Mirai Nikki – Sanity can go to Hell (Episodes 1-8)

Okay, this show is insane, straight up.  But it’s like Higurashi insane, where nobody wants anything more than to ax-murder people and occasionally indulge in the random slice-of-life or comedy scene.  Although most of the series is focused on the obvious horror aspect of the show, when it does take a lighter turn, it rarely feels lame or forced, which most other series that switch between being serious to humorous fail to accomplish.  But that doesn’t change the fact almost every single person in this show is completely batshit crazy.  People are blowing up buildings, pulling motorcycles out of nowhere, wearing gaint eyeballs on their head, making their cult followers rape someone, electrocuting people, and plenty of other weird stuff.

Yuno freaks the hell out of me, and if I was Yuki, there would be absolutely no way I wouldn’t have had a nervous breakdown and bludgeoned her to death by now.  I mean, she was going to kill his mom if she didn’t like her,  and I bet that she already killed her parents, because they probably didn’t liker her stalking some loner kid.  The series is also taking a rather fast approach at killing off the diary owners when compared to something like Fate/Zero, but then again, you can’t really compare those two in the same way.

But as good as the series is, you have to suspend your disbelief for a lot of this stuff.  I’m not talking about stuff like the diaries or Deus or anything like that, because that’s explained as reality in this show.  However, this show does still exist in the real world, so some limitation on things have to apply.  For example, how in the world does a 5 year old kid get deadly poison gas, and how does he know how to rig a package to open it?  Why would a 5 year old kid even be given a chance to become a god?  Where the hell did Minene pull a motorcycle out of a smoke cloud?  And most importantly,  Why did they kill off the crazy black-suit-eyeball guy?!?!?  He was so legit.


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  1. The questions about the 5 year old Reisuke are answered in the supplemental manga, Mirai Nikki Mosaic, featuring Minene Uryu as the main character. It ends around the time Fifth shows up at the Yukiteru household.

    • Okay, so I assume that she gave it to him to try and kill them without having to get involved?

      • Seek, and ye shall find.


        The anime draws a bit from the supplemental manga series, but sometimes I wish the Omake at the end of each episode would actually use some of the material better. E.g., in episode 7 they could’ve clarified this, instead of that silly Muru Muru posing as Yuno and cooking poorly. That detracted from the eerie nature of the episode to some degree.

  2. Yeah, Mirai Nikki is eccentric as all get-out, namely thanks to its outrageous characters. But it kind of makes sense–I mean, Deus hand-picked these people. It seems he wanted the most unusual people possible to be the contestants for this bizarre deathmatch.
    I’m surprised by how many diary users have already been killed off, but I imagine the remaining contestants are going to be more cautious than the likes of Twelfth and Fifth.
    I agree we definitely have to suspend our disbelief for a lot of this, though. Biggest WUT moment was probably when Twelfth’s hypnosis somehow got corpses to get up and start attacking everyone. Yuno’s extraordinary talent to notice the change in a tomato’s weight was also pretty spectacular. XD

    “For example, how in the world does a 5 year old kid get deadly poison gas, and how does he know how to rig a package to open it?”
    eBay and Google. =D I actually have no idea. That kid had all sorts of wonderful things to kill people with… >_>

    “Why would a 5 year old kid even be given a chance to become a god?”
    Deus ex Machina apparently wanted a lot of variety in his contestants, and figured he ought to include a psycho kid in there. So… for the lolz?

    “Where the hell did Minene pull a motorcycle out of a smoke cloud?”
    My guess was she had it hidden behind one of the school pillars, as her escape diary must have suggested beforehand. It was a rather abrupt transition though.

    “And most importantly, Why did they kill off the crazy black-suit-eyeball guy?!?!?”
    I felt rather bad for him, even if he was a bit off his rocker. He just wanted to be a hero. T.T

  3. Oh yeah, the tomato thing. I’m sorry, no matter how insane or superhuman you are, I don’t think anyone would be able to tell the weight difference of a cherry tomato after liquid had been injected into it, just because you touched them while washing them. Well, maybe she knew that the kid wanted to kill them already.

    • Would’ve been more believable like this.
      Yuno checks her Love Diary: “11:47. Yuki takes a tomato… and EATS IT! And… DIES! No, not Yuki! ;_; It was an attack of a killer tomato!”
      And so Yuno slaps the tomato off Yuki’s fork before he eats it.

      And then she looks at the little boy and says, “HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAX ACTIVATE” — and the boy bursts into flames.

  4. If you read the manga it becomes obvious why Yuno knows so much actually (I’m not going to spoil that for you though). Also look up Deus’s full name (Deus Ex Machina) it will explain why so many things that shouldn’t be allowed according to logic happen anyways.

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