place in the timeline of this show.  Seriously, just look at it, this could happen anywhere after the first episode to last episode, it really doesn’t matter.  Kariya actually makes an appearance, but when he does, he just restates why he’s in the War, which is the same thing he said the last three times he was shown.

“Gonna do me some rapin’!”

Even Ryuunosuke was kind of lame in this episode.  When I first saw him taking those kids with him, I though some shit was fixing to go down, and Rin was going to step into a room full of mutilated corpses or something.  But alas, he only put some magic spell over them and knocked them out, which Rin easily stops by going Super Saiyan on his ass while he just sits there and takes it.  Seriously, this crazy child killer just sits there and lets Rin destroy is magic bracelet, and doesn’t even try to get away or stop her.  She’s a six or seven year old child, don’t tell me this twenty-something couldn’t pull his arm away from her.

After Rin saves all the kids Kariya pops up just to let everyone know that he’s still alive, and the episode’s pretty much over.  Now that I think about it, this is really and truly a filler episode, not a bad one, but still a filler episode.  Why did this need to happen now, what about Kiritsugu going to kill Kayneth?  What about Caster finding his lair destroyed?  Is this really more important than all of that stuff? Nope, they’re just wasting time so they can end the season where they want to.



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  1. Gotta agree with you this time. >__<

    This episode was strictly filler material.

    Don't get what's so hot about Rin – besides the obvious fact that she's a regular kiddie Horatio Alger.

  2. Pretty useless episode story-wise, I agree, but it was nice seeing the relationship with her father (a side story in FSN).

    About the Fate franchise, I wouldn’t watch the FSN anime, the visual novel is so much better (but extremely time consuming..).

  3. Yeah, this episode was, like, 6 pages in the light novel. They expanded them to appeal the sequel fans. The only really important things are Kariya meeting with Aoi and Kirei watching.
    Maybe It was also interesting to see a side of Tokiomi different from the usual “powerful, manipulative and calculating mage”.

  4. Right, the whole point of this scene(which unfortunately turned out to be the whole episode) was actually only showing Rin being useless in this war(she didn’t save anybody) and Kariya meeting Aoi, while Kirei is watching. Tokiomi not being an ass towards Rin was expected if one has background knowledge.

    I don’t really understand why Uryu didn’t do anything, either, however, I assume he thought Rin was overwhelmed by the bracelet. Remember, he is a noob. He knows nothing about magic. “Playing” a bit with a resisting child sounds fun, but he just underestimated Rin totally.

    I just hope they won’t screw up the next episode because for me it was the best part of the first half of FZ/the first two volumes.

  5. That little girl was friggin’ awesome. She knows magic. Deals with bullies. Helps everyone with their homework. Pwns a serial killer. Saves a bunch of kids’ lives. If she’s half this cool in Fate/Stay Night, then she’s pretty much automatically the best character for that series.

    More seriously though, I thought this ep was a nice change of pace. Sure, it delayed some of the big events, but it was only one episode. If we had a whole month of random side character antics, then yeah, that would be a problem. But I think this worked out fine. It was nice to see some more of the three masters we haven’t had much of yet, at least.

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